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  1. The Curse Podcast is back and they tackle this topic this week. This episode is a good one. Link below: The Curse Podcast: Conference Realignment
  2. The Rumors are he's only entered the portal to create a bidding war. Apparently Georgia has already run it up to $2M in NIL deals. The portal, in addition to NIL and without regulation ... is absurd.
  3. Here's a link to our Fiesta Bowl Reaction podcast. This is more than just a game to most of us, so there is some emotion in this one. We also attack anyone who says Marcus Freeman looked 'shell shocked'. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/fiesta-bowl-reaction/id1589146918?i=1000546739927
  4. We compare the top-3 classes to ND's, what ND needs in the 2023 class and specific targets, and NIL's impact on modern-day recruiting. Also, Jimbo Fisher is a pile. National Signing Day Episode
  5. This episode is long, but it might be our best yet. We talk about the entire college football landscape, but we brought a die hard LSU fan on for about 30 min to get his take on the BK hire. As always, we're open to suggestions on how to improve the podcast. The Curse - Conference Championship Week
  6. Not only did she go there, but about 25 of her extended family members also went there. Thinking we can't watch this one together ... any suggestions?
  7. Rumor is Marcus Freeman is making a run at him. I'd suspect we'd make him WR Coach and Pass Game OC. This would be a homerun sports.
  8. I've disliked the Turncoat since day 1. I never thought he'd win a title, although he did perform better than I anticipated. It feels good to have a HC and staff I can fully get behind, especially a HC I think can get it done. It's new era ladies and gentlemen. It's our time. I had goosebumps recording this podcast. Marcus Freeman is a man I'm proud to call Coach. We also got the LSU perspective and warned them what they're in for. On Sunday, we have Mike Richardson coming on the pod again - should be a good one since he grew up with Coach Freeman and still remains friends. Marcus Freeman Episode
  9. Link to Episode Below. Immediate Reaction - Brian Kelly to LSU
  10. You want to hear an immediate reaction to Lincoln Riley? The news broke right before we recorded yesterday, so we didn't really have time to process. It certainly caught us off guard. Is there something specific you'd like to hear us cover? Are there topics you wished we talked about more? Curious for feedback. Appreciate the following you've given us - we're starting to see the word of mouth marketing pick up a little bit! Latest Episodes Here!
  11. Stoops is taking over as interim head coach - right now, it looks like it's just for a bowl game. It might be good for him to take over for a year while the musical chairs settles down. Kind of like OSU did with Fickell. This is a weird time in college football.
  12. I would suspect CJ Williams will flip to USC.
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