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  1. One reason it's a great place, is because of you. Thank you. Big happy birthday's to you.
  2. I love the add, more about the vs. Clemson aspect than anything else. If it helps, hope it does.
  3. You're awesome my friend, and thanks. IMO, Rees and Freeman are all in. As much as a HC and OC can be. Both new. Both young. As far as O is concerned, of course both will swing biggly. But for the next cycle, it's all about this year's results and roster swing. The RB and WR will be our biggest gets. Mark me down as us getting Vizzina or Moore. Check that box. The boo-birds can book mark this.... RB and WR is key too, but more concerned at WR than RB given I know we'll do well at OL. WR is a place I thought we'd separate ourselves and win for a while. Give a decent OL, good QB, and a few stud WR....
  4. Love your post. NIL is good and it sucks. We're still early. The fact Bama hates it is interesting. We have a vast amount of money. More than most. We could crush things if we wanted too.
  5. I've been following the extraneous sites, so not sure I understand some of this. Care to expand? Limited in time a bit, so apologize for the summary request. Miss ya Faith
  6. Turds are turds. Embrace the turd lol. Sorry my friend. Easing back into things and just replying to old replies and posts. But you're right lol.
  7. IMO, and just in general, like every other team that's recruiting DM, you tell him he's the sexiest wife anyone could ever have, and you want to get married now, but you'll wait if need be. At the same time, you keep communications going on with side pieces until DM accepts the ring.
  8. Just getting back to the board briefly after a break. This thread is totally what I expected from Elder lol... Go Irish.
  9. I'm back for a bit, but wondering what everyone things about the current staff.
  10. Gonna be fun to watch LSU for the next couple years. Whatever happens, one side will feel flexy.
  11. Rees may not be a genius, but he is well thought of. ND didn't have the best O talent in his short tenure, but did have good grades under his tenure. Not saying he's a genius, but he's done decent with the hand dealt. An uptick in O recruiting, especially at QB, could make him look very smart.
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