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  1. See above. He is looking at texas AM on the 17th now
  2. Sounds like Dante Moore is visiting TA&M June 17th
  3. It happens more with coaching changes. Don't forget he committed to the previous RB coach.
  4. It is bonkers to think that ND may be in a position to turn away some of this talent.
  5. Two groups dont find it funny: fans of AM and fans of Bama The end of this made me laugh with BK
  6. Jimbo sure is goign all in in this press conference...
  7. Yeah. I am just anxious as well. People seem confident but been burned many times in the past. It is also hard because there is seemingly so little news/updates with him and he doesnt talk, which is a good thing IMO. it is interesting watching him and Arch go through an older type of recruitment, taking OV ect ect whereas historically QBs are deciding earlier.
  8. D. Moore is unofficially visiting Michigan this week
  9. Yes, it was about a kid's priorities, and if that is the first question, it is likely that priorities are not aligned.
  10. Talk to his high school coach to get a realistic perspective. Remember, only like 1% of high school athletes play college athletics. The VAST majority play in D3 or D2. with only the top of the top playing in D1. To play at ND you need to be a top 300 player. Not saying you dont try, but also be realistic in other camps.
  11. Pete Sampson had an interview with Marcus this week and mentioned that if a recruits first question is about NIL, Freeman thinks the recruit will go elsewhere. Interesting perspective.
  12. Also go to school camps where you are interested, but realistic, this will not only provide instruction but also get an evaluation.
  13. No clue, ND wasnt in young's top 7. This is out of left field.
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