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  1. My kid is a Freshman Engineering student at Purdue. His first game at ND Stadium was at age 3. He will be cheering the Boilers today but deep down the Green is a bubbling! #Irish4Ever
  2. My bad. I didn’t see this on another thread.
  3. What the heck happened here? Wasn’t he supposed to be a starter and contributor this year?
  4. It’s going to be the Wild West and I fully expect ND to adopt the Biggie Smalls philosophy of “Condo paid for, no car payment”!
  5. I think this gives ND a HUGE advantage bC anyone can be the “Bagman” now and it is legal!
  6. We need wide receivers and elite linebackers and cb’s Why is Lamb leaving? He played well this season
  7. Thought I’d go ahead and get this PR machine rolling! He’s going to throw for a lot of yards.
  8. https://www.uhnd.com/football/2020/12/31/whatever-it-takes-a-little-nye-notre-dame-alabama-hype-video/?fbclid=IwAR0o-LdwCxiN2n1Cy6H1rlA6cOw6LQHdXaIFqzzfmyAAnweSqLjFpcIRZwc
  9. Let’s get it started! Go Irish Go We need 3 Bama turnovers that turn into scores and Book has to run on 1st or 2nd down every series for us to win Irish 42 Bama 27
  10. And Alabama sent their players home for Christmas I disagreed with Nick. It hey he had the final call. My money says Bama loses 3-6 starters.
  11. Irish wave for the truth win! Missing our center was the biggest issue against Clemson ans the fact that Ian didn’t take off more often up the middle.
  12. You'll have to wear it for good luck tomorrow! I'm going to have my 23 jersey on for the game!
  13. Bill Rees might be the new Bill Polian!
  14. Referring to wanting to visit ND first. Coach BTK said that he told a recruit that you're going to have to make that decision because we are continuing to recruit! Brian Tyrone Kelly for the JYD Win!
  15. Alright guys! I couldn't wait to get this one up! Vegas has Clemson as a 10.5 favorite and the O/U is ranging from 59.5 to 61 points. I'm going with a total "HOMER" pick! I'm going with the Irish in a one Overtime win in Charlotte! Irish 38 Tigers 35
  16. He posted on Blake Fisher's twitter feed that he will be signing his NLI today. So I am guessing that is good news
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