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  1. Going to be weird not having Kelly screaming at the QB following his first mistake of the year.
  2. Tyler is oficially our guy, we need him to be healthy, efficient and provide big plays. What are your expectations/predictions for him going into the season? Ideally he must be above 60% completion percentage. I would like to see a minimum of 3/1 TD to turnover ratio combined passing/rushing. 2,600+ yards passing and 500+ yards rushing would win us a lot of football games if we keep turnovers to a minimum. 10 Rushing TD 22 Passing TD
  3. Sorry to not keep this chatter in the Offensive Depth thread, felt Avery deserved his own headline at least. Idk if he would even be eligible for another year following this as he is a grad player already.
  4. Man it would seem so counter productive but Xavier Watts has to be considered a depth option?
  5. I hope they can work Tyree and maybe even Eli Raridon (dude looks like a stud) into that slot mix as well but we really need Tyree at RB early in the season.
  6. This kid had worked his tail off to get back, tough to see this happen. We will need to get creative with the slot position and WR depth in general.
  7. How long of a leash do you all reckon Tom will have on our new starting QB to open the season?
  8. Bertrand can be a really good football player, gets hated on for some missed plays last year but he was so gassed most games. Our LB room was decimated by injuries and will be much deeper and rotate guys in this season.
  9. Semi surprised to see Thomas passing up Colzie but he looks fit and fluid in the clips so far. Future of the WR core is getting better and better, sort of wish Watts would of stayed in the slot but Tyree should be moved all over the field this year to add explosive plays.
  10. Any chance we swing for a grad transfer RB? I fear Buchner getting extra carries and taking a lot of abuse early in the year with only two guys healthy at RB.
  11. Booze free in Vegas? Too bad tickets for that one won't be available to the public.
  12. I'm glad we have all these running backs! Slasher styles is my personal favorite, but I do think Tyree will have a monster year as a playmaker. Estime and Buchner should feast in the redzone.
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