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  1. Thats why i said Brice. If Buchner had played this year it would ease my mind more. I wanted Milton, but hes a Seminole now.
  2. How About Chase Brice ?or Ian Book possibly coming back next season ? I dont think Book will come back, but this would absolutely catapult us into a favorite for Title talks next year. Im actually kinda nervous about our QB situation next year.
  3. Thanks Guys, Really want Edwards, But Estime is no joke, would be an awesome counter Back too the speed and flash of Tyree/ Kyren Combo. Either one of these kids will have us stacked for a few more more years.
  4. Any Update from Our Inside Guys ??? Last thing i seen is we were making a big push for him and seems like we have a real good shot with him. Meatchicken, UGA and US, with a few knowledgeable people and insiders saying he is ours.
  5. can i just say 1 thing ??? Thank God for Jeff Quinn and Our young RBs.
  6. Wave, you really think Milton is Poo !!! I get that Clarke and Pyne had Little to No reps, with everything that is going on and the time they did get it wasnt blowing my skirt up, but i dont wanna seem unfaithful either, Pyne has the better upside of the 2 imho, Clarke has the Height and Size, but Pyne had the feel. I feel Milton can come in and run this offense not as effective as IB, but better than the BC and DP. Now, im really wishing Jurk never left.
  7. Im all for Milton coming to South Bend. Drew Pyne is a good QB, but he wasnt lighting up defenses in mop up duty. Tyler Buchner will be the man, but McKenzie Milton can give us a much needed year of service, from a One time Heisman Hopeful and proven Baller. I just feel Pyne and Clark couldnt keep the pace for us, a pace we have fought so hard to establish. Now it will be easier considering that our O-Line is a Perennial Elite Unit throughout College Football and usually has a couple players up for their Position Awards, Rimington, Outlan etc....plus, you have what will quite possibly the most
  8. Kelly really has no excuse now. We have better talent committing to Notre Dame every year now. We are producing Pro Bowl level talent on both sides of the Ball for the NFL. Now its all about taking that next step. 1st time in the Kelly Era we are having QB coming in as the starter 2 years in a row (assuming Clark or Pyne dont play lights out in camps and dethrone Book), Our O-Line are rock solid mawlers in the 2 deep, defense is question mark, but not a concern.
  9. I want a RB, to be our breakout player. Jones was decent, but we missed that HR threat we've had in the backfield (Prosise, Adams, Williams). Kevin Austin is a safe bet here. Also watch out for Xavier Watts too, kid has elite speed and an unreal football prowess about him. I think CBK has learned from Kyle Hamilton how to be a modern college football coach. If my true freshman is outworking my jr/sr players, then he will play. Thats why i feel if Tyree comes in and takes over that Backfield, if he proves he can be the feature back we need and handles the bulk of the work load, let him loose.
  10. That is insane. Well now we dont have to worry about what position he will play, Wide Receiver . Dont think Tight End suits him after this.
  11. I like the "German Juggernaut" being unranked, i believe this kid is gonna be one of the greats for Notre Dame. His Length, Size and Speed are outstanding.
  12. Yes its Chris Tyree, completely agree with his analysis by Van Harren. "Shifty, Elusive and Versatile" he also mentioned his speed, im telling you Tyree is a game changer, if he can grasp our offense early, blocking schemes, option routes and build chemistry with the our O-line/ QB he needs too play with no redshirt immediately (DUH !!!). There is just something about this kid has me thinking, in our gameplans he will fit in very seamlessly. I expect him to play this year (again, DUH !!!), but if by game 3 he is everything everybody has speculated, then damn we might have something special, he
  13. Open Question: Do we really want to have any 1 identity ? Say we are pass heavy, say Coach Rees (wow still weird), im sure i have an old comment about him being an incompetent butthole, only to retract my comments almost a decade later from the Tulsa game. I FIRMLY BELIEVE IN TOMMY NOW !!! Anyways, say Tommy is putting together an efficient passing gameplan, do we want that identity Of this or That ? Im just curious to yalls responses.
  14. Again these are my opinions of these recruits. Jordan seems too play so effortlessly, again your views are your views, though i may not agree with them, i will defend your right to state them, because your a "Domer" lol. Tyree is a very intriguing prospect too me, i think he will be successful in our system under Tommys playcalling. I believe we will revert back to a pass heavy offensive style. Not 70/30 Pass to Run either. More like 55/45 imho. So CT wont need to be an everyday down back, but will be on the field every down in one way or another, im thinking a Theo Riddick 2012 role, with mo
  15. Awesome news. I figured as much, he seems enamored with us at the moment. Personally i think we are very close to being in the Elite 1B tier of College Football. Too me this includes, Oklahoma, Georgia, LSU and Auburn. Elite 1A obviously includes Clemson, Alabama and Ohio St. Stay with me guys im going somewhere with this. We are teetering between Tier 2 (Penn St, Meatchicken, Wisconsin, Oregon and Florida) also feel like USC belongs here because of their consistency in recruiting, but they havent meshed Talent and Coaching yet. The other side is Tier 1B (see above). With our haul this year an
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