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  1. I would never say never and you're right it could be worse, which is the only reason i don't join the fire BK now chants. Regardless of what he has done for the program the results on the field are in. You can polish a turd all day long but at the end of the day its still a turd.
  2. This is a discussion board, correct? I don't care if BK stays or goes at this point. I do think he has taken this team as far as he can. In my humble opinion he is his own worst enemy and that will follow him wherever he goes.
  3. Being discussed on ISD. Didn't say it was the gospel.
  4. Coach O out at LSU at the end of the season. Rumors are BK is their top target.
  5. So listening to the Shamrock Cincinnati post game podcast and according to Pete Sampson last year's OL was meeting with HH during the season for pointers. If true i hope there was a come to Jesus meeting with JS today.
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