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  1. The only thing that I'm skeptical of for Taylor in this situation is wheather Louisville will be keeping the HC after this coming season, his seat is definitely warm. But I'm sure coach Taylor is itching to move up in the ranks, he's got both NFL and CFB experience as a position coach.
  2. My bad for over-rating his recruiting, he has a good eye for lesser rated players who have flourished under his coaching. But a Michigan man is a Michigan man, hope Harbaugh still leaves for the NFL.
  3. Hopefully Heacock has a Dline coach in mind if he's the hire at DC. If I had to pick retaining Elston but he is DC vs getting a legit DC and losing Elston, I pick that. We will miss his recruiting for sure, hope the line sticks together!
  4. Heacock sounds to be the guy at DC. Experienced hire to blend out the staff a bit, he is highly regarded.
  5. Wow, this one surprises me was hoping for Wiggins or Shepard. Stuckey has a lot to prove, anyone know if he's recruited any big names?
  6. Caleb and Mario Willians reportedly visiting USC this weekend. Could be a classic strength vs strength show down to end the season if USC gets hot in the portal, that oline needs a miracle though.
  7. Tobias screams Justin Jefferson skill set wise, can't wait to see him develop.
  8. Potentially moving guys around to try at corner maybe?
  9. Hopefully the rumors of Chris Watt following Harry back as a Senior Analyst are true. Would give us a nice blend of old and new and have a guy in line to take over once Harry hangs them up. I'm a bit fuzzy on the memory but didn't Harry have at least one good rushing line at the end of his tenure here?
  10. I agree we don't have a shot based on academics alone. Just saw Dillion Gabriel was supposed to start class at UCLA but is now going to Oklahoma, wild wild west of the transfer portal intensifies.
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