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  1. Buchner is a mid/tier Purdue, Indiana, or Northwestern type of QB. He'd be great for a program in the 50-100 rankings, for sure. Avg Arm, mobile, overall just boring without upside. Certainly not a QB you can compete for anything meaningful with (Just like Coan, Book, etc). Next year will be just another wasted season. They will win one of the Clemson/BYU/UNC games, get hammered by OSU, and win 8 vs the other dogs on their schedule. Same old Same old. Notre Dame will never be a top tier program until they can recruit elite QBs to get them to the next level. Jack Miller would have been an instant upgrade. Oh well.
  2. I am glad you can 'see it flipping' But, factually and in reality (not make-believe) LSU is recruiting better players Kelly already has a 5 star QB coming into LSU next year, who has more talent and upside than any ND recruited QB in the last 35 years (Yes including Brady Quinn).
  3. LSU 2019-2021 3 straight top 5 Recruiting Classes ND 2019-2021 15th, 9th, 14th - So an average of about 12th/year.
  4. LSU 3 National Championships in the last 20 years ND 0 in the last 30+ Years. bUt THiS iS a LaTeraL MOvE fOr KeLLy! Lol, our fans are so delusional.
  5. lol reading this thread is so pathetic. here are the excuses. the AD the academics other schools also recruit the weather (my favorite ) their religion lololol
  6. Poor ND must be the only college in the country that has other colleges, a few hundred miles away, who also play/recruit football players.
  7. LOL at the legacy, unable to think critically, entrenched ND super-fans. 'Our academics are too rigorous, and scare away good QBs' They don't scare away other position groups, so why cant they get an athletic, intelligent, upside QB? You elitist have the school on some imaginary pedestal, and no one else fucking cares. OSU has a worse NFL QB track record, and they bring in smart, athletic, 5 star guys every single year. Im sure Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, Fields, Ewers, Barrett, Herbert, (And on and on and on) were all too stupid for ND. The must have been 'scared' haha Even players like McSorley, Grier, Ehlinger, Mond, Rosen, Dak - Would all have been more than capable, and way better than what ND has recruited. Using the academics as an excuse is pathetic. ND isn't even that hard of a school once you get there.
  8. Coan never should have been the 2021 plan. Embarrassing that he was After the FSU game, the ND Lemmings were lauding him and gushing over his performance. Yikes.
  9. The last 10+ Years, the biggest problem with the team has been the QB. Book, Wimbush, Kizer, Zaire, Golson, Reese, Crist An overall Abysmal List. They had 3 Years to sell a recruit. Come, be a true freshman, or come last year and redshirt, and then come into 2021 and be the undisputed 3 to 4 year leader for NOTRE DAME And what are they rolling into 2021 with? A top 10 team, with a 5th year QB transfer, who lost his job 2 years ago in Wisco, was a 3 star recruit, and has no future with the program. Awful planning and execution.
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