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  1. I gotta slow down- I read the title and thought I was going to click on a "Nude Sunrise". I was thinking of some beautiful girls sipping umbrella drinks on the beach as the sun came up, maybe water dripping off their glistening hard bodies as they step from the surf after a quick morning dip............ BTW, d&d, excellent post. Ditto.
  2. As much as I wanted him to commit to us, I am now going to look at the silver lining- if we were not going to be the pick for him, i am much happier knowing about it now. Thus, I am good not making the final 5 cut. We can now concentrate on the other QBs out there - Montana and Austin, and set up the next 2 offers if needed.
  3. Oklahoma- you need to embrase the Blue- love the uniqueness and know it fits w the work ethic of the team- overachieving guys not recruited by the big boys. Man, I love watching and following them!
  4. Sorry- 05. 09 hasn't proven anything yet. If you want to revisit this after the season, then it might be easier for us to make points 1 way or the other. As of now, all we can compare is 05 actual performances vs 09 potential. And how fair can that be? 09 hasn't had a chance to prove anything yet.
  5. Ace- I agree with you that the chance is so slim its ridicules, but they are seen as the best chance of the non-BCS schools. Not because they are the best, necessarily, but the schedule favors them more than TCU, BYU, Utah or Tulsa. And having every big team w 2 losses vs BSU w 0 and if they make it up to the top 5 by the last weeks, Who knows what happens when many of the teams play their Conference championship games. Likely? no, but more so than many other teams......
  6. I was honored to be able to meet Ed Freeman several times here in Boise (out at Gowen Field) and he was beloved here among all the National Guardsmen. We have a Military History Museum and several times a year there are ceremonies honoring the Medal of Honor recipients that reside in the Treasure Valley.
  7. Even though I see this as great news, I have to remind myself that he is also still planning to be at the Nebraska Spring game on the 18th- so they will get the last shot at him.
  8. I remember last year- before the season started when CW was braggin that all of the O line were going to be over 300 bills and they all squatted a certain amount- and thought they would dominate because of those stats. Then we went out and got man-handled by smaller and quicker defenses. Size and lifting numbers don't mean anything unless you back it up with the ability to translate that onto the field---which we did not last year. Plus if you are as big as a house and strong as Hercules, but can't pull out in front or reach the LB on a stretch block, you can't win.
  9. So that means I have 2 teams in there that might run the table! BSU and ND. To me it makes sense why those 2 teams specifically are in the list- ease of schedule/lack of difficult matchups, low strength of schedule - what ever you want to call it. Only because I know some about BSU (being here in Boise area and a big follower of the Broncos) I can add a few reasons this is believable. Boise State has 1 game against a BCS team- Oregon, the 1st game of the season for both - at home on the Blue. This will be their whole season- and it will be on Thursday nite on ESPN. They play Fresno S
  10. I have never felt that the size of our O lineman has been an issue for us to worry about. It has been 2 things to me- Strength and agility. I would be happy with their massive size if they were more effective pushing the d line off the ball more and getting in the right positions to make the blocks on the second level. That is what I hope to see more of after this summer/fall camp.
  11. Somebody doesn't get sarcasm.................
  12. 93, I think you are wasting your breath bringing up facts like that in this forum. Patriot Act keeps the government knowing what books you check out at the library so they can then come back and arrest you if you are reading the wrong books. It allows the government to listen illegally to your personal calls so if you don't like the old president (the devil GW) and say so to a friend you will be rounded up and locked away, probably so they can water-board you for the hell of it, (the eveil bastards). And everybody knows that GW forced this bill through congress after 9-11 so he could
  13. tchris - for grins I looked up on Scouts and they show us as 49 offered players, and Stanford as 99. I know how inaccurate these sites can be, and how they are often way behind in posting/correcting offers, but it was just 1 snapshot. I did look at BlueandGold, which is probably a better gauge of accurate, confirmed offers. They show us w 3 accepted offers, 53 current offers out, and 13 other guys committed to other schools, 2 of which we are still pursueing- Nix (committed to Miami) and Cooper (committed to Ill). That makes 3 + 53 + 13 = 69 at least, (even though 11 are not in pl
  14. With Denzel McCoys commitment to Ga Tech today, I wonder if that has any effect on Tai-ler Jones. I had the feeling that if McCoy liked the visit here we would have a better chance at him pulling T Jones with him. Not now. Poop.
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