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  1. Considering the impact that college coaches have on a program's success, I disagree that the cost of winning is getting out of control. If you want to win you pony up. Look at the difference between VanGorder and Elko in one year. Notre Dame's interim defense was better than VanGorder's but I also don't think that was like what we saw from Elko. Effective coaches are probably the most important thing you need to win. If the reason Elko left is because of money alone, there is no excuse here and this is totally on Notre Dame.
  2. I rarely post anymore, but I have to weigh in here. First of all, I'm totally disgusted by this development. I'm not sure what a "competitive" offer is, but to me if "competitive" doesn't mean they would pay as much as A&M then that's not competitive. I guess it's similar to how Notre Dame says they "compete" for National Championships, but often are behind the 8-ball in doing what's necessary. This is all from my outsiders prospective and maybe I'm wrong, but it's my perception. Anyway... I think as Irish fans we've been burned enough by unproven hires over the years to know that as good as Lea may be he's probably not the best option. The downfall of the program can be partially contributed to unproven hires. Bob Davie was not proven as a head coach. Charlie Weis was not proven as a college head coach. Brian Vangorder hadn't been successful as a DC at the college level in the years immediately prior to his hire. We need to hire a guy who is proven to have built an effective defense over the last 2-3 years, and preferably a guy who turned a defense around like Elko did. That's what we need. Clark Lea might be a great coach, or he might just be a great linebackers coach. We need a proven DC.
  3. Actually, if you want to talk facts, Catholic priests are no more likely to be molesters than the general male population. In fact, if you look into it I think you may find that Catholic priests are less likely to be molesters than the general male population.
  4. Both of them passed away today in a car accident. Please pray for them and all those who have died. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2014/10/26/cardinals-outfielder-oscar-taveras-dies-in-car-accident/17977685/
  5. Good thing I'm Catholic and therefore don't believe in Karma! :thumb:
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