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  1. @jbrown_9999 @Big23Head the 2026 recruits area was added by @Mike
  2. The first CFP Rankings will be released on Tuesday, November 2 following Week 9 games. AP Top 10 Alabama Ohio State Georgia Clemson Notre Dame Texas A&M Utah Michigan Oklahoma Baylor Coaches Poll Top 10 Alabama Ohio State Georgia Clemson Notre Dame Michigan Texas A&M Utah Oklahoma Baylor ESPN FPI Top 10 Alabama Ohio State Georgia Clemson Notre Dame Michigan Texas Oklahoma Miami LSU
  3. Getting a little bit of injury help https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34408517/ohio-state-football-loses-running-back-evan-pryor-season-ending-knee-injury-sources-confirm
  4. It's going to be great when we get our signature win right out the gate. GO IRISH!!
  5. I should have added the caveat that I want him to be comfortable in the pocket passing like Coan but still able to use his legs when necessary
  6. I chose "Like Book" because that is how I would like to see Buchner start the season. I would like to see him transition to something closer to the "Like Coan" choice as the season moves along and he becomes more comfortable.
  7. With Price going down I bet he is regretting this decision now
  8. I have threads in all different forums, its not just recruiting. A bunch of bowl threads from DEC and JAN. Everything with the coaching changes and additions. Very odd.
  9. I'll see if I can add it. I forget if mods can do it or if admins rights are required. I have to play with the mod controls.
  10. Clicking that blue dot will take it to the first unread post in the thread since the last time you were in the thread. I believe clicking the "Updated 1 hour ago" link will just take you to the last post of the thread. I prefer to start where I left off rather than working backwards.
  11. Have there been any forum updates or plug ins added in the past few months that are affecting site history? I know I haven't been around in a while but I have threads dating back to at least December that are showing up as unread again. Threads in which I was already active in the past.
  12. Nice, another local Long Island kid. 1 county over from where Cohn grew up.
  13. With that name why isn't this guy a running back lol
  14. I believe there are limitations with recruiting iirc.
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