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  1. Offense: Lo Styles Jr. (honorable mention: Chris Tyree) Defense: Marist (honorable mention: Ramon Henderson) Known entities that I’m excited to watch but there’s little to no doubt they’ll be awesome- Foskey, Jayson Ademilola, Michael Mayer.
  2. this thread title makes me laugh every time it comes up, so at least I have that.
  3. That's probably the positive outlook on this.
  4. Mike Singer, the on3 ND reporter, put in a prediction for Dante to ND. I believe it's the first prediction and their model weighs predictions fairly heavily, I presume. But, it seems like things are trending for ND from a few different sources.
  5. Totally agree, especially re: depth of talent. You also mentioned some guys were still going after without mentioning Malik Muhammad or Micah Tease, both guys were in good position with and would normally be our best CB recruit. The level of recruiting is crazy right now and grabbing so many top line guys early will only help as a) we have momentum, b) recruits want to play w other great players, and c) it gives coaches more time to focus in on the biggest targets (and missing them won’t sink our class).
  6. His track speed is world class and he’s potentially an Olympic caliber sprinter so I think he’d be just fine if his track speed is truly just track speed.
  7. If it was, Harbaugh went full method actor (which...makes a ton of sense) because he was saying good bye to people at UM prior to going to the interview, every Vikings reporter said he wanted the job, etc. May have taken things too far and pissed off a lot of his coaching staff at UM, but I'm sure the ones that stayed will get over it.
  8. Bank of the Vatican has a giant bankroll, maybe we can get some NIL deals for commercials with Keeley and the Pope promoting Vatican tourism.
  9. On one hand, you make some good points that may be issues down the road. On the other hand, ND has the #1 class in the country right now and is still recruiting a ton of high level, 5* caliber guys with real interest in ND. All of this "sky is falling" NIL narrative when it comes to recruiting is more fiction than fact, at least right now.
  10. Teammates with Brandon Joseph, he was 1,000 yd WR the last two years at Johns Hopkins. Offered as a preferred walk-on. Could be good for depth at worst.
  11. Don't get too into the weeds on what an NFT is, happy to explain offline (...actually, just Google it on your own). The important take away from this is that ND affiliated groups are focusing on getting NIL money to ND players thus helping our football team and other programs.
  12. What would you like to see changed?
  13. Peyton Bowen reached out to Christian Gray:
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