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  1. That seems overly generous. I love the dude, but I never saw him as a great NFL prospect.
  2. I really like the idea of ranking the top 4 after the Bowl season. That is good.
  3. Unfortunately, I think they are going to have to expand the playoffs. The top recruits only care about the CFP and the NFL. So any program that has shown no ability to make the CFP will never land top recruits. The more teams that get in increases the chances of diluting the three headed Bama, Clemson, Ohio State monster.
  4. We have pulled even with the elites now in the trenches. We are still way behind in perimeter talent and QB play unfortunately.
  5. Exactly. We are on their level now in the trenches. We are still way overmatched in the skill positions.
  6. That’s all you need, a serviceable OL, if you have game breakers all over the field and a competent QB. Bama and Clemson aren’t running out o-lines every year that are littered with first round picks, but their skill players more than make up for it.
  7. Oh I think Florida would be a very difficult matchup, but I think it’s the most likely matchup. It would be a really good win for our program if we could win the Orange Bowl over them.
  8. ND hammered Iowa State last year, that matchup does not interest me. They are headed to the Orange Bowl to face Florida.
  9. Assuming you have Kevin Austin, Jordan Jefferson, lenzy, Mayer, watts, and any new freshman, along with Williams and Tyree, there is no excuse for this offense to not be explosive and better next year.
  10. If ND happens to make the playoffs, there will be 3 first round QBs and Ian Book. No offense to Ian, but that’s all you need to know with the lacking question.
  11. What should happen is that ND and A&M should both get in at the expense of Ohio State. Committee doesn’t have the balls to keep OSU out.
  12. It’s all about the QB and the WRs. We don’t have anything remotely close to a 1st round NFL draft pick in either of those categories. We are too easy to defend by a good team with no real game breakers on the perimeter.
  13. This was where the wheels fell off. After the pick, we had a really good looking drive. We needed a TD there. If you go up 10-0 and don’t dig a hole, it could have been quite a bit different, although Clemson would have still won.
  14. The top 2 are well clear of everyone else. This would be a perfect year for the old BCS system.
  15. We don’t have the horses to win a national title, but we might have enough to win the Orange Bowl. We already got smoked once, we don’t need to get blown out twice to see the program’s weak points. They are obvious, and were pretty obvious all season if we are being honest. We don’t have enough game breakers.
  16. I didn’t say I was excited about the QB group. We really need a transfer to bridge the gap to Buchner.
  17. Some of that can be overcome with player development, but ND needs to get more 4 and 5 star skill guys. The O-line guys they get are plenty good enough to win big.
  18. I’m really excited about the potential of next year’s wideouts.
  19. I think most are just trying to figure out how to get this team over the top into the elite level. I don’t think anyone is denying that they had a very good season overall.
  20. The WR corps next year could be really good if the best players are allowed to see the field. Jefferson, Watts, Austin, Mayer, Lenzy, and several impressive incoming frosh. A good OL will only get you so far. You just need a decent OL with elite playmakers and QB. If ND’s o-line was blocking for Bama or Clemson’s skill players, they would look awesome.
  21. This team isn’t winning a title obviously even if they get in.
  22. Yes. We need to go win a NY6 bowl rather than end the season with two curb stompings.
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