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  1. nope, feelings not hurt. Just think it's important that in the off chance a visitor sees this thread they realize not all ND fans are racist and homophobic. I don't think it's likely that you'd be mistaken as an Irish fan as much as some guy from a really small town in Indiana. Stupidity is ok but can't roll with this other stuff.
  2. He died loser. Grow up, you're stupid even by today's measure.
  3. Also reported Joe had a registered gun in his vehicle, which apparently wasn't brandished. I don't post or read this board anymore but came for some recruiting updates. Totally knew this thread had nickman and echo all over it, resdent idiots who apparently solve crimes and determine motive faster and better than the police they claim do no wrong.
  4. Like I said, it goes both ways. Difference is BLM is relatively new, police violence is not.
  5. not so sure about that last part based on how this election has gone. thanks for your explanation though. I disagree and think there are some really bad people who have used BLM to make violent actions. I think the vast majority of people behind BLM are focused on bringing attention using non-violence. Like anything it is the atrocities that get the most attention and it goes both ways.
  6. do you believe the KKK is a domestic terrorist group? Didn't realize this was such a movement and I guess our government needs to familiarize itself with the definition as well as since your idea was rejected by our gov't. Seems like George Zimmerman and you think alike.
  7. Very excited for this one! 38-24 Irish Big game for Sanders, punt or kick taken to the house!!!
  8. you you confused? get outta here! never heard of BLM reffered to as a terrorist group, I I found it funny coming from someone who reportedly understands terrorism better than civilians.
  9. hee hee that is good. terrorist group... under-educated white guy claiming he knows CJ's background and if he'd been oppressed. You get this knowledge from watching NBC for 3 or 4 hours on Saturdays or from some right-wing, gun polishing circle jerk you attend with nickman?
  10. seems to me worse case scenario we lose by a pt instead of 3. Sitting at home, did you think we stop them, especially in a goal line situation? To me, you play for extra time at home and roll the dice on the road.
  11. #1 selling jersey right now and dude is a back up. Albeit a much different one, but this guy carries a message like Tebow.
  12. sell them now if you can. prices will go down w/ each clown sighting and NCSt loss.
  13. we had a chance to take the refs out of the equation by going for 2 and ending it in OT.
  14. not sold on Texas yet. really not sure how the big 12 as a whole will look this year calling texas a very, very good team at this point isn't based on much.
  15. Devin Fuller was an ND transfer? Glad to see Hughes still in the league.
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