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  1. What's up everyone, Being a ND fan is tough already but being a ND fan in SEC country is life threatening. All I've heard all year is ND should save themselves the embarrassment of getting prison raped in the playoffs and just let 4 real teams play. Recent history does not give me much ammunition, is this years team going to be the team that gets in the playoffs and makes a true statement that ND football is back or are we who they say we are. That we play a hard schedule on paper but when it comes time to play the big boys we get sent back to the minor leagues. I don't want to go 11-0 and lose 45-14 against Clemson or Bama What are your thoughts on this
  2. I Love ND as much as anyone in here but Bama beats us by 21 minimum.
  3. Says his headaches are getting worse by the day because of the cyst in his brain. Caused him to collapse earlier in the year on the sidelines against Indiana. IMO this is the way they are getting him out. What's your opinion's on this
  4. We need to start getting elite RB's IMO McIntoch would have tore it up this season, so sad
  5. SMH, If we fired B.Kelly teams looking for a coach would fight each other over him.
  6. What I want to know is who the hell are we. It's like Kelly and Long don't have any idea what to run. Our OL play has been bad, our guy's are getting beat. Claypool and Boykin are elite, there just good Mack is another 5* that will never be Why are Kelly and Long stuck on Wimbush, is Book that bad in practice, he can't beat out a QB that can't hit water if he fell out of a boat. Is Jurkovic not as good as we all thought, not even getting a look I saw the game last week with my LSU friends and they thought our offense sucked, and they know bad offense
  7. O-Line play sucks and we have no true RB, Armstrong hits Home Runs and that's it. Love him at WR though
  8. Doesn't matter who's back there if the O-Line can't protect and we don't have a true RB, I like Armstrong but keep him at WR
  9. Prediction.... Pain I had to... Clubber Lang
  10. 1- B.W. has all the tools, it's a matter of can he put it all together or at least 80% 2- RB's w/o Dexter is a problem, heard Tony Jones Jr. has been put back behind Armstrong and Davis 3- New OL, lots of ?'s but could be a great line 4- Is Tillery going to be the Monster we need, can Tranquil be the MLB he needs to be. Is D. Hayes ready to break out 5- Lots of depth and talent in the Defensive backfield but again lots of ?'s 6- Unproven WR's and yes we are loaded at TE but were is the production At best 9 wins, but could be as bad as 6
  11. There reporting that Meyer was at the school today. I doubt anything gets done
  12. WoW!!!!!! Love the uniforms Showed it to all the kids on our H.S. Team here in Louisiana and they all loved them. They said they would buy the jersey and wear it to school
  13. WoW, they expect us to believe this sh*t, there just digging themselves deeper and deeper. If they keep interviewing this guy he's going to confess to a murder he didn't commit
  14. This is bull, suspending a kid for selling shoes that were given them. Golic touched on this this morning, he said how is this different from scholarship athletes selling there books back to the school at the end of the year like he and all his teammates did.
  15. Easy fix, get rid of the sh*theads that ruin for the rest of us
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