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  1. Must have first communion in order to enter the stadium!
  2. All possible solutions implemented by Notre Dame seem to a result in a loss in revenue for the university and everyone knows that is NOT in the cards.
  3. Hey thanks! Started passively perusing this website actually around 15 years ago when I was a little kid, never posted though. Just hopped back on to vent a little bit... sorry to be heated, though I'm sure most won't take issue ?
  4. How many times are we going to watch Notre Dame Stadium repeatedly get invaded? Another 'Sea of Red' on display against Cincy today? It breathes life into the opposing team when a significant portion of the stadium wears red and screams 'Go Bearcats!' the entire time. No one seems to talk about it in the conversation about how to get back to greatness, maybe because I doubt anyone has an earthly clue how to fix it without seriously encroaching on the rights of ticketholders. I could just be jaded because I sat near the visitor's section, but I can't stand to see it any longer. This place needs to protect its home field.
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