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  1. You are so stunningly dumb it is awe inspiring. I hope you are just trolling at this point because if you’re not it is just sad. Once again literally nothing you’re saying about the vaccine is close to being true, not being FDA approved is the most ridiculous thing you have posted. It was approved in December. I have dozens of friends in the medical profession ranging from nurses to people who work in administration of hospitals and everything else in between and guess what they’ve all gotten their vaccine and are fine. Why would 98% of doctors in the country take something if they weren’t su
  2. Once again you’re doing what aboutism because you don’t have a good argument here. Like I said you are so wrong this is easy. You’re *** you don’t care people think about you, that’s what a person who really cares says. You had to bring up working in your community earlier because you do care. Libtards, really nice considering I have nephew with Downs Syndrome, once again showing how big of a piece of **** you are. Again you have no idea what my political affiliation is and again you are wrong.
  3. Obviously it must, and yes it does bother me, your selfishness and ignorance is disgusting to say the least. Just know that most people here more than likely think way, way less of you now....other than NDHoosier.
  4. You haven’t refuted any of the points brought up by myself or the points of others. The only thing you’ve done is shown you only care about yourself, and how ignorant you are to the actual facts about the vaccine. Calling it experimental really shows that. Also it’s going far fewer than 70,000,000.
  5. If you want it to keep going I’ll just keep dunking on you all day. You’re so wrong about this that it’s really easy.
  6. So you’re just going to what-about this. Also, you potentially killing a living baby should make you want to get vaccinated even more. Since you’ve done sooooooo much research you know that children under two are just as or more vulnerable to having major complications to COVID as the elderly. I’m a father of a six month old so believe me I’ve read just about everything there is to on this while I was in isolation. Furthermore you have no idea what my stance is on abortion since I’ve never stated it, which for the record it should only be used in extreme circumstances ie a baby not having brai
  7. Every article says you significantly reduced the chance of infection by a minimum of 85%
  8. No it’s being ****ing selfish. Have you lost anyone you know to this, because I have co-worker on Christmas Day. Are you having long term issues from having COVID because I am. When are children going to get vaccinated, we don’t know yet. So you’re out and about you’re standing in line you’re asymmetric or worse, because you would definitely still go out the way you’re talking, a kid or baby being held their parent is standing by you. You get that kid sick, the kid has long term issues or worse that’s your fault, that’s why you get vaccinated, that’s why you’re selfish if you don’t get vaccina
  9. I’ll get the receipts from other threads if you want me to. What research are you talking about, you’ve provided literally zero viable examples while others provided evidence to prove your dumb stance wrong.
  10. Basically everything you’ve posted about this is wrong, it’s embarrassing. You were posting QAnon nonsense in other threads a few months ago, you’re thoughts on anything should be invalid at this point due to that.
  11. This is the first and last time I’ve ever read the open forum also the last time I’ll probably post or read this site...where do some do some of y’all hide your white hoods?
  12. The states are in control of their own elections not the DNC, which is why Ohio’s were not held last night.
  13. Please don’t tell me you’re talking about Dr. Drew, that’s literally the only person in the last four days that has had that opinion. They’re shutting down countries man. Newt freakin Gingrich is saying we should do more and he’s stuck in Italy.
  14. The ignorance in this thread is astounding. If you think all the major sports leagues in this country and others threw away billions of dollars because of the media you really have something wrong with you. If you think you’re smarter than all the medical experts and health care professionals who’ve weighed in on this you really have something wrong with you.
  15. I’m fine with this. I think this is the exact opposite of easy and lazy, this is really ballsy IMO. If this backfires Kelly looks like an idiot and he throws away a team that has a chance to be really successful next season. If it works ND is going to be very, very good. Also from everything that’s out there they did try to get Moorehead. The other positive of this is that the players wanted Rees as OC, so as of right now I’m fine with this hire.
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