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  1. kids trying to get better camping love this
  2. Problem is the staff can’t get a WR ready to play till year 3. That has to change for 2022. No way they bring back all 5 seniors next year and do you want Wilkens or watts as your #1? This has little to do about jay transferring as it show a staff weakness in coaching the WR groups.
  3. With only 9 guys left on scholarship and lenzy/ Austen never healthy this is not good for practice. I would have to believe jo jo Johnson or Roman Henderson moves to WR or a guy comes via portal.
  4. These guys are projects basically the same player.
  5. Didn’t Kelly say he can’t win against the big boys without ultimate speed quickness and elusiveness ? So why are they taking all these 6’4 guys ?
  6. My question is do we take 5 this cycle ?
  7. he had the screen pass play called for him but he decided to block instead of turn and catch the screen
  8. when Lorenzo styles is catching balls ahead of you in spring game writing was on wall. best of luck to him
  9. We are killing it in Georgia #goirish
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