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  1. Sure...anyone could transfer but all he has to do is look at what happened last year and every year. Work hard..be ready and opportunity will be there. He has 4 more years he can play College Football. Keep getting stronger and it will work itself out. If Fisher is as dominant as we hope he is gone in two more seasons leaving Baker with one or two years as 5th year starter possibility if not sooner with injuries etc. etc. No way Fisher and Alt start / play every game the next two seasons.
  2. The ACC is against it in part because of ND. They know the smaller playoff increases the odds ND would see the point in joining a conference. A larger playoff could in theory give ND less of an incentive depending on how it is structured.
  3. Realistically there will be injuries both before the season and during the season. Players transfer for all kind of reasons but if you are in the two deep you will get playing time.
  4. No formal announcement yet. Likely waiting to announce all changes.
  5. Not sure to be honest. They have not been that clear. I have been on that board for 20 years and posting for 10. It is the board where I know or used to know alot of people, most good but of course some bad. Domer Domain for me was always more about the recruiting board as I liked that it had its own place and the way posters here treat it. Hopefully Mike will draw some of the good posters over here to check out Domer Domain.
  6. I visit this board and Rivals / Blue and Gold site and post on their Under the Dome free board. Looks like it is coming to an end. If anybody posts over there please encourage the good posters on that site to try Domer Domain! Go Irish!
  7. Nick Saban will be the next head coach. Freeman will stay as Defensive and assistant head coach and take over when Saban retires. This is about legacy for Nick and just like Tom Brady he feels he needs to move along and get it done elsewhere.
  8. Nick Saban will be the next head coach at Notre Dame. Nick has grown frustrated with Alabama and the fact that winning will win him a Championship but nothing else. If he can come to ND and win a Championship he will become like Tom Brady going to Tampa...bigger than just Bama.
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