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  1. If Oklahoma, Ohio state or Michigan run the table, they’ll pass Cincinnati for sure in the ratings. If Alabama beats Georgia, Cincy will be left out.
  2. Iowa had a huge + turnover margin on the season heading into yesterday’s game. They finally ran into an opponent that protected the football and they got exposed. There is nothing in the recruiting rankings over the past several years that would suggest Iowa was the second most talented team in the country or even a top ten team for that matter.
  3. We badly need to develop some other receivers besides Mayer to help him out. Lenzy seems to disappear for long stretches.
  4. Iowa still has to play at Nebraska and at Wisconsin. Those will be coin flip games, no cakewalk. Iowa offense did not look good yesterday, got lucky penn state QB got hurt.
  5. Ha-ha, yeah I’m sure they won’t drop much. They are still way better than we are.
  6. I think the running backs are good, but the OL is so bad you can’t see it.
  7. If Wake Forest has more talent and is much better than us, we’ve got major problems.
  8. With no OL or QB, we don’t seem like a top 25 team, but many other teams are also scuffling on offense.
  9. At least now he might not end up at USC , which would be a disaster for us.
  10. Cincinnati could easily finish dead last in the SEC West this year if they were in that league.
  11. Cincinnati won’t be a playoff team. There are only two spots up for grabs. Their two power 5 wins will be over an Indiana team that might go 4-8, and ND, who probably won’t finish as a ranked team. Their resume will not stack up with the power 5 contenders.
  12. Another thing that drives me crazy is always taking the ball to start the game. Clearly the defense is the better of the two units. Put them on the field first to establish early momentum. Even if they don’t get a stop, you can manage the game knowing you get the ball to start the second half. I think we have received the opening kickoff in all five games. We act like we have a juggernaut offense, which is crazy.
  13. It does seem time for a new era. We are able to field a pretty good defense every year. The inability to do the same on offense is an utter failure of this program and starts with Kelly.
  14. Unfortunately the team is located in South Bend and the ND fan base is pretty national. The South Bend community is way too small to fill the stadium itself. So if the team doesn’t look particularly great, it’s easy to dump those tickets and not bother traveling to South Bend.
  15. This is a major problem obviously.
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