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  1. It i am remembering correctly it is a PWO spot and teammate of Keon Keeley
  2. and he tried to go back to clemson as a GA but dabo convinced him to be on the team. Sorta like a Menshew situation when he was goign to go to bama to be a GA and leach convinced him to be on the team.
  3. Chase Cota, UCLA WR who ND recruited hard out of HS entered the portal. Most expect him to stay out west
  4. Manti choose not to do a mission as he felt (based on interviews at the time) that he could help spread the church's mission better in the current situation at ND and viewed that, in parts, as his mission. Anyone correct me if I am misremembering this.
  5. Sorry for missing it, but is there a recap of what is left, how realistic ect
  6. yeah i was without a strong opinion until i heard that
  7. OC at a P5 school is a good step up and I believe he has passed up other opportunities in the past. ND fans are somewhat lucky because most programs have way more turnover than ND does, esp at the top. Exception being Clemson's cordinators.
  8. Ultimately, it is a good thing that your staff is wanted elsewhere, as long as it is for promotions.
  9. Fair, im just saying that to completely discount Elston in their recruitment isnt fair either.
  10. The issue is how many can get into ND
  11. Wouldnt Elston have to get as much credit for the 2023 kids who were committed prior to Freeman being HC
  12. If there are spots available, I am all for it. I doubt this is pushing someone out vs realizing they have more spots than we fans realize.
  13. Anyone know much about him? Can he recruit more than 1 player every three years?
  14. True but most coaches would want Hartline, esp Fickel.
  15. FYI that twitter specifically posts fun at message boards and posts the most outlandish "confirmations" and "inside sources"
  16. Also if he leaves after signing day....
  17. Where is this reported? I dont see it on his twitter and on his scholarship breakdown he says the following: "I have yet to hear what Joe Wilkins Jr. plans to do or if he'll be invited back, but it would make sense for Notre Dame to want him back for depth, for experience, for leadership and for the fact Wilkins can be a key part of a wide receiver rotation. Getting him back along with Lenzy and Davis is important." https://www.si.com/college/notredame/football/notre-dame-football-latest-scholarship-updates-jan-6
  18. Stay with me here. Harbaugh to the Browns Urban to Michigan, Day to the Bears No one is happy but ND fans.
  19. I wouldnt mostly because he just beat OSU. He may view it as a job that just cant compete with OSU and therefore, leave while fans love you.
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