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  1. I thought this thread was about 2023 recruiting?
  2. FWIW the only OL who would rank lower than him over the Kelly era is…Nick Martin, who they turned into a second round pick for the Texans and is still in the NFL with the Raiders.
  3. I think traditional wisdom states that successful years on the field are more impactful on the following recruiting year. That said, recruiting is way more about relationships and the ability to get kids drafted high than on-the-field success. Most kids don’t view ND as the be-all end-all. At the end of the day, these kids want to be paid to play football (rightfully so), so whichever schools are the best at getting them there are the most appealing.
  4. Sounds like he’s a big time Teo fan.
  5. Sampson and Fortuna have been talking on the Shamrock about how understaffed the recruiting department is. In the Freeman announcement, Kelly specifically called out his recruiting capabilities. I’m wondering if he was upfront with Swarbrick about the need to invest more in recruiting if we don’t want to get blasted on the national stage every time we play the big dogs.
  6. This feels like a statement hire. Makes you wonder if there may be some other investments this off-season?
  7. Chill dude, we’re all just here for a good time...
  8. Certainly fair, for sure. Kizer was on the taller side, and he was great when he was here (before things went sideways in ‘16.)
  9. I’m not saying this to refute your point, it’s more just an observation, but it’s wild to see this list and realize how few of these guys have had any sustained success in the NFL. Goes to show that QB is such a hard position to evaluate, recruit, and draft.
  10. I figured I would start a thread here for us to discuss needs and potential names of transfer players. Presumably they will be on the hunt for secondary players and a QB. Anyone hearing anything?
  11. Sometimes kids just feel a certain way about a school. If Edwards wants to go to UM because that’s the school he likes best, then that’s that. If it was purely a logical decision of, “Which school does X best,” then I’m sure ND would miss out on a ton more kids as well. Sometimes kids just like a certain school, and that’s all there is to it. That said, this class is impressive given everything ND has had to combat with COVID!
  12. Has Minnesota scored 31 unanswered?
  13. I think ND anticipated him decommiting, so they already got Will Schweitzer. I’ll be curious to see what ND does here.
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