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  1. Ohio State is proving that a midwest team can beat these southern juggernauts
  2. Our coaches are going to need xanax. And lube. Lots of lube.
  3. It's not even about standards anymore. Most kids can get in. The problem is that the best players don't want to get in. Would you want to deal with the strict academics and honor code of ND with dreary weather, dumpy college town and lack of attractive easy girls? Or would you rather deal with a school that allows you to concentrate on football while getting an easier academic path, allows the football coaches to administer discipline, beautiful weather and beautiful coeds that are willing to drop their panties on a dime for you?
  4. No thanks to the playoffs. Bama would skull ****s us.
  5. I would be willing to go up to 50% on DD. 25% on IE.
  6. Dickel white label 12 is great to sip neat.
  7. I wasn't wild about Knob Creek. Evan Williams is so good and cheap that it's almost criminal.
  8. Clemson has it going on, no doubt. Ohio State too, they are getting 5 stars to commit without even visiting.
  9. Spindler looking like he will follow suit. It's not looking good for ND.
  10. They aren't cheating. They have better coaches who get better players, develop them and kick *** on the field.
  11. We need to do whatever OSU is doing because it's working. They are killing it.
  12. I know when I think of Columbus, I think of warm weather, beaches and action packed.
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