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  1. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/forum/college-sports/2022/01/128542/report-jim-harbaugh-to-be-named-next-head-coach-of-the-lv-raiders
  2. Expected, but still great news. I expect to see more nasty from the OL group next season. Time to ditch the coloring books and playdoh...
  3. What are your 5-10 thoughts on the game.... Just popping in to start the thread up. Still running around like a chicken with it's head caught off... so will keep it short..... Offense did enough. 28 points... We gave up on the run too soon IMO. We missed Kyren OL looked bad at times.... We needed more slants like the one to Austin late for the TD. Defense let us down IMO.... Not sure if Freeman took back play calling after the melt down, but looked like he did. Hope you all had a great holidays!!! On to 2022.... Go Irish.
  4. So you have a 8-4 Purdue who beat some highly ranked teams... vs a 7-5 TN team with a new HC, that was barely bowl eligible lol.. Great game to pound your chest on and sing SEC bias lol...
  5. OK, since you want to exclude the top 3 teams from the SEC. Exclude the top 3 teams from the B10 over the last ten years (or any conference), and tell me what the OoC winning % is of all teams aside from the top 3.....
  6. Again, you're going back to top heavy. For any data to be meaningful, you need to compare it to other conferences. So stack up any conference vs the SEC top to bottom, and show their OoC records team by team. Just because some SEC teams are below whatever, doesn't make any difference if other conferences bottom 75% are also the same or worse. Again, you're cherry picking and going back to top heavy. You're looking at one year lol... And of the P5 schools, there's only 23. So 6 of 23 is more than 25%... Which is over the 20% you'd expect per P5.
  7. Their bowl and OoC record are heads and tails better than any other conference. That's not just Bama..... Only NC's is Bama.... That's just fact.... And it seems more SEC guys sit out games, especially the top tier guys. You're data wasn't data. I provided data from every angle. All you said was "top heavy"...
  8. SEC's out of conference wins are better than other teams, and it isn't really that close. SEC teams are also not overly interested in winning bad bowls either, but still their record is better than other conferences. Yes they might be top heavy in terms of Bama and UGA, but their depth is better than other conferences over the years. The PAC, SEC, and Big 12 aren't even close to being comps. B10 is the only one that comes close, and it's really their top end teams, not their depth. This is probably the best year for the B10 in a while, and I'd still take the SEC in just about every game if you stacked both conferences and played them head to head.
  9. Thanks Mike for the kind words. First and foremost. #1 Faith freaking kills it. What a dude.... #2 Big23.... I've stepped back from cruitin', but I've dabbled into some of his stuff. Total dude too! Not going to go through all the list, but several great guys and gals. And thank YOU, for being reactive to requests. It's what ownership is all about. You're getting it right. Apologies for not doing as much lately. Traveling, and especially this month, just burning the candle at both ends. Go Irish, and happy holidays to every single Irish fan. Even Elder who I give a bunch of flack lol. If you're an ND fan, you're a guy or gal I'd buy a beer (or cocktail) for any day!
  10. If they want to send me their address, I'll be happy to send them some crayons, coloring books, and playdoh.
  11. Yes they will. I might need to warm up a bit before the game. Drop a couple F-bombs in the mirror. I'm sure it will come back to me easily. The entire iOL is out including Q.
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