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  1. Yep! (not claiming to be Ty, just the first time I saw it). Also, if you dont listen to the Solid Verbal, you should
  2. home experience is getting better, why shell out 500 bucks for a family to go when you could sit on the couch, have internet etc etc
  3. Wow... this thread sure is something Original comment "I have seen enough", posted before the first game even ended.
  4. Will be interesting who gets spots on practice squads
  5. Grad school is probably a decentive. It took ND a while to allow graduate students not pursuing degrees. Often times the grad students are there just to play football and dont actually want the degree.
  6. Are you using light or dark theme? also, way to be constructive.
  7. I know. It was supposed to be a joke regarding my second point but apparently missed.
  8. Typically DVR but will go online for the Toledo game
  9. Couple of thoughts 1. I dont want a freshman QB, they are the the exception, not the norm. I would rather a stud (for arguments sake, lets call him D.J. Uiagalelei), site for a year under a older qb, then play as a soph... aka, exactly what is happening with Buckner. Most freshman QBs go through growing pains. I am sure ND fans would be very understanding growing pains with a top 10 teams. 2. Can we please please start spelling Rees' name correctly. He was a three year starting QB, now is a coach and OC? How hard is it to spell correctly?
  10. My only issue with it was havign it dark theme as default. now that ive updated mine, im good.
  11. No, but it is at their discretion, with their punishment. Also helps them to know how their players would do on an NCAA test. Also, helps to free up roster spots. I didnt play CBB but was a scholarship D1 athlete where the scholarship limitations from the NCAA is significant, ie, most are on partial scholarships. It was also a way for the school to free up those spots for failed tests and push people out of the program.
  12. Will be interesting in how ND and prospects approach in season OV's.
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