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  1. Anyone hearing that Kurt Hinish may miss tomorrow? That would be a huge blow to the Dline, Tim O'Malley mentioned he doesn't see him playing in his game prediction on 24/7.
  2. We'll see, this is technically a Badger home game on paper, so I'm not sure of ticket distribution. Go Irish!
  3. This is a fun/unique match up for WI and I expect a rowdy pro-Bucky crowd. Hope I'm wrong, either way I'll say Doerer will make the difference, Irish by 3. We must protect Coan, Jim Leonhard will send pressure all night.
  4. 1. Defense is coming together led by Hamilton, Foskey and Bertrand. 2. Oline was improved but not good. We'll need their best effort to beat Wisconsin next weekend. 3. WR/Coan both made mistakes today, clean it up and we will keep seeing more big plays. 4. Heck of a game by the punter! 5. Avery Davis does not suck, explosive day from the slot. Don't let me down vs Bucky, I won't be able to handle work or family outings for a while if we lose to the Badgers! (Been waiting my whole life for this match up).
  5. Guess I'm the only one totally amused by this, who cares if the visiting team can't do what they want. Love that tiny visitors tunnel, hope we actually fill the stands this week!
  6. Just left the game, I'll post on this topic more tomorrow... all I gotta say is -My heart-. Also leaving town on a W feels so much better than an L, this Toledo team played hard and we almost gave it to them.
  7. We should be in a position to look for potential transfers into the WR group as well this winter, so many players will change hands going forward.
  8. Looking like some gusty wind for the game Saturday.
  9. Attrition hitting hard already, thanks for putting in the work of posting this. Prince Kollie may definitely need to be shuffled into position at LB if Simon is out.
  10. Good idea , idk if my commentary would be appreciated though compared to Drew Brees.
  11. Can't wait to see this offense live in person next week. Perfect time to get the Oline rolling vs a lesser defense. Jack was really good last night, not perfect but he made some throws.
  12. That boy was shaking early lol. I don't blame him, hadn't played for over a full season and Doak was rocking.
  13. 1. Defense was unbearably bad. Poor tackling, over-pursuit and out of position. Need that tune up game next weekend at home in a bad way. 2. Mayer screwed up, but he is such a monster out there. 3. Hamilton and Foskey were the bright spots on defense, these guys are NFL ready playmakers. 4. Coan, what a well played game. He lacks a big arm but he throws a nice tight ball and once he shook the nerves, was dropping dimes to Austin and co. Reminds me very much of Jake Fromm. 5. Oline has huge issues if Fisher is out and some issues if he's okay. Run and pass blocking were equally bad, Coan was taking heat while Kyren didn't have his lanes to read and cut back in.
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