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  1. Nah, they don’t. The crystal balls are 50/50 Ohio St and UGA and his leas recruiter at Ohio State was Al Washington.
  2. ND just offered Tre Reader a PWO spot. Reader is a close friend and teammate of Keeley. Readers brother is a baseball commit for ‘23.
  3. Why would a WR need a RB coach in place?
  4. Tony Alford just promoted to run game coordinator so we can probably eliminate him from the open RB spot at ND.
  5. This is his 2022 recruiting profile: Includes: Sonny Styles (5*) and CJ Hicks (5*). Lowest rated recruit was Koji Antwi 4* WR and 146 nationally ranked recruit.
  6. Elston was a fine recruiter but had a better eye for talent and ability to develop that talent. Those are very valuable traits, especially at Northern schools not located in Columbus, Ohio. Elston seemed like a good guy, it sucks that he's leaving, but he's at Michigan now so he can go f*ck himself along with the rest of that sh*thole program (kidding, at least about Elston). However, Freeman has us fishing in different ponds as evidenced by immediately upgrading LB recruiting and then bringing in Keeley, Vernon, Shuler, Bowen, Rhett, and Bowen. I'm not expecting a recruiting drop off due to the loss of Elston in the mid-long term. We may see some hiccups in the short-term, especially in recruiting operations (Elston was Recruiting Coordinator), but even those hiccups can be overcome because we have plenty of time to make hires, re-organize, and keep our current DL commits assured that ND is the best place for them. If Keeley or Vernon leave, they leave, but I think recruiting as a whole will continue to improve and new blood at DC and DL can even improve recruiting.
  7. Everyone relax, Faith was just taking a stab at it! Honestly it doesn't matter to me whether they play 3 down, 4 down, 5 down, whatever. Alabama runs a 3-4 but it doesn't really matter because Will Anderson and Frosh Dallas Turner are freak pass rushers at LB and both guys can just as easily drop into coverage. I think too much is made of the "system" and more emphasis (as fans) should be paid to who we have running the system. For example, next year: 3rd and Long, we line up in a 3-3-5 with Foskey (Vyper), Jayson Ademiola (NT), Mills (Big End), Botelho (Rover), Kiser (MLB), Marist (WB), and 5 DBs. From that "system" they can easily rush 3, 4, or 5 with Botelho and Marist. They can bring a DB on a blitz or they can rush Kiser up the middle. So long as you have a guys like Botelho/Marist (and projecting Kollie, Snead, Burnham, and Ziegler) who are comfortable in coverage and rushing the passer, that 4th rusher doesn't matter as much on passing downs. I like a 3-4 or 3-3-5 IF you continue to bring in the caliber of player we're bringing in because it gives you a ton of athleticism on the field all at once. All that to say I think we'll continue to see ND line up 4-3, 3-4, and 3-3-5 under Freeman.
  8. Football Scoop reporting Heacock staying at Iowa State fwiw.
  9. Of course they could, but I doubt they will.
  10. On the "overrated" bit, one of the ND writers tweeted that ND has finished ahead of its preseason ranking in 5 or 6 of the last 7 seasons. So we're actually overperforming our preseason ranking, which is a positive trend.
  11. Dallas Turner is why we need to sign Samuel M'Pemba, both IMG 5* pass rusher.
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