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  1. I see. Yea I have a 23" 1080 screen here at work so I guess it just happens to work for me.
  2. Ah man, ok. I assumed fluid would mean it caters to whatever the screen is. It's fine, like I said, not a huge deal.
  3. Ok what you have to do is enable "fluid width". You'll have to do it for both themes I believe.
  4. I don't know how it was done, I will ask though. Its not the board I help to moderate. For what it is worth, that board also utilizes the right side bar with the thread stats, top posters of the topic, popular days, etc. It just extends to take up more of the left of the screen which isn't used.
  5. Hope I am not coming off as picky...just trying to help add to the experience.
  6. I hope I saved them at the same zoom view. I don't remember what I used for the first picture. You should still be able to see the difference though. This is another board I frequent. This is ours.
  7. Also I found another function that, while not life changing, might be well accepted. Honestly a lot of people probably won't even notice it. But there is a way to widen the usable screen space. I'll try to take a screenshot and show you.
  8. No problem. I hope it wasn't too expensive.
  9. How many guys on Toledo would have started for the Irish?
  10. No problem at all, I wouldn't ask for money to be spent on something like that. Just curious if it was an option. Thanks for looking into it!
  11. I tried the typical @name feature and it didn't translate into the chat itself. I do know there is a who's online box at the bottom but I didn't notice anything in the chat that shows who is actually in there.
  12. Where the hell did a cat come from? And idk, it looked like it they lost control of the flag and dropped the cat. Hopefully its ok though.
  13. I feel like I am on my Rangers board with everyone yelling about firing the former coach...who is also named Quinn lol
  14. Did he? No. Should he? Depends who you ask lol.
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