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  1. Good morning, and GOOOOOOOO IRISH! ND 34 PU 20 Coan rolls today, and our RBs get back to form.
  2. After more thought and chat with Irish buds, ND 34 PU 20 Not what I chose (7-13), but feeling 14 now.
  3. Since I was a young pup in the 80s, I've tried to plan my fall weekends around football lol... Back then, I'd highlight the games in the newspaper and put it on the fridge. This is the new tech version lol.
  4. ND is being petty here. Let them roll the drum out pre-game and just leave it on the field till half time.... And fire the designer who made the visitor tunnel too short... Peacock, now the drum. Some really stupid stuff this year.
  5. Wasn't directing that at you. Apologies if it came off that way. I was talking to the TR Boo Birds out there lol. See the Helton thread.... I'm not buying or selling at this point personally. He had near a top 10 start in his first season though, and did it with a very low dollar passing attack. Even if our O takes a step back this year, I'm not hitting the panic button. I'd like to see what he can do next year with TB before making any adamant statement. Had a good OL for the most part last year though, which helped. I agree he'll be tested this year with the OL struggling. Not sure we can get away with ground and pound, so will likely see some more dynamic mix (at least I hope).
  6. I am very familiar with his career. I just don't think he's some type of offensive genius. The teams he OC'd for didn't statistically perform at a much higher rate than before he got there. He also had some of the best talent in the nation on Offense.... Orgeron (second stint) was nationally known as the best recruiter those days at USC when Helton came on. Probably has had the most star power at QB and WR than anyone with the exception of maybe Bama. Here's a look at total O. Note Helton's time at Memphis never was as good as 2004, and his 2009 dropped off significantly. Helton's OC (just OC) was not statistically any better than before he took over as OC in USC either.... And lastly, Tommy had just as good of a year in total offense in his first year, than Helton did in his entire career. And Tommy had a 3 star QB, and less star WRs.... I'm open to changing my mind on the topic, and not saying Tommy is some elite offensive genius, but Helton isn't some obvious upgrade. Memphis 2004 - 460 2005 - 397 2006 - 336 2007 - 443 (Helton OC) 2008 - 417 (Helton OC) 2009 - 373 (Helton OC) USC 2007 - 434 2008 - 455 2009 - 389 2010 - 431 2011 - 456 2012 - 433 2013 - 453 (Helton OC) 2014 - 457 (Helton OC) 2015 - 437 (Helton OC) ND 2020 449 (Tommy)
  7. My thoughts Limited track record We don't know how heavy a hand BK applies to game plan and scheme Had a low ceiling QB, which played above his star rating Was 11th nationally in offensive efficiency vs the 8th toughest SoS, in his first year. Too early to crown, but if you're poo poo'ing him already, you're probably ignoring the obvious great first year, and have something against TR personally, or just perhaps unwilling to give him a chance.
  8. I think a loss at home to PU would absolutely remove us from consideration. Sure the planets could align, but we'd have almost zero chance if the selection committee is comparing us to a one loss SEC team, or one loss P5 conference champion.
  9. Not sure anyone can lose one. P5s with a CC, yes. Non-P5s have to run the table. ND in my opinion has some latitude but we're not getting in with a loss generally unless it's to a top 10 type of team. Planets could always align sure for some other situations, but in general, we don't have margin for error that Clemson, Bama, OSU, UGA, etc have.
  10. Yes, but the SEC will knock each other out. We'll likely have 2 SEC teams in the mix forever lol... Both have tough schedules ahead, but I think PSU is more likely to go undefeated more than Auburn. Both should lose though. I don't frankly care much about our SoS unless it's late in the year. If we lose one this season, we're not making the CFP. Only possibility of that is an extremely close loss to Cinci who is top 10, and Cinci goes undefeated (which they should). If we go undefeated, we're in. The PAC is just too weak to impact our SoS and CFP all that much. And personally, I prefer USC and Stanford lose just about every week because we recruit a lot of the same guys (at least we used to).
  11. Won't be near the Bend till late this year, but happy to light a candle here for you.
  12. So you want to fire a guy who was 11th in offensive efficiency and had the 8th ranked SoS, and hire a guy who was 37th in offensive efficiency with the 63rd ranked SoS..... Makes complete sense.....
  13. I personally thought Vandy was a bad move for Lea, but a HC job in the SEC doesn't come along often for coordinator without HC experience. Vandy is Vandy, so expectations aren't off the charts though. As long as he shows progression in the next couple years, he'll be fine. ETSU FWIW is considered one of 3-4 favs in the Southern this year. Hoping he kicks Stanford's butt this week. Stanford is probably still high on the USC win, so might be ripe.
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