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  1. Well they allow for endless war, a trillion in “defense” spending annually and bailouts to the wall st banks that crashed our economy... so I guess I can believe it.
  2. What a disgrace. Even worse than I thought it would be.
  3. Have to forfeit the NC over parent attendance. That statement sounds even more absurd this evening.
  4. They had to come from behind to win at the end.
  5. I don’t know about that Echo. The season is being played and everyone is on the field. OSU and Bama will be in playoffs. When one of those teams wins, no one is going to question that it happened in this structure. You win the games you are scheduled and able to play. The season wasn’t always 12 games or even 10. We still claim 1929 when we won 9 and never even played a single home game. Sure 2020 will always be remembered for being a strange and untraditional year, but the guys are playing and we aren’t just guessing at who is best. 2020 will have an asterisk, but if we win it’s nothing like the split Nattys we saw in the 90s. If anything, the winner of this year should be noted for overcoming more obstacles than any other championship team in recent memory.
  6. Lol Echo. Always enjoy your posts. He’s no all-time great at ND until he wins a championship. That’s just the way it works. I’ll keep hoping this year is the year. This one looks better than most. I was an optimist in my youth, but the last couple decades has changed that. Couldn’t be happier this evening and hope the kids are enjoying the hard fought victory.
  7. Why would you use such a inflammatory word? Irrelevant, that is the choice of words you use to describe this program? it is annoying to hear stuff like this from our fanbase. The entire irrelevant routine started on ESPN during week 1. nearly a decade ago. We are unquestionably relevant. We are also important to the image, history and tradition of college football. What really makes us relevant, especially in America, is that almighty dollar. It is so clear that we are relevant that I'm slightly disturbed that I took the bate and I am engaging in this craziness. Also, I think there is still a chance that Kelly wins one. It is not beyond the scope of reason. Let us hope that Phil truly is the second coming. I remember when we were teetering on the brink of irrelevance in the Davie/Ham/Weis years. I am truly grateful to coach Kelly for all he has done for this program. Do not get me wrong, I am devastated about losing and how we lost. Anyway, I hope we can all do our best to support these kids and acknowledge where gains have been made.
  8. Sooo, if Dabo had been coaching at ND for the last 9 years: what do you think his record would be? Do you think he would have won a NC? How about Meyer or Saban? I know there is obviously no way at all too know this, but I was wondering what ya'll felt about this. Do you think any of them would have won one or even multiple titles? I think it is really hard to say. However, it is very telling the Urban loved ND so much but twice decided to go with the path of least resistance. Damn, obviously the off-season is back...haha
  9. He went from savior to antichrist within 9 months in South Florida. He was the second coming, and shortly after that, the U fans were ready to tar and feather him.
  10. Play on words perhaps for all of the piles and pieces that call themselves loyal ND fans. I am devastated as well, but I am proud of this team and what they accomplished. Lets hope that we can build from here . I worry that it takes a few more years until we can compete again for a playoff spot.
  11. It was heartbreaking to watch the boys lose in this particular way. We all want to get to the big game, but if you do make it, you need to show up. This has been one of the worst hallmarks of the ND program over the last two decades: sh!ting the bed. Proud of the boys, but I am devastated by the fact that we seem to come out flat across the board for the biggest games. This seems to be the case regardless of coach, players, team or decade. We need to stop "Clemsoning" all of our important games.
  12. This is kind of a tough question for me. On defense, it is less obvious, Alohi, Drew and Khalid. On offense, I think it is clearly Ian Book. I can not remember an offensive player who more clearly changed the team for the better, than when Ian took over the reigns in week 4. Personally, my favorite players this year were Alohi and Ian. Honorable mention goes out to Dexter Williams. With that said, there are so many players that I love on this team that this questions really is tricky for me. If you were making a list, who would be your favorite players so far this year? What say you? (Who was it that used to say that, Sir John?)
  13. Not sure if anyone saw this article, but it is the same topic. Videos are in the article as well. https://slapthesign.com/2018/12/03/notre-dame-football-top-three-plays-of-the-2018-season/2/ The Book to Boykin TD against Pitt is shown, it was an awfully nice pass and catch.
  14. Hey Wave, I think this is pretty dangerous talk. Journalism is incredibly important and its has been degraded by a lack of interest and investing by Americans. Make no mistake, the free press is perhaps our most important institution. There is great journalism out there, the Times, W. Post, Economist and many other publications are providing this nation with the information it needs to evaluate itself. I highly recommend that you find a printed publication that you like and pay for a subscription. As it says at the top of the Gray Lady, democracy dies in darkness. I am not in the field, but I have a great amount of respect for the work that they do. Without them, we would be living in complete darkness and I believe under the complete control of special interests. Next time you see cable news, if you listen closely, you will here according to the... journal, post etc. These papers are still doing the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to investigative journalism. That is why I say support journalism. They need us as badly as we need them. Sorry for the rant. :yell:
  15. I wish that were true, Rocket. But if we are being realistic, or even reflective, think of what life was like at that age. Kids are doing things they never dreamed they would because they want to fit-in or be liked. To get trashed on ESPN (it matters because it is the undisputed #1 source for sports info in America) should disturb these kids. They want their friends, family and fellow Americans to see them in the best possible light. If Americans are getting info about our team or a particular player, it is generally coming from ESPN. These kids want to see themselves on the Sportcenter Top 10. Especially with what I would call the "me age" or the social media age, people care more than ever about what people think of them. (Perhaps they don't care more, just that they are more exposed than ever before) To make a long post longer, I think the kids do care. I hope that they use it as extra fuel. They will be big dogs the rest of the way, so lets embrace it and embody that mentality. I hate to think the kids are reading their good press clippings. However, I do not mind the idea of them recognizing and personalizing a snub like this. So excited for the games. All I want for Christmas is two more wins in a row. Go Irish!
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