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  1. Maybe he’s becoming senile; not that he’s forgetful, but in that what he just compared to athletically and academically isn’t Michigan’s predicament, but Notre Dame’s. Maybe he was talking about us. Or he’s just delusional.
  2. It does. Life is funny. Was this thread supposed to make us nostalgic?
  3. Why I keep coming back here after all these years. Thanks for this!
  4. If last year was any indication, it’ll be Dylan McCaffrey launching his Heisman campaign. As long as our DB’s are now coached to TURN THE **** AROUND, we should be ok.
  5. Same, when my source told me on Thursday night that he’d be committing to Michigan, I was surprised. Still watched the commitment ceremony though in hopes he’d pull a fast one and still commit to us lol.
  6. Not trying to be contentious, but figured I’d rank the tiers as so, taking into account the fact Ohio State could drop off with day and Lincoln Riley could be leaving Oklahoma; with recruiting and on field success - note that this isn’t my 2019 season rankings, just where the programs stand today: Tier 1 1 - Clemson 2 - Alabama 3 - Ohio State Tier 2 4 - Georgia 5 - Oklahoma 6 - Notre Dame Tier 3 (not entirely in order) Penn State Texas Washington Auburn LSU Oregon Michigan Wisconsin Texas A&M Tier 4 - (really irrelevant just making argument sake here) Florida UCF USC Florida State Michigan State Stanford Mississippi State Oklahoma State Washington State West Virginia Arizona State What do you think? Is anyone in the third group really in danger of jumping us? Does Ohio State still deserve to be up in the upper echelon? Yes Washington beat us for Asa Turner, but they’re not beating us for Ohio kids. Would you add to tier 3 - Florida?
  7. Couldn’t agree more. We were so excited about thrashing Hawaii and the boards were in pure jubilation that night. If we beat Hawaii 49-21 now, people would be calling for heads to roll for giving up 21 points to Hawaii. That’s the difference. But we’re at the very top of the level just beneath the elite - Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State. We’re about a top 5 program with Georgia and Oklahoma trying to fight off Washington’s, Michigan’s, Stanford’s and the like. That next step into the top tier may prove impossible without elite quarterback play to combat the talent differential elsewhere.
  8. Guessing the University of Duke is out. Great updates big! I came back to read you and li’s updates.
  9. That’s great. I see him putting in work and it reminds me a lot of myself.
  10. Imagine that, a star athlete who’s intelligent enough to not be completely full of himself. Reminds me of Jerry Tillery from a personality perspective. Hell do great things in time on his way to the NFL with that talent and that mindset.
  11. Oh cool, these always turn out fun! Eddie Vanderdose was my favorite.
  12. Lol I thought you were asking about this kid at first: [ame] [/ame]
  13. Remember how people would lose their minds if a walkon earned a scholarship. This is the fruit of Kelly’s plan to build a robust walkon program. With that said, I think there’s flexibility with guys declaring for the draft. He could very well be on scholarship come fall camp.
  14. I think over the past decade, as the internet reached people in the deeper depths of the country ..., eh, nm.
  15. Exactly. Nothing more to add. And Yoon has rested his leg and added range this year. He’s going to be missed.
  16. Who’s illiterate in the nfl? Or are you just propagating this racist bullshit off of what you heard?
  17. That’s timely. I think Matt leinert started 3 games in his career. Surprised jimmy clausen wasnt listed as a starte too.
  18. Practice squad really isn’t that bad. With 16 games in the nfl, enough guys get hurt that he’ll have his shot. Maybe even in September. I wasn’t feeling sorry for him, I was proud of him. I think of the guys who left early, only EQ was the one I felt could have really elevated himself if he returned.
  19. Oline needs some work. This is my quarterback. All he’s going to do is quietly build up to a heisman candidate by Stanford.
  20. Also, is the gameday chat up? Lol
  21. I see so many quarterbacks getting hyped up. The next it, big thing. And the only media we hear about Brandon Wimbush is that he can run but he has trouble throwing. BULLSHlT! This our quarterback. And he’s in for a big year. And I’m sick of the rhetoric. Bit my tongue all off season until now. He’s going to prove a lot of people wrong. I have all the faith in the world in this kid. He’s a gamer and he’ll prove it tonight.
  22. The last time Michigan beat a ranked team on the road was 2007. Just saying . . .
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