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  1. ND saw it’s home sellout streak end for the Navy game in 2019 after 273 games. It used to be hard to get tickets to home games. It’s not hard at all this year. Heck, plenty of tickets are still available for the Cincinnati, USC, and UNC games ( UND.Com ). Why is that? Is it COVID? Ticket prices?
  2. Great to see ND get a kid with that type of offer list.
  3. ND has big play potential on offense on every play. The defense may be pretty darned good. Improved team depth is already showing. They’ll be erecting a Kyle Hamilton statue outside the stadium before the year ends.
  4. The Penn State white out is one of the great spectacles in college football.
  5. Put in a stout 4 man front and quit relying on the 3 man front with blitzes. I'm not a fan of what’s happening coaching-wise on either side of the ball.
  6. Goodness. The offense clicks when throwing short. They struggle (and that’s a kind word) when they throw long. Which seems like every play. Why does our all-world tight end disappear during the middle of the game?
  7. I think Coan is a good quarterback. He’s just asked to do the wrong things. The offense works differently, more efficiently, and better when Buchner is in. For goodness sake, put in Buchner.
  8. Good grief. I can call a better game. Throw. Short. Passes. Will lead to a touchdown every drive.
  9. We need 8 yards. I’ll bet Rees calls, and Coan tries to throw, a 23 yard pass.
  10. Please put Buchner in. And please call something other than a Buchner run on first down.
  11. Why would you put in Coan for that play? I don’t get it. Buchner has to be accounted for. You just needed 3 yards.
  12. Quit. Throwing. Down. Field. Throw short and quick. Don’t throw 25 yards downfield on 3rd and 5. Not. Enough. Time.
  13. Hmmm. Maybe not the tight end, but 6 yards over the middle. Touchdown. Those are the plays ND needs to run when Coan is in the game. Short passes over the middle. Quick plays.
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