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  1. Seriously. How do we stand pat beating Purdue but Oregon moves up beating Stony Brook. GTFOH. I get that they just flip flopped with Oklahoma but still. Arkansas and Ole Miss each get big bumps after beating cupcakes.
  2. Early indeed. Hopefully the B1G does us a favor and beat each other up a bit. Iowa beats PSU, would love for Wiscy or Purdue to handle Iowa. Would be great for Michigan to finally beat OSU after losing to Wiscy earlier in the season as well.
  3. I mean, not to be a dick here, but, a link would be nice so everyone knows what you guys are talking about. I get the gist, Purdue can't have their drum. But if you're going to make a thread about a story, post the link the the story.
  4. Yea its local to me, like 8-10 miles away. I know they're trying to grow the university sports programs, especially the hockey program. But to schedule Oregon? Geez
  5. I see. Yea I have a 23" 1080 screen here at work so I guess it just happens to work for me.
  6. Ah man, ok. I assumed fluid would mean it caters to whatever the screen is. It's fine, like I said, not a huge deal.
  7. Ok what you have to do is enable "fluid width". You'll have to do it for both themes I believe.
  8. I don't know how it was done, I will ask though. Its not the board I help to moderate. For what it is worth, that board also utilizes the right side bar with the thread stats, top posters of the topic, popular days, etc. It just extends to take up more of the left of the screen which isn't used.
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