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  1. I agree that the officiating was bad. Actually pathetic. But we did have several blown coverages and, with a decent lb unit, we could have done much better on that side of the ball.
  2. Yes the Pyne fumble was bad, but how about the defense actually steps up and gets the ball back. I am not a fan of Pyne, but he played his best game of the season in my opinion. He did make two big mistakes, so maybe the defense can pick him up. I watched spencer rattler throw a pick six on the road yesterday at Clemson….and they still won. I have been critical of Pyne…but he played well enough for a win. The defense stunk…and the 4th and 1 call was as bad as either of the turnovers. The 2 point conversion attempt was mind boggling. While it didn’t matter in the end, it was a decision from a coach who couldn’t count the score. That’s bad. If he doesn’t have a high football iq, then his players won’t either. I am sure it was an innocent mistake, but that can’t happen in a contested game.
  3. Linebackers have been really bad all year. The worst I have seen at that position in a long time.
  4. Pyne has been the bright spot…and I can’t believe I am saying that. The defense has been terrible….stop somebody.
  5. Not surprising. The Clemson game gave us a false sense of hope. It was concerning what navy did to us upfront. If it were not for the Clemson win…this season would be a total disappointment . Hopefully the bowl game will be a new beginning for next year. USC just way better the weather we are right now.
  6. We got pushed around by navy…..not a good look.
  7. Bwahhhhhh….this team was awful today. 16 yards in the second half. Navy pushed us around….
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