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  1. Hes the most athletic TE on the team from day 1.
  2. From what I've read, sounds like they wrapped up Griffith and Boykin. Brown was told the shop was closed. Get one of Gordon/Irvin and suddenly your DB class is looking excellent.
  3. Was never OSU and ND. He never liked ND. They only stuck around because of his parents. It's been OSU and PSU. Bama just offered so maybe they'll swoop in also... ND was never a legit threat.
  4. Could be. I think another La. kid Michael Young will do all that however.
  5. Even the FSU guy on 247 says Irish. Just needs to confirm he can EE at ND.
  6. I'm flying out tomorrow... anyone else??
  7. Um northern Indiana. And its not like Georgia is struggling to run the ball. Or Clemson doesn't have better facilities or a much better recent run of success. Kids from the south typically stay in the south. They have plenty of good options despite what we'd like to believe.
  8. THe latest is that Taylor prefers offense (WR/RB), so ND is losing ground.
  9. The St Browns had some concerns with the staff, the play calling and the strength coach. Most of those concerns have been addressed. It also helps that they just destroyed ASB's other top school and he would have a chance to play a year with ESB. It's a ND/USC battle and that win certainly resonates.
  10. Yup. ND staff has been informed. Just came down to academics and Stanford won out.
  11. Yeah. Don't think he's being recruited all that much by bama/osu/um. Doubt he's a take for any of them right now. Seemed to be trending vtech/oregon... Weird stuff.
  12. Went from a ND/UM battle to Vtech/ole miss/Oregon/okla/bama/osu type deal. Kinda makes you wonder about his desire to play school. I guess we'll see.
  13. Franklin did well considering his ranking. Amedilola was arguably the best DT at the entire event.
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