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  1. I was hoping to read some good book recommendations.
  2. You and Vicky are in my prayers. Have strength.
  3. I tried replying to this thread but got interrupted. I went to Stout on Andrews Ave in Ft Lauderdale and it definitely had an Irish fan vibe. I’m further north but you and the family are welcome to my guest room and sofa!
  4. Some consider me to have a huge pair! Listen Joe no one's jumping off a bridge over this loss or this season but telling how someone should react isn't your place. Now to get back to the thread..... Yes, this was a disappointing November!
  5. Well I was sick to my stomach as well. Obviously we are passionate about this team since this is an ND football board and that game went South fast; disappointing seasons and losses do that when you're a fan.
  6. I’m feeling optimistic that it’s a close game at least. Go Irish! Nice to see you Chiro.
  7. So very sorry Jeff. He does look like a loyal, beautiful soul.
  8. Good thread Cory. I read almost every post and very rarely reply but I appreciate all the contributors. Definitely some posters with some dark energy for awhile but isn’t that just life?
  9. No, not that I’ve seen. I have cousins that go to the high school right there.... very scary and just horrible how frequent these events are becoming.
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