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  1. Based on the Chansi tagging in the tweet, likly as a WR vs a DB, which probably speaks volumes about Hanafin
  2. Not only does it open up another scholarship but think about it differently, it may free him from football obligations too
  3. When someone medically retires, it means that the player is medically unable to play. their scholarship remains and does not count against the cap. It also means that they are not able to come back and play later on at that school.
  4. That edwards one is only 75% because of outdated information.
  5. I believe the recruiting sites only count your highest 25 commits (may be 20)
  6. The other thing of note, many are 6 years long... which means the holder could have their rights the first few years in the NFL, if they make it. Thats where, in the long run NDs approach pays off more as ND will give the players the tools to maximize vs others where you sign away your rights
  7. One thing to remember, this is normal in big boy recruiting. OSU just lost a top DB. look at how many ND is trying to poach from other schools, with K-State and Pitt commits getting offers last week. This is just the reality. The goal is to minimize it and to keep the ones you need to, and win more than you lose. The thing said with Bowen, whether accurate or not, is that his brother is a top recruit in 2024 so the family is taking visits for him as well.
  8. He is announcing tomorrow (likely OSU) so that would seem like a waste of the minimal effort it would take to offer him.
  9. any rumblings on how Novosad's visit to ND went
  10. regardless of uniform, great way to show NIL exposure for ND
  11. Is he a backup plan? maybe, who knows. But I will say it seems like this staff is willing to move on faster than the previous staff. I dont think the previous staff would have accelerated with Carr and potentially would have lost out on both.
  12. Couple thoughts. His individual ranking didnt drop, just how he compared to others. It means they rated more kids higher than him, but still think the same. That to me screams camp. Nothing has changed their opinion on him, but they saw more people and gave their individual scores bumps.
  13. Glad he and Jack are a part of it though. If they wern't I would have much more skepticism.
  14. A few CBs coming in for Jaiden Ausberry
  15. I do a lot with Make a Wish, both as a volunteer and a Board member/board chair. Feel free to DM me and i can let you know what we do and what we do.
  16. Totally agree but notable as I believe this is the first new QB offer post Moore to Oregon
  17. Normally i would agree but in this case Carr was held back before high school so he actually is the same age as a 2023 graduate Also the argument in favor is if he needs a year to develop, you would rather him develop here instead of a HS coach
  18. Personal connection for Jim Jones
  19. Seems from the article he is being recruited as a Saftey
  20. No Shock here. Honestly amazed they got an OV from him. It is progress
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