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  1. Again, I don't understand this move when we had the highest rated kicker recruit join the team in 2022. I wonder what the issue is with him that the staff feels the need to go to the portal again.
  2. In all honesty I wanted to bust the Deion conversation out and move it into the coaching carousel thread but the conversation was pretty fluid with the rest of the recruit conversation at the time. I agree it has remained longer than it probably should have.
  3. After just hosting the coaches in his home 2 days ago. What a punk. frig him then, ND will be fine without him.
  4. Oh good, wasn't really a fan of the Sideshow Bob look he had going previously lol
  5. I am off from work starting 11pm Sunday night(11th) until 3pm Wednesday afternoon(14th). Please don't make me endure sitting at this desk without having this website to kill my time lolololol
  6. JT Daniels entering the Portal...again. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/35196186/sources-wvu-qb-jt-daniels-looks-transfer-4th-school
  7. Not to mention the legend you'll become if you bring this school a National Championship.
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