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  1. Same for Dabo and Kirby, sometimes you gotta take a risk on guys.
  2. Same here, Freeman has the fire. And if it's neither of them, I like Fickell.
  3. I gotta say Gruden just cuz this is a ND coaching search and he's without a job .
  4. Fickell would kill it here, all I'm going to say. I really don't see Kelly at LSU but this season is wild.
  5. Riley has yet to produce a team with a good defense. If we had Caleb Williams or Spencer Rattler and lost the games Oklahoma has the last few years, people would be all over the coach. He'll do great things at USC but he has a lot to prove as well and quite honestly without us joining a conference, we need SC to provide us a big game every year on the schedule anyways.
  6. 1. Love how the defense has been flying around, gave up a few plays but it's hard to focus with a big lead and subbing guys everywhere. 2. Bo Bauer targeting call... thank goodness the ejection was in the first half. Hate that rule, it needs to be adjusted. 3. Kevin Austin has really stepped up as the season went on, hope we get one more year of him as WR1. 4. Coan had a really nice game but did have a bad pick and another poor decision that he got away with when the dB slipped. Is there any chance Kelly brings him back as a "Covid Super Senior"? I doubt we have the scholly for it, but never know how transfers fall. 5. That field was a cow pasture, how do they not keep better turf at a big time program in Cali. 6. Always nice beating David Shaw, and to think he's making 8+mil a year there right now. I don't think they can do better but I'll bet he regrets not walking away when he was a hot commodity. 7. Tyree finally looked healthy in this one, glad we got him some touches early. Hope he learns to cut up field and not try to bounce every play outside, he and the RB room have big shoes to fill next season but they are built to dominate as a group. 8. I'm in the wait and see group on Tyler Buchner. Can't judge his throwing when they are using him in this way but also man he is a deceiving runner. The burst is quick and he runs hard, the sideline went nuts when he trucked that safety. Kid has a bright future if he reigns in his passing and runs smart, the Hendrix comp is so lazy considering Buchner is a true freshmen who hardly played HS football the last few years. I still think Taysom Hill/Dak Prescott combo will be closer to his end playing style. Dak ran wild in college and developed as a passer.
  7. Everyone worried about Tyler passing and I'm wondering who is going to stop him, Tyree, Diggs and Estime from running next season. Should get some open receivers when teams stack the box.
  8. This. Loving the snow game, hope they can hang on.
  9. Any experts heard rumblings of CJ's commitment wavering? Would be a tough loss as we have playing time available at the WR position and this kid is polished for a hs senior.
  10. I read that he wants to get closer to home, this would be more of a grad transfer type situation. Sucks as he has really flipped the field for us at times and we will be inexperienced in both kicking spots next season if he leaves.
  11. Estime's build reminds me of Javonte Williams the rookie RB for Denver from UNC. Bright future ahead for the ND backfield!
  12. That unknown could possibly be Marcus Freeman but he's gotta be far down the list for now.
  13. As pointless as they are I enjoy a good player comparison, helps cultivate conversation about Notre Dame with buddies who are much more into the NFL or other NCAA teams. While watching RedZone today Tyler Lockett made a few nice plays and it really popped as a Lorenzo Styles Jr. comp. We looked up his stats and he was a stud at KSU. During the VT game a friend gave the Taysom Hill comparison to Tyler Buchner. Personally I'm hoping long term he can be more Dak and less Taysom (Dak had legit passing/rushing stats in college while Taysom was always more of an athlete when healthy). What comps do you like for our current guys? Kyren has been a really tough one for me to nail down as he's so good at many things for a back his size.
  14. Drew White looks slower, people seem to forget we lost Liafau, Moala and Simom to season ending injury. Not saying those guys are any better, but we have no depth to rotate currently which makes guys tired and worse.
  15. ☘We found yet another way to win. ☘Defense is rough both talent and scheme. ☘Coan and Buchner looked good, need to keep refining how we rotate them. ☘Kyren Willians is the toughest RB we've had in the Kelly Era and the improved Oline is unleashing him. ☘Lorenzo Styles Jr. about to be a problem for defenses for years to come. ☘Winning>Losing
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