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  1. Not sure where you’re seeing this, but it appears he’s heading to LSU. A lot of smoke and confidence on their side.
  2. I highly highly doubt he’s back in time for Georgia unless he’s some super healing human.
  3. And if it weren't for posters breaking the news on the message boards, this probably would not have gotten out until tonight's press conference, or tomorrow. ND did not want FSU to have anymore practices after finding out the news.
  4. He has 4 ints and 1 TD. He could easily have another 3-4 ints with how many jump balls he has thrown that were dropped by opposing defenders. I remember at least two vs. Ball St. Therefore, I don't think it's accurate he was good at not turning the ball over.
  5. This. Dexter will not be back before Stanford.
  6. Coney plays LB, and is our starting MLB.
  7. I just listened to some of ISD's Power Hour. The first thing they talked about was Coney, and how they don't know what happened with this case. However, it did come across that this wasn't a good thing happening, and his punishment is unknown, since ND's punishments have been all over the board in the past.
  8. No, let's just say Urban Meyer would have even suspended the player if he were on his team for this. As some have mentioned, don't assume these guys are getting dismissed for their first violation.
  9. How do you know it was Holmes' first offense? Do you 100% know he didn't do anything prior to this? Do Not Steal is the team's 4th commandment that is hanging in the locker room. What would that say about Kelly if he says, "Yeah, that's one of our commandments, but feel free to follow them only sometimes." As for Deon, how do you know what he didn't wasn't illegal? Just because he didn't get arrested, doesn't mean he wouldn't have been if a police officer saw him. I'll answer this one for you...He would have been arrested if a police officer saw him.
  10. For Holmes, all I'm aware of is the shoplifting. However, ISD alluded to "mistakes" plural being made while he's been at ND, so it could be more. For McIntosh, I don't want to put them out on the board, sorry. However, I will tell you I'm not shocked about the dismissal, and he was already appealing a suspension that would have impacted next year.
  11. The whole rumor of Holmes being given a path to come back isn’t true. Driskell from Rivals is saying this, and it’s complete BS. I don’t know why he’s lying and telling people this, but every other site is saying it’s false. I also spoke with someone that talked to the family, and they’re all under the impression it’s a permanent removal. At best, it’s something they could look into down the road, but the plan is to stay this semester and figure things out after. I would imagine he transfers out after the semester. As far as McIntosh goes, he was already going to be out some time next yea
  12. There’s been rumors that he was late to a meeting, but that hasn’t been verified. There’s also folks that are typically in the know that have said it has nothing to do with being late to a meeting. However, they’re not willing to say what it was he did to get suspended.
  13. Sorry if I missed it, but anyone know what he did to get suspended?
  14. Some of you guys need to be careful what you wish for with wanting Book to start/play. I'm not trying to knock Book by any means, but there's a reason Wimbush is starting over him right now. While we may not need Wimbush against UNC, although I don't want to go into this game thinking it will be a cakewalk, we will need Wimbush against USC's, Miami's, and Stanford's of the world.
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