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  1. Very tricky opener, Coan (likely starter) is going to make or break many fans attitude towards him the rest of the season in this one game.
  2. I see his transfer portal prediction is strong to FSU, hope he gives ND a chance. FSU has loaded up on transfers, should be an interesting team this year.
  3. Bama looks like the better team. OSU hanging in... for now.
  4. Yes please, know of any potential Cincinnati guys who would follow coach over here?
  5. Happy Birthday DJ, hope you enjoyed it.
  6. I too live in WI, Coan has better touch on the deep ball than Ian, honestly they are not too different otherwise. Book is more quick while Coan is bigger, gives us a veteran presence in the QB room. I suspect Clark will start if healthy but Jack could win 10 games if our Oline and young defense gels.
  7. To the transfer portal, won't be shocked to see some guys follow Lea. Hurts to lose a young corner.
  8. I won't make a score prediction for this one, but Go Irish!
  9. His contract is up this season, I'd take him back.
  10. Read on another board that Clark had surgery on his knee and status going forward for next season is in doubt. Can anyone confirm this? I personally had high hopes of him as a sleeper prospect. Like his arm talent and mobility, will be sad for him if he can't compete for the starting job post Book.
  11. While 2020 covid rules would allow him to return for a 6th year, he has accepted an invite to the Senior bowl. This indicates he intends to pursue the NFL draft, I wish him the best and could totally see him having a long career as a #2 behind a good QB.
  12. Pyne and Clark are both capable of managing games with a good defense and running game. Buchner has the highest ceiling but without playing out his senior year, he likely will need time to develop. Pyne has a very quick release and Clark seems to have both Ian and Drew beat in terms of arm strength. I won't have a problem with any of those three being our leader next year, but would also take Milton or Dillon McCaffrey if they wanted to come and compete for the job.
  13. Confirmed! Great news, now let's stay healthy this weekend and get Clark some reps.
  14. Vandy job just opened up, hope we can hold onto Lea through that hire. I wouldn't be surprised if he heads that direction, only time will tell.
  15. This game has me really worried about the defensive backfield. Going to need Book to own this one, I'll say 45-38 Irish.
  16. Book has raised his play to a level the last few games that I didn't believe he could achieve anymore. Love to see it, the WR are coming along nicely as well.
  17. Gotta say I was impressed with how Williams played to open the season. He may not have elite top end speed, but he for sure will be a fun and productive back to watch moving forward. Reminds me a bit of James Connor, who was uber productive at Pitt when healthy. As for Tyree, can't wait to see him get involved and break some big plays, we need that. Go Irish!
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