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  1. Did Kelly's contract get extended? If ND wanted to go in another direction after this year, how many more years would it have to pay Kelly?
  2. Kelly's biggest problem is that he has never had a dominant QB and it's pretty much impossible to win a championship without one. Kizer was probably the best. After that, the drop-off is pretty significant. After 10 years, you would think Kelly would have had at least one dominant QB. The fact that there have been ZERO is striking. He either can't identify top talent and recruit them, or he can't develop them once they're in the program. I think it's the former, but either way, if you're never going to have a top QB talent at ND, then you're not going to win a championship. Maybe it's t
  3. Urban Meyer won't come here. His wife hates South Bend. That was one of the biggest factors when he took the Florida job over ND. Happy wife, happy life.
  4. The whole team sucked that year. Kizer sniffed the NFL, which is way better than most college QBs ever do. Kizer was no world-beater, but if he were the QB now, I think we'd be 4-0.
  5. I agree with this. Kizer has been the best QB talent at ND in the Kelly era. Kelly hasn't been able to land a dominating QB talent. Think of the progression of QB talent: Crist, Nate Montana, Hendrix, Rees, Golson, Gunner Kiel, Zaire, Kizer and Wimbush. None of these guys have gone on to do anything better after ND. If it had been Kelly's fault for bad development, then many of these guys would have dramatically improved with a change in coaching. That didn't happen. So, I think the problem is recruiting. We need a dynamic player at QB who can make big plays with his legs and arm. We'r
  6. I don't think we can get too down after Saturday. Just like we shouldn't get too high after what might seem like a dominant performance. It's the first game of the season. We won and it wasn't really close. I'm pretty sure ND hardly opened up the playbook. My guess is that the play calling was pretty vanilla. Save the good stuff for Georgia. The D was struggling in the first two drives, likely because they didn't have any tape on Louisville's offense under the new head coach, but adjusted nicely. Linebackers looked a bit slow and/or out-of-position. Tackling was the crispest. On offense,
  7. Completely agree. Book was in over his head and played more like a freshman than Lawrence did. Also, depth was a huge advantage for Clemson.
  8. I read up on Ostarine too. I hadn't heard of it before the suspensions were announced. I found this website that pitches Ostarine and other SARMs: https://www.mynvfi.org/ostarine-mk-2866-review/ The site talks about using Ostarine in cycles, how it helps increases lean muscle mass and how it has fewer side effects, like water retention, than steroids. It's a PED, plain and simple. Talk of hair gel is total spin in an attempt to protect these players and the program. My guess is that more Clemson players are using it, but it's just that the three who were caught hadn't quite cycled i
  9. ND most certainly can win this game. ND will be Clemson's toughest opponent this year and Clemson will be ND's toughest. How will the QBs play against elite defenses? This might be the key. I like Book's chances of outplaying the freshman Lawrence and not making a killer mistake. It should be a close game, which is why the spread surprises me.
  10. Political gabfest, npr’s planet money, history of Rome. I second (or third) hardcore history. S Town is amazing - it was one of the most downloaded podcasts in 2017.
  11. I'm okay with the hail mary, but why not put in Wimbush to throw it?
  12. Meyer will never come here. His wife hated it in South Bend. That’s the reason he didn’t take the job after Utah. Kelly might bolt to the NFL but I get the feeling that his window may have closed after the 2016 season. But who knows....
  13. On the topic of Kelly averaging only 8-9 wins per year, I discount the 8-win seasons from years 1 and 2. When Kelly came in he took over a dumpster fire of a program that had won 6 games in Weis's last season. I think it's a testament to Kelly's coaching ability that he was able to win 8 games in those first two years, especially given the total lack of quality QB play. Year 3 of Kelly's tenure was the undefeated regular season of 2012. I do agree with the post above that the presence of Saban skews our expectations of what a coach must accomplish. Saban is essentially the Knute Rockne o
  14. Kelly’s biggest mistake was hiring BVG and then sticking with him. The BVG years were essentially “lost” years for the program. I think Kelly seriously re-evaluated his coaching style and approach after the 2016 debacle and the results have been great. Last year’s team was very good and this year’s team is one of the best ND teams since Lou Holtz.
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