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  1. Lol its laughable how so many people even 5 months into this still have no clue what they're talking about yet continue to talk out of their *** like they have a clue. The fact that anyone out there is still comparing this to the flu shows nothing but ignorance and pure stupidity.
  2. Good I see politics is still going strong on the site thanks to wave. Exactly what I look for when discussing nd football
  3. Following the advice of doctors and scientists during a global pandemic does not make you a fascist. My God Look college football will be played in front of limited crowds if schools are open in the fall. If there is college then there will be college football and if there isnt college then there wont be college football. And yes some schools wont be playing thos fall but my guess is most will. It's still going to be a very screwed up season. I mean this is going to run through some teams like wildfire and take 10+ players out for 2 weeks. Even if it isnt deadly it still will force teams to quarantine massive amount of players for 2 weeks at a time which will greatly take away from the games.
  4. It's probably a different animal at grand valley and Cincinnati. Also it's possible that over the last decade at least at this highest blue blood level things have evolved with just how much coaches do have to insert themselves into recruiting I'm not really defending bk here either, just trying to think about why hes turned over a new leaf now. He does have a history of taking his time to change his ways because he has the smartest guy in the room syndrome
  5. Not to derail the thread but I've been wondering what's been happening with the linebacker recruiting as well
  6. Alright well in the same sense let's not simply compare him to davie, weis and ty and state that because hes better then those 3 hes a savior that deserves every current statue around the campus be melded together to form one giant kelly figure
  7. Lol right, much more authentic to rank them before they ever play a snap in college
  8. That wont happen, kelly has jack in his pocket and can pretty much do as he pleases at this point. I'm sure within a few weeks kelly will get the 2/3 extension hes looking for
  9. See my biggest concern isnt that so much as being so young and inexperienced. I dont know for sure but I would imagine theres a learning curve and a learned feel for calling plays and actually being an OC. Next year looking at the schedule we could make a serious run at the very least to a new years 6. But a brand new green oc could end up costing us a game or 2, could be the difference between 11-1 and 9-3
  10. My hope is that Kelly's thinking is more along the lines of this is a new trend in college football, to groom a young innovator coordinator over your final few seasons to ultimately take over similar to riley, day and lake. I'm not saying rees is those guys but how big were those guys before they went to their respective schools. Kids these days relate more to younger buddy buddy coaches then they do old hard asses. Anyway I'm hoping thats where Kelly's head is and it's not a lazy yes man hire so that he can regain control of the offense.
  11. Agree and dont get me wrong I'm not writing him off. I just have concerns based on the history of kelly hiring guys from his circle vs guys outside his circle. All those hires you listed I'm pretty sure were all outside hires, and they've been the best hires of his tenure.
  12. That's the concern, remember the NC state game in the hurricane?
  13. Agree, kelly talks about wanting to be elite and that he believes this team can get to another level but then he continues to handcuff them with coaches like Quinn and Rees. And look rees might turn out to be a terrific hire but these hires dont tell me kelly believes nd can be elite. Ohio state, Clemson, bama, lsu and georgia arent hiring these guys.
  14. This is why it's tough to keep coaches this long, they get too comfortable.
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