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  1. I couldn’t bear to read the entire article....
  2. whatta buncha fashionistas!!!! I’m all about them and as a yank fan and Irish fan, I love being hated!
  3. fantastic! make a wish is an amazing charity. changing lives....
  4. a small is only 5 points on weight watchers.....
  5. what are you implying rocketsan? :moony:
  6. perhaps like me, ppl sent up a prayer rather than post.... I'm sorry I didn't post sooner I rarely log on...thoughts and prayers to you and your family
  7. I have 7 brothers and have never heard this term.... I cannot wait to use it!!! Thanks to all the posters and thread starters on dd.... happy new year and go irish!!!
  8. Who's your daddy?! Happy Father's Day. Go Irish!! Miss you guys.
  9. of course not..I have a small vagina and am brilliant!!!!
  10. I started to quote and reply to a few of the remarks in this thread but you cannnot beat hate with hate so I'll just remark that a few of you act as though you have small minds. small mind = small penis
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