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  1. Me too. I don't like the platoon effort. I don't mind goal line packages in certain situations, but give me one guy..... The question is more than anything, is who will step up and be the well rounded guy. Will it be Tyler, Pyne, another grad transfer, a newb rook... Oh I expect RPOs, but won't be a triple option. All in all, I could see Tommy's youth look to be creative.
  2. Can't wait for Tommy to roll out the triple option with Tyler next year... Yes, that's sarcasm. I expect similar O, maybe more hurry up. And I hope the use of younger guys becomes more normalized.
  3. Yup, but unfortunately they reload typically. Not expecting a win. If we can pull it off, I'll be stoked. If not, won't be depressed. I just don't want to be embarrassed.
  4. FFs start recruiting kids early, but they don't offer (actual actionable offers) as many early. There's a big difference. Bama's normal MO is to typically offer about 100 kids from the year after next's class (in this case 2023). And the good majority of those kids are top 10 at position. And an offer, isn't always an offer lol. Or at least one they can accept and commit to right away. Bama and some of the bigs are all infamous for slow playing, pulling offers, grey shirting, etc. etc.. We always see the late 5 star commits typically fall to the regular suspects.
  5. A win would be signature level for both Freeman and ND. We'd be underdogs anyway. Stroud will be returning for his 3rd and likely last season. We'll be starting the year with a newb QB. I don't expect to win. I'll judge Freeman more on the defensive effort vs Stroud. I'm just hoping right now we can get a winnable NY6 Bowl, and we can win, and take positive energy into next year and on the recruiting trail. Funny, and it's a long shot, but it's possible we play OSU in a NY6....
  6. Gonna be interesting to revisit this thread next year after a trip to the horseshoe.
  7. Highly doubt Cut would come. Not sure Rees needs a persona that big looming over him either. Harry, if he doesn't want to recruit, no worries. Make him and assistant/analyst and hire someone young with a nasty demeanor that wants to recruit. Really interested in who takes the STs job if Polian is gone. Also, wonder if Jaylon Smith would be interested in coming for an entry level job. With Freeman's hands a lot fuller, we need some help at LB.
  8. Just about every ND site Here's 247 https://247sports.com/college/notre-dame/Article/Marcus-Freeman-to-be-Named-New-Head-Coach-at-Notre-Dame-Fighting-Irish-176801701/
  9. Perhaps. But I think it hinged also on how the D improved over the year, how Freeman succeeded recruited, and how popular Freeman is with the kids. Had the O tanked, and the D still performed well, I think it's possible Freeman would have still got the job. Tommy however might have ended up at LSU though. Since both did well, pretty easy decision IMO. If it doesn't work out, they can move on. I'm not sure there's really any bigger/better name out there than Fickell right now. I don't see Campbell as bigger/better. IMO, he's overrated. Stoops, nope. Meyer would not even get a call. Perhaps a surprise move like an NFL guy coming here, but things are rather limited IMO. All the big names, and in-demand up and comers are taken, or extended. I also think the looming fear of Fickell back to OSU down the road was a factor.
  10. It's a pretty objective observation to say Freeman is the best thing for stabilities sake. It's a pretty objective statement to say Fickell's resume is easily better. FIckell's name was, and continues to be, linked with top HC jobs. It's a pretty subjective thing to say that one's ceiling is higher than the others. Fickell has a much longer history of success though. Freeman's only the last few years at a lower level. Resume is only a part of ND's equation. Stability was a huge factor. And it's not a dig on Freeman to say his resume is less than Fickell's. Like I said, I like the hire. And I'm stoked about the recruiting potential. I'm just not going to sunshine pump and defy the obvious. I also liked the Rees hire when a lot of folks didn't. I like the fact we have two young guns leading the team.
  11. Yup. I actually prefer Freeman. Probably because I think he'll recruit better than Fickell. But I am a bit concerned about Freeman taking a giant leap up. His rise has been super fast, and to probably the hardest job in CFB.
  12. Freeman is a great prospect, but a huge part of him getting the job is because he's here, and it creates stabilization in a shaky time. Losing him on top of BK would be bad. If we're talking pure resume, Fickell's is easier the better.
  13. LSU had decommits. It's also early for them. I know that sounds funny, but it's true. They only 13 commits. We have 22. It's likely they will close strong and win back some of the kids they lost. And their AVG is just as good as ours. We're winning on total points (volume). They also have two 5 star kids vs our 1, and one of their two happens to be a QB. And don't even pay attention to 2023 yet... Bama has zero 2023 commits. LSU has 1. Clemson has 1. They'll all pick up the pace. We got out of the gates early. The football factories don't make near as many early offers like we do. They limit their early offers typically to the elite kids.
  14. All new hires are a risk at some level. Fickell though, obviously has deeper experience on multiple levels. Almost 15 years at OSU. 4 years in the HC spotlight at Cinci. Yes, Freeman's familiarity with ND is good. But it's only one year. And that really doesn't trump Fickell's resume. Like I said, I like the hire. It's a dice roll, but I think personally it's a good bet.
  15. I think we can all agree, that first time HCs bring more risk. But we also know it can work out. Yes, they are outliers, but it does happen, and has happened recently (Dabo). I personally like the hire, but lets not forget three things.... 1) 5 years ago Freeman was and assistant coaching for Purdue.... Co DC his last year there, and his D gave up 38+ points per game 2) FIckell is also from the D side of the ball. Meaning we don't know how much of Freeman's success at Cinci is in part a product of Fickell. 3) Coaching ND is harder than coaching a lot of schools. There's a ton of ND specific things that are required. We seemed to improve a lot on D as the year went along. Great sign! I don't know if Freeman will succeed or not. I do know one thing though. Kids will want to play for him. Glass is half full, until it's not. Go Irish
  16. CBS Bowl Projections College Football Playoff DATE GAME / LOC. MATCHUP PREDICTION Jan. 10 National Championship Indianapolis Title game Semifinal winners Dec. 31 Orange Bowl Miami Gardens, Fla. Semifinal (1) Georgia vs. (4) Oklahoma State Dec. 31 Cotton Bowl Arlington, Texas Semifinal (2) Michigan vs. (3) Cincinnati New Year's Six bowl games DATE BOWL / LOCATION MATCHUP PREDICTION Jan. 1 Sugar New Orleans SEC vs. Big 12 Alabama vs. Baylor Jan. 1 Rose Pasadena, Calif. Big Ten vs. Pac-12 Ohio State vs. Oregon Jan. 1 Fiesta Glendale, Ariz. At-large vs. At-large Michigan State vs. Notre Dame Dec. 30 Peach Atlanta At-large vs. At-large Ole Miss vs. Pittsburgh
  17. Just a reminder... on Watt. He was a GA for two years before getting a promo. If he was liked, no reason to think he wouldn't be an option if Quinn is out. I'll try to look and see what Tulane's OL looks like this year compared to last. As a coach: Notre Dame (2019–2020) Graduate assistant Tulane (2021–present) Offensive line coach
  18. So just looking around the interwebs. 538 - we're 15% to make the CFP, and 2% chance to win ESPN predictor - If UGA, Michigan, and OK St wins, and Cinci loses, ND is slight favorites to get in over Bama. I picked the scenario and tried to be as realistic as possible, giving us our best chance.... Of course Michigan or OK St losing could help too. Vegas Insider ODDS TO WIN 2022 COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF CHAMPIONSHIP (1/10/22) Team Odds Georgia -225 Alabama +600 Michigan +800 Oklahoma State +1400 Cincinnati +1400 Notre Dame +2500 Ohio State +10000 Pittsburgh +15000 Wake Forest +15000 Iowa +20000 Ole Miss +20000 Utah +20000 Oklahoma +30000 Oregon +30000 Michigan State +30000 BYU +500000 Oddshark' Georgia Bulldogs -4000 Michigan Wolverines -350 Cincinnati Bearcats -350 Alabama Crimson Tide -195 Notre Dame Fighting Irish +200 Oklahoma State Cowboys +210
  19. I don't read that at all... there are pretty practical reasons for what's occurring. I think what happened is pretty predictable. Rees - staying put is a much better opportunity. Aside from flexing the LSU offer and getting a nice raise from ND, he is 100% the master of the ND offense now. That wasn't the case when BK was here, and would not be if he went to LSU. He's basically driving the O bus now all by his lonesome. That's a huge deal for a 29 year old. Freeman - why wouldn't he stay for a lightening fast promotion at a top 10 team only one year after coming to ND, and only 5 years after coaching at a mediocre PU. To me, both are clear no-brainers. And all the other guys will likely get bumps in title or $. And it's likely BK didn't want several of the assistants. Nah... he's now got an unlimited open checkbook for assistants. Bama and LSU go deep on assistant spending. And I'm sure that was part of LSU's pitch to Kelly. Rees and Freeman are both rising stars in CFB, and were likely the only two BK really wanted. Taylor and Elston, probably a little, but LSU/BK will have zero problem finding a top notch RB and DL coach. Elston likely gets the DC bump, but not sure he even wants it. And Elston is a MW guys, and there's been a ton of chatter over the years he does not want to leave ND or the MW regardless of opportunity. And keep in mind, LSU had no problem making Aranda the highest paid assistant in college football just two years ago. BK can go on a shopping spree with daddy's credit card, and not have to call home for permission. If not Harry, definitely would love a nasty x-ND OL....
  20. Reports have indicated that Polian is the leading candidate for the Lafayette job in the Patriot League good short read on constructing the coaching staff. https://247sports.com/college/notre-dame/LongFormArticle/Constructing-Notre-Dames-Next-Coaching-Staff-176923642/#176923642_7
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