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  1. Heyo haven’t posted in a loooong time. But LSU vs Bama is in November and still TBD. It isn’t same day as Georgia/ND
  2. I agree Faith our biggest weakness on offense this year was we just didn't have that breakaway weapon other than Dex. We had big receivers on the edge but neither were burners. If we had Fuller this year could have been totally different story. We need some speed weapons on edges for sure. I think we are looking at a 9-3 or 10-2 year next season.
  3. Mack will play over Wimbush for sure.
  4. Ohio State doesn’t deserve to be ahead of ND. Give me a ducking brwak
  5. I mean, how many people have said this on this board. How many countless times has this board been through this exercise in the past 10 years?
  6. Why are other members recommending other people be removed from a football discussion board when they are talking about football? And you can't say it is because they are being critical. We all know just about everyone except for Faith has been critical of the Irish. :playball: We just won 13 games in a row gents. It wasn't our day unfortunately.
  7. Sports Illustrated gave every playoff team QB a cover I think.
  8. For the record, Clemson beat Pitt by 32. We beat Pitt by 5.
  9. Nice simple touches. Although yesterday morning I was watching chicken soup game and thought wow they should do those jerseys from that game as a shamrock series uniform. But since we are in cotton bowl again we should have done green numbers this year!
  10. Sometimes I think this award favors a coach over-achieving or doing better than the expectations. I don't think many people thought Notre Dame was going to be 12-0 and in the playoff.
  11. Second time winning the award at Notre Dame
  12. Urban Meyer is NEVER coming to Notre Dame so there's that. :peace:
  13. Urban Meyer press conference at 2 p.m. today to announce retirement from OSU. (Harbaugh could never beat Harbaugh lol)
  14. These bowl games all suck. Not settling any debates with this crap. UCF should have played Georgia or Michigan. Ohio State vs. Washington big whoop. Let's use these other bowl games at least for intriguing matchups with decent storylines. Such a waste.
  15. I watched a little and recorsded it. Energy on TV felt amazing so can imagine that place was rocking. At one point maybe I thought people were cheering with Garth "LETS GO IRISH" louder at the concert than at any football game.
  16. Why is this even still a thread. LOL. This Notre Dame is out according to sources stuff is just so laughable. We are in. On to Clemson.
  17. Notre Dame will play Clemson in Dallas
  18. Alabama won't be put at a geographical disadvantage If Oklahoma gets in, Notre Dame will play in Dallas vs. Clemson.
  19. I don't want to question your sources but also I do. How do you they know something before everyone else? Is it friends? Someone in the committee room? Did they text the results of the voting? Or are you just trolling. I'm just very curious to know more of what you say you know is all.
  20. Herbstreit just said Georgia should jump Notre Dame and be No. 3. A two-loss team getting in and being seeded higher than an undefeated school. Just insane really.
  21. If they lose they aren't best of all time. Bama destroys LUS LSU destroys UGA UGA defeats Bama Maybe after all they are just human and anything can happen on any given day.
  22. Hey guys! Keep typing stuff all night long Notre Dame is a lock for the playoff. :mod:
  23. Feels like I have said this before but have had a couple beers today. NOTRE DAME IS A LOCK EVERYONE REST EASY!!!
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