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  1. I feel the same way about most of your posts, for the record. I start a discussion with Eddie, make my points, have these two redneck trolls start on me, and you say Wow about my post. Yeah, sounds typical to what this board has become. If we don't run with the main group of ****, we're the problem.
  2. Well, that would be different. But he's a typical Christian, so I don't believe you.
  3. http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/5000000/Kirk-Cameron-Mike-Seaver-growing-pains-5073127-420-364.jpg There's always hope.
  4. "I think my faith is strong enough that I can afford those Civil Rights to others, even if I have a different perspective or different view." - President Barack Obama
  5. Sorry, off topic regarding tips: Okay, RFRA from here on in. :peace:
  6. And still no response to the persecution or philanthropy claims you made. Shocking.
  7. What trash? Actual persecution? Actual philanthropy stats? I respect your beliefs. You're hot for Christ and I like that. I'm not trying to **** further than you. I stand by my words. I apologize for sounding like a dick. I've always been told that and I don't think I can change now. I do respect your beliefs Eddie.
  8. If sin is the measure we use to decide who to do business with, then you're out too. Romans 3:23 Just stop. There are laws which prevent bigotry. Before long, sexual preference will be protected in all 50 states as well. How will you look then? Even Jesus hung out with sinners. True Christians will use the opportunity to be a light in the darkness, to witness according to their beliefs. This law is a temper tantrum in the face of gay marriage, period.
  9. Matthew 6:14-15 I just wanted to help you be a good Christian. :tea:
  10. Have you seen True Detective, Shameless, House of Cards or Bloodline yet? I would put them up there with Breaking Bad. Walter White is still my favorite. I didn't mind Better Call Saul. I think his background story is interesting. It's not Breaking Bad though.
  11. http://mikeduran.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/20bucks2-1023x477.jpg Christians are easy to spot on Sunday. I'm not angry Nick. I'm quite happy. I have a wonderful wife and kids. I spent the first thirty plus years of my life believing in Christ. I'm 42 now and not an atheist. My belief is in God, not religion, not Jesus, God. I believe in the God who created everything and put life in our lungs and nothing more. Man has complicated what should be simple. I don't believe in Salvation through the cross, baptism, or any other man-made tradition. I am basing this on years
  12. Oh, yes. The persecuted AMERICAN Christian. I have one word for you. ISIS. Why don't you go spend a day with them and then come back and tell me about your miserable Christian experience in America. Don't forget to take your mustard-seed-sized faith with you as I'm sure it will protect you. You're not persecuted in America for being a Christian. The VAST MAJORITY of Americans ARE CHRISTIANS. You're simply irritated by the minority not accepting your P.O.V. on all fronts. And God forbid anyone accept any other religions. If anyone is persecuted in America on the basis of religio
  13. Yes, me. 100% And I am diehard as well. For me it is all about CBK. I just feel like he has been seducing us since he arrived. He lost me last year and I don't think I will get excited until he actually delivers (which I highly doubt) or leaves. I don't know who I would have replace him. I just don't want him any longer.
  14. Playing early and winning. Yeah, who needs it. :twitch:
  15. Yeah, thanks. The family is in a hotel and NBC Sports isn't on the lineup. But thanks for rubbing it in.
  16. When is kickoff, and is anyone watching yet?? F'n NBC. Who gives a **** about European soccer matches? What happened to the days of watching American Sports on American television? So f'n stupid.
  17. I'm seeing soccer too. I'm looking everywhere online for a stream.
  18. I just saw this thread and am getting in on it quite late. But, this law goes beyond cakes and weddings. If an employer decides to not hire/fire an employee based on these same examples, it is discrimination, period. This law would protect them. There are currently laws in place to prevent discrimination such as the ADA in all states and some which protect people based on sexual preference in others. There are many examples protected by this law. A doctor refusing to treat a patient, a landlord refusing to rent to a qualified potential tenant, etc. There are many more, but all p
  19. http://www.zingerbug.com/Comments/glitter_graphics/waving_gay_pride_flag.gif
  20. http://www.jasonsummers.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/6-more.gif
  21. Yes, but I believe if I work hard, speak less, and continue to study my tea leaves, I too can achieve the renowned level of greatness you and Echo possess. Truthfully, the 2-point conversion thingy and subsequent explanation sealed my fate. I was wrong. You guys were right.
  22. Who gives a ****. Until Notre Dame realizes who they are and what made them, the football program will continue to be mediocre. This season was the icing on the cake for my frustration. I'm trying to remember when Notre Dame's excellence became so excellent it began to bite the hand that feeds it. Losing a few games each year is clearly acceptable as long as the alumni can claim moral superiority. :puke: Why CBK is getting a pass for this hot mess in YEAR FIVE is beyond me. I'm done holding my breath. I say bring back Lou Holtz, Prop 48, and Kim Dunbar and win a National
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