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  1. I have two available at the moment as my parents cannot make the trip up from florida. Pm me for details if interested. I just want to recover cost plus overnight charges. ( and would rather have an irish fan in the seats!!!) north endzone above the tunnel with a great view of the jumbotron. Seats are together, one is an aisle seat.
  2. Makes you wonder sometimes just how many things are accidental
  3. 42-24 Roll Tide.....Bama's strength will show late ....Clemson fades.
  4. bucknuts-37 Irish-31 this team SHOULD still be able to win, but I think we lack the fortitude to do it. ............
  5. Prediction thread?? Did I miss it??? Happy New Year, Go Irish!!
  6. palindrome.........41-14 IRISH WIN
  7. Irish cruise to the win-----41 - 14
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