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  1. https://notredame.rivals.com/news/notre-dame-football-transfer-portal-roundup Portal Roundup: WR Joe Wilkins Jr. commits to transfer to Miami (Ohio)
  2. Doubt schools (SEC and other football factories) really need to advertise. Most kids already know. Kids now have agents, lawyers, etc... And there are companies that pair players with sponsors. There are booster collectives, and other groups that help too. Not sure what ND does specifically, or allows, but kids only need to know school specific rules. And the money finds them.
  3. He's 6-4 and 230, so he'll need at least 1 year, if not 2 years of S&C before PT. And IIRC, we've got 7-8 guys competing Edge spots.
  4. Nah lol... didn't flip yet. But Wiltfong and others predict PSU. He visits PSU today.
  5. I think we are up to 100 until the covid year guys age out. Salerno took the SR walk (with parents) too, but Tommy said he was trying to change his mind.
  6. they don't erase CBs IIRC. we haven't updated his star grade here either
  7. Most expect that he goes to the NFL. But not official yet. He actually has 2 years left IIRC, if he wanted to return...
  8. 2023 Roster Math Details in the link (on individuals). But in short, pretty good visual (click to enlarge). Sitting at 93 at the moment With the extra years, not sure where we stand. IIRC, the total can be up to 100? So have room for 7 more??? And no 25 class limit, at least in 22 and 23 classes (not sure about the future) A few guys (Lenzy, Salerno) aren't listed, but have one year left. https://247sports.com/college/notre-dame/Article/Notre-Dames-2023-Scholarship-Chart-Dec-9-200027788/ And another article https://www.onefootdown.com/2021/7/13/22576341/notre-dame-football-recruiting-2023-scholarship-chart-fighting-irish-eligibility-nd-news-sports
  9. NFL entries have to protect themselves if they are not on a CFP team. I'm guessing the coaches, other players, etc. care though. And most fans.
  10. Isn't there a verification step (like a question, like the ND HC in 1987) ? Or approval option?
  11. Sucks both skipping the bowl. SC has guys skipping too. Don't blame them though. Mayer is #13, and Foskey is #27, on PFF's big board... Joseph is #81 too. That's it for the top 100
  12. Bummer, but we're fine without him. Just can't lose more... we have 2ish weeks before early period...
  13. I thought Mayer would win, but Bowers isn't a bad choice. Thought Mayer would get the nod given his class, and Bowers is a soph. Mayer will be the 1st TE taken this year, and Bowers will be the 1st TE next.
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