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  1. The coming years are really looking to be very exciting.
  2. That is because NBCSN will be cancelled sometime prior to summer. Having the same issues with watching the NHL as NBCSN broadcasted most national coverage. It will also be moved off of NBCSN.
  3. I think as long as there is an option to post them for free then there is no reason for anyone to complain. If people want to take the extra step to pay to have theirs bumped to the top then good for them and good for the website. As far as changes go, very few people like them. I think once everyone gets used to this version they'll be happy.
  4. So admittedly I 98% browse while I am at work. Unfortunately we aren't allowed to stream videos so I can't watch all of these practice clips. In the spirit of starting some conversation, out of the QBs, who is looking the best so far?
  5. Ok fair enough, I doubt anyone would have a problem with that method if its free for them while also helping you pay for us to be here. At least, they shouldn't lol.
  6. Well I am happy to have someone at the helm who has good intentions for the website. That is what matters most.
  7. @Mike, I mentioned in the feature suggestion thread that I helped setup a hockey forum from its beginnings using this same Invision software. I don't mean to double post about the same topic but its relevant to this discussion here too. It will save you the hassle and the money if you just create a separate sub forum for members to sell tickets.
  8. For your first issue, this software is defaulted to double spacing. If you hit [Enter/Return] it will automatically drop you down two spaces... ...Like this. A lot of people are unaware of this and already used to hitting it twice to get to a new paragraph so that makes it look... ...Like this. If you want to do down one line you have to hold [shift] and press [enter]... ...and it will look like this. Believe me, I get your frustration. Its a HUGE pet peeve of mine on a hockey forum that uses the same Invision software. I am a moderator there and I spend so
  9. It shouldn't make you sign in every time you visit. I post on a hockey board that uses this same Invision software. I mostly use it on my desktop at work, rarely on my phone. When I do happen to jump on from my phone I am always still logged in. And that is even with closing out the page and Safari entirely. You should be good to go!
  10. Even easier to do this is to click the dot to the left of the thread title. If it is a thread in which you've already posted then it will be a star instead of a dot.
  11. If my last name was Taylor I would name my son Jake too lol
  12. Welcome, @Mike. I for one am happy to see the board moved over to Invision instead of the newest vBulletin. The newest vBulletin looks like ass in my opinion. Do you mind if I ask what made you invest in an ND board while not particularly being an ND fan?
  13. Guy's a fucking monster. Looking forward to seeing home bulldoze his way through opposing dmen.
  14. This is my worry. I don't know why thy even bother to recruit QBs.
  15. Coan is going to be the safest bet, I would agree with that. However, what does he have, one or two years of eligibility left? With the schedule we're playing this year I think its best for the long term future to just give the keys to Buchner and let him learn on the job. I want to see him grow with the team. I want to watch our QB play for 3-4 years, not 1.5-2. Or worse, not at all, like in your scenario.
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