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  1. Again, I don't understand this move when we had the highest rated kicker recruit join the team in 2022. I wonder what the issue is with him that the staff feels the need to go to the portal again.
  2. In all honesty I wanted to bust the Deion conversation out and move it into the coaching carousel thread but the conversation was pretty fluid with the rest of the recruit conversation at the time. I agree it has remained longer than it probably should have.
  3. After just hosting the coaches in his home 2 days ago. What a punk. frig him then, ND will be fine without him.
  4. Oh good, wasn't really a fan of the Sideshow Bob look he had going previously lol
  5. I am off from work starting 11pm Sunday night(11th) until 3pm Wednesday afternoon(14th). Please don't make me endure sitting at this desk without having this website to kill my time lolololol
  6. JT Daniels entering the Portal...again. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/35196186/sources-wvu-qb-jt-daniels-looks-transfer-4th-school
  7. Not to mention the legend you'll become if you bring this school a National Championship.
  8. Did he officially decommit from ND or is he still committed as of now? Can't remember if he pulled the same shenanigans as Keeley or not.
  9. I hope so. I have no reason to dislike UGA. Strongly pulling for UGA and TCU this year.
  10. College Football Playoff Committee Rankings Georgia Michigan TCU Ohio State Alabama Tennessee Clemson Utah Kansas State USC 21. Notre Dame AP Top 10 Georgia Michigan TCU Ohio State Alabama Tennessee Utah USC Penn State Clemson 19. Notre Dame Coaches Poll Top 10 Georgia Michigan Ohio State TCU Alabama Tennessee Penn State USC Kansas State Utah 20. Notre Dame ESPN FPI Top 10 Georgia Alabama Ohio State Michigan Tennessee Texas Utah Penn State Clemson TCU 17. Notre Dame
  11. I’m flipping back and forth. Plus I’m at my sisters so I’m back and forth game to game and the family in the other room.
  12. Hold on why was Klubnik in the game? Did Dabo pull Uiagalelei already??
  13. Man this ACCCG would look so much nicer on TV if Clemson was wearing Orange. I know it’s irrelevant, but when two teams that have colors that aren’t similar I wish they’d both wear their darks.
  14. Oof. That’s not targeting until the runner dipped his head. Tough call.
  15. I was thinking the same thing a few days ago but still, would that be worth getting hurt and jeopardizing your draft? Especially someone like Mayer who’s probably a top 10-15 pick. Possibly higher.
  16. There’s something really familiar about this SECCG. I’ve seen this way more times than I’d like to remember. For some reason I’m not mad this time though…
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