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  1. With all due respect...………….F*&K Cierre…………...let's think about the dead baby!
  2. Mine was from the National Anthem of the Michigan game up to the last Notre Dame in the Alma Mater after the u$c game.
  3. I know how some of you are about click bate, so I just copied the article. Reported by yardbarker, Meyer will be gone from OSU after the 2019 season. So those that want him at ND, here's your chance. Urban Meyer recently made headlines when he said he plans on coaching at Ohio State next year. However, his time as the head coach could soon be coming to an end. Scott Roussel of Football Scoop reports Meyer “continues to contemplate his future on an ongoing basis.” He is expected to make an announcement about his future at Ohio State following the team’s Big Ten Championship Game, and he has reportedly told Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith “that he doesn’t expect to continue to coach past the 2019 season.” Furthermore, offensive coordinator Ryan Day is reportedly going to be taken off the market with a significant raise and “with the (most likely) unwritten understanding that he is in line to become head coach once Urban steps down.” A big reason Meyer would be stepping down is his health. He’s long battled with severe headaches stemming from an arachnoid cyst in his brain, and lately he’s tried (sometimes in vain) to keep his emotions in check on the sideline to avoid suffering one of his crippling headaches. The Buckeyes did thrive while Meyer was out on suspension to open the season, going undefeated while the coordinator was acting as the interim head coach. They are coming off an incredibly stirring upset victory over Michigan to close out the season and will face Northwestern on Saturday for a chance to not only win the B1G title, but potentially also a spot in the College Football Playoff.
  4. Voted. He's up over 4000 votes now. Keep it going!
  5. You guys know that ND plays USC first right ?:-)
  6. You are correct. In his 48% completion rate, he did have some good throws, including TD's to Mack. He helped win the game. And he is 13-3 as a starter and a great athlete. Just not a great QB. Irish have found their QB to help lead this team to many more victories.
  7. Any talks about cancelling/moving game due to fires?
  8. LOL...you beat me to it. I think they should get Wimbush on the field with Book and let the other team be concerned. Maybe have him as a decoy for several plays and then send him out wide and hit him for a quick pass down the sideline after they think he is just a decoy. I think having him in for the couple of plays against SU showed that they only practiced that 2 or 3 minutes during the week. He's a good runner and needs to be incorporated into the game plan somehow. Wonder how he is at catching a ball that isn't snapped to him?? Not discounting u$c, but this would be the game to put him in for some gimmick plays to get Clemson wondering about it.
  9. I agree. I've sneezed so hard I can feel my vertebrae crack and feel a pinch in my sciatica. He got up fine, looked fine, but it just takes the slightest of movements and your back goes out. For sure hoping he's ok and good to go against BC.
  10. You are correct. A couple of weeks ago, the weekend was suppose to be a rain out in my area a week before, and 2 days before the forecast was for sun and no rain. I don't trust weathermen
  11. I just looked it up, not sure how accurate or how much it'll change between now and game time, but it looks to be a perfect day for football. I don't think either team gains advantage from the weather. No idea what the wind will do, so just have to wait for kickoff. GO IRISH!!
  12. However...…..during the Michigan game and the Balls st and …….. BW was the starting QB. Just saying. But to the point of this thread, Michigan at 12-1 gets in over 11-1 ND because the loss was early in the year. osPu got in with a late loss, and Alabama got in with a late loss, but the top teams feasted on one another.
  13. I absolutely panicked when I read about IB. I thought no way in hell this team will get by Syracuse. I am whiny pussy, tough sh!t. I remember the hit Book took in the NW game. I yelled at my wife he is hurt. I was surprised he stayed in the game. Glad he did. Now, I think BW is a capable qb. I don't think the Irish will have much trouble with fsu, this just based on the little bit of the game I watched last week. They were terrible. I agree with tneun89, if it was gonna happen, this is the week for it to happen. Let him heal for 12 days and have him ready for Syracuse. I'd be willing to bet that if book is at 85% he will play vs Syracuse, he'll come out in a flak jacket. Just breathe guys. You have no control over it, so sit back and see how it plays out.
  14. Columbus is in an uproar. It's almost as if someone died here. All the local talk is he doesn't survive this. It's in his contract that he has to report any allegations of domestic violence. As pointed out earlier, same thing with his wife. Wait for the "investigation" to be complete. He'll get a slap on the wrist and miss the first few games. You know, like "tattoogate" when everyone said they'd return to be suspended for the first couple of games? Yep, OSU at it again.
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