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  1. Got ol Ricky in my signature pick Rocket made a few years back. One of my favorites. Congrats Mr Watters
  2. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30310498/green-bay-packers-notre-dame-great-paul-hornung-dies-84
  3. Way to go Irish 3 to 2 or win against Clarkson
  4. https://www.whio.com/sports/ohio-state-football-coach-urban-meyer-set-retire/XuNzCEOrACE8Y4ltUzLG8L/ Let the “I want Meyer” threads start. Not I said the Grinch
  5. Mousesavers.com is a great planning tool also. Lots of tips and tricks for the cruise line in there. Been on three and wont ever do a different cruise line. Disney is the best. Just did Western Carib. 7 day first week in Sept. and loved it. The other 2 were 4 day Bahama cruises. We have a family of 3 girls at 11,12, and 14. Yours are the right age for Oceaneers club. Mine have outgrown the younger clubs and enjoy the meeting pre teens and teenagers from around the globe in the other two clubs. I agree with the other poster in that most of the ports we get off to see what the
  6. Strange for me is seeing 3 undefeated teams finish the regular season. I dont think that will happen.
  7. It does match my old school banner Rocket made for me a couple years ago though. Love the smash mouth run game and the big uglies getting it done on the line. On of my first memories as a kid was back in the early 80s. Faust had an Offinsive Coord. that lived in a subdivision near my home. He would have BBQ's for some of the team. Alan Pinkett was there and was pretty cool with all the neighborhood kids. Made me a fan of his for life.
  8. Knees cant handle the running like 2lakes does. I do stationary bike now for my cardio. Still try and run a couple miles a week though. Consider me impressed Cory.
  9. I came around that time to Corysold. I think the mantra was "Read More Post Less" as to not dilute the board with mindless drivel. I actually try not to post due in fact to that training. I will try harder though.
  10. I like the closeups of the BC coach. Don't need lip readers...lol
  11. Found these comments interesting from Ohio State. Trouble in Meyerville? I think so.
  12. Would that create any issues/disruptions in the post season for bama? Meaning losing him in a playoff run weaken them any?
  13. Matrix used by bspn says Iowa is2 and 0 against top25. Irish are 1 and 1......still pisses me off they cannot get it right...you k,ow we will be arguing with people that just saw the broad cast instead of actually knowing at work tomorrow
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