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  1. grrr, though not unexcepted (regardless of the 0-2 start). It will be interesting to see which names are shaky.
  2. Any word where coaches will be visiting this week? particularly uncommitted (to ND) prospects?
  3. Just wanted to thank @Rattlesnake and his brother. We had an absolutely fantastic time and it was great to meet and hang out and meet another board member. Thank you again for your generosity. My 5 year old daughter had a fantastic time at her first ND game. Thank you all again so much!
  4. I only care when i dont know what is going on and cant see a replay.
  5. I have been underwhelmed by the entire broadcast. Missed replays, bad camera angles. Just seems off this year all around.
  6. The WR's are what concern me more. I was so high on Lenzy for the season for a breakout but that false start and missed opportunities has me bummed.
  7. Thanks for the tickets. Looking forward to taking my 5 year old daughter to her first ND game. Sure it isnt South Bend, but it will be a great start. Thanks so much @Rattlesnakeand your brother.
  8. Would be very interested. How manuy? Need to talk to the Mrs but might be interested in taking my 5 year old girl to her first game
  9. You forgot the guys who yearn for a former QB
  10. ND doesnt relative to other top 20 schools. For example their team meals are in a recruiting lounge, not a dedicated space. They had great facilities when it opened, but not currently. They have average facilities.
  11. its funny because I dont know if this is making fun at LSU by ND
  12. Wonder what the offs of Avery flipping are.
  13. Agree, but for some players, i want them to play more even if they are first teamers.
  14. The team issue is there is such a gap between tier 1 and tier 2 so there is no perfect fit for 4 or 5
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