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  1. I hate to mix politics with my beloved Irish, but the video below is a terrible optic for Catholics in America, and hence Notre Dame, as the leading Catholic university in our country. Regardless of its source, the video below doesn’t lie, and it reflects badly on all American Catholics, and indirectly our beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The video shows the Catholic Charities organization in Texas actively involved in an organized smuggling and trafficking operation of hundreds of non-citizens into the country from Mission Texas to McAllen, TX. They are being harbored at a local parish to be later moved into our nation’s interior. The priest at the catholic church calls this a humanitarian mission and seems to represent to the reporter that he is just helping these people meet up with family who live “father north in the country. “ I am a graduate of the class of 1981, and proud of all that ND represents. I loved our former coach Lou Holtz and think back to the title of his book, which to this day, still serves as a great inspiration to me. God, Country, Notre Dame. How do Catholic Charities equate the word “Country”? One of the things I remember at ND was the large amount of ROTC students that we had when I was there who trained to not only get their degrees but protect our country. What would they say to this blatant act of anarchy and the Catholic Church’s support of this active invasion. No one is saying that these many of these migrants are not good people. But that is not the point. This is blatant law breaking by Catholic Charities , an organization that two of my family members have worked for, and I am offended by this brazen disregard for our country’s laws. Are we the Convicts or the Catholics? Am I alone in thinking this way? One of the requirements we had at ND to graduate was two semesters of Philosophy and Religion. One of the courses I took was an ethics course taught by an ex-corporate executive. The main theme of that course was to stand up and speak when you see someone breaking the law, and I still remember that message 40 years later. We have a nation of laws and an immigration policy in place which is supposed to bring about 1 million people into this country legally every year, many of them refugees from third world countries. But when American Catholics don’t work within the laws of our country, we lose credibility and the respect of our American brothers and sisters. Stand up for what’s right and let your voices be heard. As Catholics in America, our allegiances should be to both God and Country. https://www.infowars.com/posts/exclusive-video-reporters-discover-secret-migrant-smuggling-center/
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