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  1. I have been thinking the same thing. We may have seen Buchner's last game in an ND uniform. And it wouldn't surprise me to see him do well somewhere else.
  2. Apparently that first game won’t be helping OSU’s SOS much either.
  3. Heck, I’m even worried about the younger, highly-rated coming out of high school players currently on the team. If ND loses a few more games, that transfer portal might start looking awfully tempting.
  4. I’m really a simple guy. Have a job, a family, some hobbies. I’ve never coached anything beyond flag football. Never watched player ‘tapes’, never coached a high school team. I DO follow college football recruiting. I do think big time college programs hire recruiting scouts who know how to evaluate high school talent much better then me. And, to my way of thinking, much better than anyone posting on DomerDomain. Given that, let’s look at this terrible offensive talent, at least as 24/7 had it when they were being recruited. Listed are the name of the recruit, their 24/7 rating, and best offers other than ND. Boy, these are some real dogs. Lugg. .94. Alabama, PSU, Wisconsin Correll. .96. Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, OSU, Oregon Kristofec. .93. Clemson, Florida, Michigan, OSU Baker. .95. Alabama, LSU, Michigan, OSU, Oklahoma Carmody. .93. A&M, Michigan, OSU, PSU Fisher. .97. Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, OSU, Oklahoma Spindler. .97. Alabama, LSU, Michigan, OSU, Oklahoma Lenzy. .92. ISC, Oregon Colzie. .96. Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Oregon Styles. .95. Florida, Michigan, OSU, PSU Pyne .92 Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Oklahoma So, sure, ALL of those people whose business it is to evaluate the players in high school for each of those teams COULD have missed on ALL of these players. It IS possible. Or, maybe these ND coaches just haven’t figured out how to coach the talent they have. I think Alabama just might be doing more with Lugg, Corell, Baker, Fisher, Spindler, Colzie, and Pyne than this crew is. Just a hunch though. I never watched their tapes so I don’t know . I’m pretty simple. I just rely on the pros.
  5. No. I definitely will not be okay. But, he’ll stay at least three years. No. Matter. What.
  6. We had all of those things for the students living in Grace Hall when I was there a loooonggg time ago. What's changed? (okay, Geek Squad didn't exist back then, but finding a way around homework and tests has never been that hard, really)
  7. That 2012 season was one for the ages. What a year he had! Especially with all the events taking place in his personal life.
  8. I do indeed think Tommy Rees is a huge part of why ND is 0-2. You clearly think otherwise and that’s terrific. I stashed a couple magic beans but don’t plan to use them on ND football this year.
  9. I do think you can have it both ways. I don't believe ND has done almost anything right to make that happen. The administration and Board always seem to think they are smart enough to find the next "it" guy on the cheap, the next Parseghian. They have failed pretty much every time. Lou was their last great hire, and he left when he couldn't get the guys into the program he wanted. Each new Board, each new administration thinks they know better than everyone else in college football about who the next great coach will be and they go hire that guy. Not the coach who already has a proven track record at high level head coaching. That would cost too much. I also think you can get high-achieving academic football players in to ND. The culture on the team is and would be different than the culture at Alabama, but that doesn't mean you can't get great players. ND does okay with that, but I think they could even do better, given the right coaching. Football and basketball and lacrosse and hockey players don't have to take the hardest classes. Just take some classes, maybe get a degree in four or five years, maybe even stick around to get a graduate degree (okay, I know that's not going to happen with the non-football sports). Go be successful beyond that if you don't get drafted into a league. It's the age-old argument. I totally understand why many feel it's not possible. I think it is, but everything has to be just right, and ND, IMO, has done little to make it just right.
  10. I think we ALL feel very strongly about the five they have out there! And it ain't good!
  11. Tommy needs to be staying up until 2 or 3, and getting up at about 5:30 every day for the next two weeks. He needs to create, then implement during practice, an entirely new scheme of plays. What he has designed, and what he has been calling, has not been working. Now he has two 'new' quarterbacks with different skill sets. I just have no confidence in his ability to adjust this quickly. He can't adjust in games with the players and plays that he has been using. Now he has to do something altogether different, and there's really no time to do it. He'll end up calling the same plays, designed for the other QB. Good grief Charlie Brown.
  12. I suspect the staff was all-in on Buchner from the start, and all-in on Pyne backing him up. It seems likely to me that the staff didn't give Angeli a serious look at being the starter, especially given the first game being at Ohio State. That would be a tall order for any first-time starter, particularly one who has never experienced a college game at all as an actual member of a team. Angeli may turn out to be very good. Apparently he does not have a cannon arm but is accurate. Hopefully he can progress quickly, 'cause it looks like he'll be needed soon enough.
  13. Bring Frost in as a ‘special assistant’. See what happens.
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