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  1. “My commitment is still solid right now. I still have coaches reaching out, especially now, but I’m committed to Notre Dame.”
  2. I stopped after the L to Marshall. Bad loss, and crashed season (playoffs, big bowl) Why worry now lol... Freeman deserves patience. He's a rook. Just hope the recruiting class doesn't crash too. IMO, OL will improve over season. Just want a W vs either (or both) Clemson or USC (be spoiler)....
  3. Spin by BK? huh... lol Remember a guy called Holtz....? Complained constantly about academic requirements, and could only sign less half kids. And Holtz had got a little flexible (early career) by admin. Later, Holtz went 1000% PO'd on admin. And Cerrato absolutely hated admission dept... Time will tell. Freeman doesn't even has his 1st "official" class yes. I don't see him being consistently top 5. Everyone put on green glasses with early ranks (1, 2, etc..). Now dropped 5th, and likely we'll drop more. I'm feeling 7th or 9th if we don't lose more.
  4. 9:30 - #15 Washington @ UCLA - ESPN - Washington has played well, but they are facing a decent opponent on the road, upset alert? we'll see how real (UCLA). IIRC, Bama State almost beat them. 11:00 - #7 Kentucky @ #14 Ole Miss - ESPN - Top 15 matchup but the sad thing is, unless it is a blowout, neither team will probably move much in terms of rankings Ole Miss, big time IMO 11:00 - #18 Oklahoma @ TCU - ABC - TCU has had some good games, can they upset Oklahoma for the second week in a row? Would love OK to fall twice in two weeks 2:30 - #2 Alabama @ #20 Arkansas - CBS - Alabama playing a tough game on the road, but Arkansas had a let down game last week Could be fun. Bama only vs chumps so far, except a close one with UT. Still think Bama, but I can dream. 2:30 - #22 Wake Forest @ #23 Florida State - ABC - FSU is on a roll, Wake Forest almost beat Clemson last week, should be a good game to watch. Is FSU real? He does look better this year. Might be fun. 3:00 - #17 Texas A&M @ Miss State - SECN - Hopefully Miss State can get the upset at home. MSU are favs. IMO, good day for both Miss teams. 6:00 - LSU @ Auburn - ESPN - Go Tigers, if LSU wins this game, they may not have the bad record everyone was thinking they would. I know the BK haters are cheering Auburn, but I like LSU this week. Big SECW game. Next week (vs UT) will be huge. And next week, starts big 5 games. UT, FL, Ole Miss, Bama (bye before), and ARK. 6:30 - #10 NC State @ #5 Clemson - ABC - Back to back big games for Clemson after a nail- biter with Wake Forest, could be a really good game. If Clemson is real, should be win by 14 or more at home. NCSt is overrated. Anxious to see Clemson on road vs FSU and ND.
  5. Disagree with what. It's fact. Not just Elston saying same over the years. This is Samspon spin/BS. And Athletic... lol.. nah... Early offers to elite kids... are made regardless of grades. When late junior year comes around, or senior comes around... ND finds if it's possible to sign. Kids already have offers (elites ones) by then. Everyone knows this... Sampson knows this. Doesn't fit his narrative though lol.. What they should say.... BK tried to cast a larger net early, knowing many won't be able make grades by late HS... I've seen many years of recruiting since first sites lol... same story.
  6. All coaches have flaws. And most coaches golf/fish lol... Saban is a golf fanatic. He has the best recruiting team in the nation, likely best funded (Bama, UGA, and Clemson generally in terms of $$)... . Nobody complains. Dabo and Venables were frequent fishers (I use same capt). Nobody complained. Doubt ND is close to top 5 in recruiting $$. And only has the half pond. Perhaps he gave BK 1/2 recruiting budget given 1/2 pond lol...
  7. Sure, lightening strikes every once. Clemson fished the whole pond though. BK did good, improved the org, and brought consistency. Despite blockers. If it makes feel good, to drag him, be my guest lol... Fish pond... it's simple reality. Pure statistics, odds, math, etc.. Need luck and lightning here. At least there is NIL now, which helps.
  8. OSUs, Bamas, UGAs, and Clemsons, just have way more 5 star and elite kids (all over). I agree QB talent has been and issue for while. And in general, very few elite guys (O skill players). But IMO, a better QB would make WRs look better. IMO, I think OL will look better vs Clemson (over expectation). Not great, but decent, after a half year with Harry. More "mean"...
  9. Half pond is reality. Sure, the half pond fisherman might win some, if you compete 25 times a year vs 100% pond fishermen, you know what Vegas odds will be. Will our class be top 5 this year? How many 5 star kids? IDK...
  10. It's not only X and Ys... It's also incorrect inspections to start. We've never recruited well on the elite guys (5 stars) vs others. I posted elite totals, ND vs Bama/UGA/OSU/Clemson/etc going back a decade. ND isn't simply in the same league. So expectations that we should impose lines is a pipe dream. If we come close, that's due to good coaching. Folks follow 247 ranks and think we are same... we are not. Elite totals, and avg rating, are key.... not "rank"... Those guys get consistent elite guys. Especially DL. And we rarely have top 100 RBs. And our OLs are a mix. Sure some good ranked, but mostly mixed.
  11. Disagree on first tenure. He inherited a mess. By 14 much better, and by 15, very good. And let's be honest... we had zero top 100 RBs (RB1 types). We had Bryant (only 200+ lb top 100) and we know happened. Mostly were APB guys and low ranked RBs. And your post, is confusing... why not put stock in Clemson... If the OL does decent vs Clemson (with NFL guys), wouldn't mean Harry is great? No? Given we have a true APB playing RB1, and using very low ranked guys (not even top 200) Estime and Diggs.
  12. IMO, Rees's good game, is due to OL and QB performing, finally.... Almost impossible to call a good game, with bad OL and/or QB play. We had both, till today.
  13. Great post. Mentioned pre-season, we should expect changes (scheme), And would be much better as season went on. Still cautious, but I expect "mean" by end of season.
  14. Still very cautious on OL. UNC D is super stinky. I'll take it though. Clemson will be the real test. The teams before (Clemson), are meh on D.
  15. had/have multiple TVs on today... Was nice with ND in control... lol UT/FL, wow holy cow offense lol.. crazy yards.. TX/TTU fun. Clem/WF fun. And MTU over Miami! Nice.
  16. Good Streak vs ACC in regular season is now 25!!! Pyne 24-34, 3-0, 289..... super nice. UNC D stinks, still, great step! All RBs... all 5+ ypc.. Especially Diggs catching... Mayer and Styles OL did well. Hope that continues. Bad Was worried about D, but did enough. Allowing 32 is still bad. Some long plays... Green 150 yards (receiving)... ouch
  17. So nice... able to relax lol... Was worried about our D today. Knew UNC's D sucked.... Our D stepped up 2H and today in general..
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