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  1. Dont believe it is 100% his decision
  2. I could see them taking more than 25 (for blue chip guys), esp if the instant transfer eligibility rule is enabled.
  3. That was not a very good ally oup
  4. His profile says, Def. GA Asst. Secondary Coach.
  5. Yeah. They are hyping the day to send out a lot of new offers, create buzz etc etc. Plus the likely commit this afternoon.
  6. Pot of Gold = Lots and lots of offers being extended today.
  7. Hi All: I know in past year's we have done an NCAA bracket challenge here. I wanted to wait and see if there was one before promoting my own. Also, if you participate, i would appreciate if you could let me know (I am responsible for a certain number of donations) 100% of donations go to Make a Wish of Eastern North Carolina. We grant wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. There are few things to know about this awesome event: To participate, you will donate through this page. http://site.wish.org/goto/hoopsforwishes The entry fee for this year’s contest will be
  8. I agree about expectations. But Finke certainly developed more than a lot. I think part of it is that BK requires that the WRs are top notch blockers and, pure speculation here, many of the lower rater receivers are probably more likely to do that in high school.
  9. Its interesting that most of their high profile receivers may not pan but the lower ones do. Maybe im mistaken with that.
  10. I feel like this is said every spring. Not discounting your opinion, but it sure feels that way.
  11. 2 people (or really 3) can wear it, one on O, D and ST. Just cant be on the field at the same time.
  12. Yeah, surprised at his quick scheduling of a commitment given UT stuff and also ND offer. No clue where it stands or who leads.
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