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  1. The Golden Era of the SC/ND rivalry is straight ahead. While it’s been fun to beat up on them the past several years, it’s also great when this rivalry has high stakes.
  2. I’m leery of that scenario because Michigan already wiped out Wisky in Madison.
  3. 1. Win next two games convincingly. 2. Ohio State takes out the Michigan schools. 3. Oregon loses one of their two upcoming games vs. Utah. 4. UGA beats Bama in SEC title game. Bonus Options: 1. Houston or SMU beats Cincy. 2. Wisconsin upsets Ohio State in big 10 title game.
  4. Hopefully Freeman can dominate off the field in recruiting which is one of the main reasons he was brought here. I’m hopeful that if he gets more talented linebackers next year, the D will look much better.
  5. Our linebackers are very poor. Definitely need major upgrades to that position next year.
  6. If Oklahoma, Ohio state or Michigan run the table, they’ll pass Cincinnati for sure in the ratings. If Alabama beats Georgia, Cincy will be left out.
  7. Iowa had a huge + turnover margin on the season heading into yesterday’s game. They finally ran into an opponent that protected the football and they got exposed. There is nothing in the recruiting rankings over the past several years that would suggest Iowa was the second most talented team in the country or even a top ten team for that matter.
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