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  1. Does this indicate ND coaching has profound confidence in a pending commitment by Limar and/or Young? Does it reflect the staff isn't too worried about the running back situation since Payne committed? I still don't have confidence that Diggs will stay at ND, and read a recent comment that ND has to "recruit" him each year.
  2. To be fair, though, A&M has amazing tradition (even though they really haven't won anything of significance forever), an enormous and enthusiastic fan base, a football stadium that seats 102,000 people and is full for big games, and better weather than Michigan or Indiana. While Ann Arbor is a pretty nice town, South Bend isn't really nicer than College Station and they're about the same size. Clearly A&M has done something with NIL that other schools are sad that they didn't think of first. But, even before NIL became a thing (the 2022 recruiting class), A&M's classes ranked 8 (2021), 6 (2020), and 4 (2019). I don't think Dante is at all a lock for ND. A&M has a lot going for it other than just NIL. But, his road to being the starter will be harder at A&M than ND. And, A&M is sure to recruit a 5 star QB every year now, given how they've handled NIL.
  3. What is his standing with Texas A&M? They signed a 5 star QB in the 2022 cycle and have two Pyne-level QB's in addition to that.
  4. Looks like there will be plenty of fireworks over the July 4 weekend. Hopefully there will be a lot of blue and gold popping.
  5. It is so tough to pull these guys out of the Pacific Northwest. I'm thinking Oregon, but hoping ND.
  6. I’m happy that Freeman seems to be doing so many things so well, particularly recruiting. He gets more-or-less a free pass by recruits this cycle. No head-coaching results for recruits to go by. They are wowed by his personality and the campus. Beginning with the Ohio State game, though, the on-field results will be what drives the next, and all other, recruiting cycles. Bringing in former players seems like a great move and you have to wonder why Kelly didn’t emphasize that more. I’m not unhappy that Kelly is gone. I’m excited about what I’ve seen from Freeman so far. But what really matters begins in Columbus in September.
  7. Pyne at the start of the season. Angeli by game 8.
  8. Truly I had no idea. About the shirt. I did know about the spring festival. Nothing quite like a good chariot race through the mud in 40 degree overcast weather.
  9. I'll admit I've forgotten the tradition of the shirt. Why do they do it? Who buys it? Do the proceeds benefit anything? I wonder how many they sell in a given year.
  10. It does seem like ND is a serious contender for more high-end recruits later in this cycle than I can remember in 20+ years. While it might surprise me if these guys chose ND, it wouldn't shock me: Tate, M'Pemba, Freeling. And then there are the guys that wouldn't surprise me at all, like Moore, Jagusah, Greathouse, Gray, and Gallagher, Even if ND doesn't lead for all these guys, they are still being considered. Given the guys who have already committed, that's pretty great.
  11. Today. I wonder why. Pretty cool though. My son was there and took this video. Sorry about the image quality. Mannings 2022.mp4
  12. I like that ND’s spring game takes place a little later than so many of their competitors’ games.
  13. So just to highlight, ND beat Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Texas, Texas A&M, and USC in this recruitment. Gotta love what they’re doing. Now I just hope they produce on the field. Going 8-4 would seriously curtail this type of recruiting for 2024 I think.
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