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  1. Big 12 would remain as a Power 5 conference, regardless of how many members it has, which would be more than enough to keep the conference together, imho.
  2. Lol this f*cking guy went out of his way to create an account to post this? Some people, man. And yet, here I am responding, also an assh*le.
  3. Thanks for the comprehensive update!
  4. DE looking mighty decent for 2023…
  5. https://irishsportsdaily.com/s/15323/breaking-2023-four-star-de-keon-keeley-commits-to-notre-dame
  6. Wow, what an earth shattering recruit after the last few weekends….
  7. That’s pretty cool, excited to see how it works out for him. UCF seems like a fun offense and we don’t play them. Win/win.
  8. Irish coaches and Loy threw up the recruit incoming tweet. Any ideas?
  9. Ya, consider it missed. BK’s WR recruiting hasn’t been lights out but he isn’t a bum either.
  10. You would lose. ND is behind Clemson, Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Georgia, Baylor, and USC for receivers in the game NFL.
  11. Drunk college guys get into fight, shocking development. That said, MMA is terrible and generally so are the people who partake (from the video/story is does not seem like this guy provoked it).
  12. Without weighing the merits of changing the name or not, of which I am truly without a single solitary sh*t to give, you cannot be more incorrect on this position. Crusader has both a historical AND religious context. Ignorance of the context does not mean the context doesn't exist. Anyways, carry on.
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