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  1. Bad decision. He’s a good pocket Qb but there’s no pocket this year.
  2. Time to declaw these pu$$ycat$ and send them back home for a 5 way extra bean and a night of heartburn and gas! Irish find their run game and new QB today for a 41-23 win! The Irish secondary picks off 3 passes today. Hamilton with one pick 6. A punt return for 6 and a trick play demoralizes the bearcats.
  3. GO IRISH! Beat Wiscy! Irish 10 Badgers 9 Go Irish…Dontcha know?
  4. I saw fist game. They can move the ball. Bell is going to get loose on us at least 2-3 times. They have a big fullback #40 I think. He’s going to get some yards. I think we have enough to pull through. Freeman isn’t going to get beat for long.
  5. My kid is a Freshman Engineering student at Purdue. His first game at ND Stadium was at age 3. He will be cheering the Boilers today but deep down the Green is a bubbling! #Irish4Ever
  6. My bad. I didn’t see this on another thread.
  7. What the heck happened here? Wasn’t he supposed to be a starter and contributor this year?
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