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  1. At some point I reconciled that this was what I am used to as a ND fan, unfortunately.
  2. 1. I like Mike Elston. He seems like a good man and I think he's done a good job as DL coach, but he should not be the defensive coordinator. I'm not sure why we never pressured their receivers at the line once they started rolling. They were doing whatever they wanted and we seemed to stay in soft coverage, usually man. It seems the plan was always to hire someone outside and I think that's what will happen. My guess is it will be Mike Tressel from Cincy. It's notable that Freeman appeared to take over play calling at the very end for the defense. 2. Rees showed how good he can be in the first half, and also how inexperienced he is in the 2nd. I understand OSU has a good run defense, but the fact that he never really tried to establish the run is one of the reasons we lost. In particular, there was a run on first and 10 when we got 5 yards in the second half and Rees didn't try to keep that going. The defense was on the field too much and it showed by the end. 3. Not having Hamilton and Kyren hurt. 4. Freeman looked visibly nervous on the sidelines at times and I hope he grows into this role. It's a tough job. I think he can succeed, but we'll have to let it play out. I'm thinking 9-3 next year. We all might need some patience. 5. Looking forward to a complete coaching staff. 6. We never had a top-quality QB in all the 12 years of the Kelly era. Imo, Kizer was the best Kelly had. Let's hope that changes. I'm hoping we get Dante Moore. We'll see what Buchner and/or Pyne can do. 7. I really hope this game lights a fire under some of the guys that were torn about coming back and they all do come back.
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