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  1. I have to admit that I agree with a lot of what Elder says. Presentations vary. Opinions do matter. Sometimes they open a new avenue of thought. While I may chose to present ideas in a different way, and while I may be the object of his scorn as well, I appreciate the thought and the passion that go into all of that.
  2. Ha! Who needs a voice of reason? This is DomerDomain after all, where Robert's Rules of Order are routinely disregarded.
  3. I've read that too. It's also interesting that Kelly offered him the job at LSU after that, from what I understand.
  4. As I've noted, I'm now all-in on Freeman and his staff. But... Recruits won't keep coming forever if the team goes 7-6, 8-5, 8-5. By the end of that, recruits will be going elsewhere. But ND would hold on to that coach for one or two more years, judging by past history. However, this would be the case with any coaching hire, whether Fickell or Freeman or someone else. I'm really looking forward to the next 12 months.
  5. Absolutely. Hire the guy who gives you the best chance for long term success. ND has taken the risk. Hopefully this turns out to be the best decision in the history of Notre Dame football.
  6. It is pretty amazing. Usually a coach gets fired after a few bad seasons. A new head coach comes in, retains 1 or 2 guys but shakes up the staff almost from top to bottom. Not this time at ND. ND has been on a run the last few years. Really good players on the team and more on the way. All the key coaches are going to still be in place. The only one gone is the guy that no one really liked. Seems like a pretty major rebuke of Kelly and a major affirmation of what the retained coaches think they have in each other and in the program as a whole. Really looking forward to see what these guys do.
  7. I’m with you on this being a huge risk. Have lived the long winter of Davie-Willingham-Weis, and was at ND when they hired Faust. I totally wanted someone with a successful head coaching record. Being a head coach is so very much more than being a DC. Now that it is what it is, I’m all in. Nowhere else to go. I’ll be extremely enthusiastic about the young guns trying to take this program to places Kelly couldn’t. I just hope they don’t do what Bob Davie did. Don’t know if anyone remembers how he tried to show the world he wasn’t Lou Holtz in his first game as head coach. Tried a bunch of bad passes and went three and out right away. Things went downhill from there.
  8. Exactly. If he had lost a game this year he might have been ND’s coach.
  9. Balis: “An angry team is a dangerous team…” https://www.instagram.com/tv/CW6tIv9Awi2/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. I didn’t want Freeman as coach. But, now that he is and Rees is staying, I’m probably going to be more of a fan of ND football than I have been in years. These guys are going to be the young, dynamic coaches that recruits will love. I hope and pray that two games go the way ND needs this weekend so ND gets into the CFP. I honestly believe these guys can win a game. I never had belief that Kelly could. Free of his constraints, for one game, in these circumstances, I think ND could beat any team ranked above them.
  11. Rees staying. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CW9kqBvqqtH/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. And, why would Mick Assaf be tweeting this when no one else on the team is doing so? Is someone else on the team also tweeting this?
  13. Who is Mick Assaf and why would players tell him anything?
  14. Apparently he and Freeman are both interviewing for the position today.
  15. I worry a bit that the all-knowing powers that make these decisions will come to the conclusion that Tom Rees is the best person to lead this team going forward. Been around Kelly long enough to know what it takes. Young. Energetic. An ND man who played the premier position. Players like him.
  16. How about Pete Carroll? Art Briles? Controversy surrounds them. But Briles was vindicated. Carroll seems like he’s coming to the end of his time in Seattle. Coaches who have proven they can win. Outrageous to even bring up their names probably.
  17. I wonder if ND would ever kick the tires on Art Briles. He was vindicated, I think, in that Baylor situation.
  18. …said the ND administration before hiring Gerry Faust. …said the ND administration before hiring Bob Davie. …said the ND administration before hiring Charlie Weis. The ND administration seems to love taking risks on guys.
  19. Personally I think Freeman would do better at SMU than Duke. SMU has fertile recruiting grounds. While their conference is not like Duke's, Freeman would kill it there. Recruit Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio? Yes, Texas, Texas A&M, LSU all recruit there too, but if he's as good a recruiter as everyone says, he could almost certainly bring high end players into that program. And, SMU is very angry that their coach drove 30 miles west to coach TCU. They'll be looking to make a big splash hire.
  20. I don’t know. Rees was never the QB at LSU. He has sold his understanding of what it takes to be a player at ND to recruits and their parents. He seems to be good as an OC. I just think Kelly will do an honest to goodness national search for the best OC available this time, and that won’t be Rees. Of course, Rees might go. I could see Freeman going there before Rees.
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