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  1. These types of forums are ridiculous. How about we get a signature win first or actually compete and win in a major bowl game before we event start talking about making the playoff next year. I'm sorry, our only signature win in the past 15 years is a win at Oklahoma in 2012.
  2. I am not drinking the Kool-Aid with this team. I dont see them winning more than 8 games this year. I hope I can eat my words in late November....Its not that I dont think the team is talented enough (although I stlil think the D-Line is not anywhere close to being a Top 25 caliber), I just have way too many questions in Kelly's play calling and game decisions and I still dont trust that Van Gorder has any answer for a dual threat QB.
  3. I would of went with Southern Tier Creme Brulee
  4. Louisville 35 Notre Dame 21 Louisville defense is too good and our defense is too hurt and young (some by choice of coaching staff)
  5. Do me a favor and go listen to Power Hour from a couple weeks back. They explain this very well. Its not Heistand that is the problem, its a problem where the O-line that is currently playing (besides Elmer) are all recruits that Ed Warriner recruited. Warriner was a one on one line up and block in front of you guy, where Heistand is a Zone blocking scheme. The guys he recruited are still young and inexperienced. I understand there is a time where you need to throw them into the fire but the line hasnt played that bad (except Elmer). Kelly needs to commit to more of the running game I fe
  6. ▲ This statement a million times! Thank you for saying this Rocket!
  7. Spankin dat skunk bear ***! I'm ready to do the chicken dance
  8. So i was watching the UND.com practice report video and notice a couple things: 1. Who is #3 in the defensive backs? I dont think its Carlisle but he is the only #3 I know on the team and in the beginning of the video, he had a run on offense off a pitch 2. Max Redfield look like he took alot of reps with the 1st team defense. Thats encouraging.... 3. Alot of turnovers shown in that video
  9. Good luck to Tommy Rees, I wish him nothing but the best. I am hoping next year that if Golson is starting that we dont see checks on every single play, waiting until the last second to snap the ball, and also seeing nothing but go routes every single time we throw the ball. There is no creativeness with this offense. I was so sick and tired of watching our receivers run go routes and tommy throws up a prayer. I am starting to have my doubts with Kelly. We actually ran the ball well and he didnt run the ball hardly in the fourth quarter and there was still 3 mins left before he threw the
  10. Mike Frank said this past week on his podcast that he believes that Farley has been hurt all year so thats why we have seen such a plummet in his play. I dont think that is an excuse to miss a tackle by just trying to drive your shoulder pads and helmet into their thighs and not using your arms to wrap up (seen it clear as daylight in that long run in BYU that Russell saved the TD on). Its not like his arms are broken......I have seen his play diminish more and more each week but everytime there is a missed tackle, you seem to see #41 at the end of it. Plain and simple, he should be benched
  11. I dont know you guys, but I am tired of watching Matthias Farley and Bennett Jackson miss so many tackles. Collinsworth is pretty worthless as well and he got absolutely trucked on that one TD run. Think its time to let Redfield loose, he cant be any worse than Farley. Need to get Shumate back soon too. At least Eilar Hardy looked pretty decent today.
  12. I am not sold on Miami at all. They didnt look impressive against UNC or Wake granted they are missing Dorsett and one of there other big playmakers. Duke Johnson is a stud but FSU defense way too good. FSU I think rolls by at least 4 TDs.
  13. Hey guys, Dont know if anyone has any updates on injuries from yesterday's game? I know Chris Watt went down near the end of the half and never returned (looked like he was okay but came off the field very pissed). Also I saw Sheldon Day in his street clothes so I am figuring he is still being hampered by that ankle sprain. Most concerned about Watt......
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