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  1. Does anyone know of a good game watch in Dublin Ireland?
  2. All your hate for Michigan has clouded your perspective on reality in that leaving out Notre Dame is on purpose for a good reason. He listed schools who struggle to compete because of academics. Notre Dame has won a lot as of late. It would be stupid for him to list ND because it would defeat his argument.
  3. It's pretty simple. I think ND has a better resume than Clemson and that means something because both teams are undefeated. This all comes down to QB play. Both teams have talent in both sides. In the end, I anticipate a good game and either team can win. I'll be there. Go Irish
  4. You guys are all paranoid and crazy. There is NO WAY in the world that ND goes undefeated and is left out. I don't care what Michigan does. Even if ND drops to a 4, there is no way Michigan unseats ND because they won the head to head. The argument that Michigan is playing better (ie. If they played today, Michigan would win) is pure speculation. ND is starting two studs (Book and DW) that didn't play in the Michigan game. Michigan is the one hoping for Bama to win out and ND/Clemson to lose. ND just has the win by any way and they are locks. Same goes for Bama and Clemson. This all said, this season might be the perfect storm to expand the playoff to 6/8 teams.
  5. BW played for as long as he did. Ever think that Kelly promised him the starting job so he doesn't transfer. I mean, so many of us recognized Book if not equal or better. Its the only thing that makes sense.
  6. The fanbase response is interesting. I don't know what games people are watching but BW is really a terrible passer. Makes more bad passes than good. He makes bad decisions. Does any fan here think that the defenses are playing us honest. The game plan is simple, stack the box and keep a spy on BW. The offense struggles with BW. And there are people here saying Book is marginally better... Based on what? The kid has barely thrown and with limited snaps and he still looks marginally better. Let's give him more reps and see how he looks. If he sucks, then let the debate start. Right now, playing Book is a no brainer with the way BW has played. The kid played a bunch. He needed to take a good step forward from the off season and he didn't. So let's give someone else a shot.
  7. The headline poster is just homerism. Vanilla game plan or not, when BW over shoots his WR by 10 yards to get picked, that shows how bad he is. When he skips passes to WRs, that shows how bad he is. When we throws the ball or makes a decision about a half to a full second late, that shows how bad he is. He is not a good QB. I have seen enough. He should be better by now. If BW is regressing under the spot light, let's see what book can do.
  8. I think some of you guys are overreacting. The OL held up really well. The OL last year would not have done much better, if that's the gold standard. For the first game, I was really really pleased with what I saw.
  9. That's not true. BK has beaten many ranked teams.
  10. With all due respect, this is one of the easiest schedules ND has had in years. If Wimbush can learn to throw, we should win out. I would bet that Vegas favors us for every game.
  11. There is no doubt that he has no idea or confidence in what he is doing. Just think about this. During a hurricane, he is calling more pass plays than rush and doesn't play his running QB. And against a team where their secondary is their weakness, he decides to call more rush plays than pass and puts in his running QB. Someone have the balls to ask him that in a presser.
  12. Put in Zaire. He is like a RB and just start running the ball.
  13. Didn't get to watch the game closely. Who got more snaps and how did they look?
  14. Again, players are to blame here a bit too. And say what you want, the QB position is inherently a leadership role. Kizer has decent stats and plays well for the majority of time. But he needs to be that voice too. He needs to get his team fired up and ready to play. And I think that's what Kelly is talking about in the post game and in the latest presser. I expect to see a more active leader from Kizer to start taking control of the team.
  15. How about the fact that they weren't on best terms? Not like DD's opinion is not biased here.
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