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  1. AP is 12...ESPN has us as 16,,,,,,i think 16 is fine and fair given our first two starts,,,,,this just isnt the kind of team for us to worry much about rankings, We will need to IMPROVE by a substantial amount to have a good shot at 10 wins,,,,,hey it could happen.....just have to enjoy the season sans too high expectations! aloha
  2. This really is a middle finger to ND fans.....its a game with very little mass interest.....ND vs Toledo is not a game that generates enthusiasm....so the ONLY real interest is from us....lets fleece the ND faithful for a little extra , pretty damn lame,,,,i like listening to the radio broadcasts so screw em,,,,, aloha
  3. the problem with Flutie was that a BC man could not really hide the bias well enough....Brees a Purdue man i think the jury is OUT on there being a difference. We will see but im not that sanguine about it going in. aloha
  4. my instincts tell me we will have a surprisingly pass happy offense in 21....oline wont have the same experience and pass blocking comes quicker....defense will take a step back so we need points....coan likely starts ,,,but mr b may play earlier then expected....overall team will be weaker...kelly will react to that by throwing much more IMO....spring will give us hints of a more aggressive pass game for 21 aloha
  5. Aloha Ziggy Sounds like your happy & doing great....2020 was a bitch of a year....and the sketchy year got to our site a bit as well....lets hope 2021 is better for all the irish! aloha
  6. i dont think this is a big surprise....we have been having consitent high drafts of our best oline over the last years.... we have to be doing something right to win as many as we do even if we fall short in the big games.... we really EXCEL in OLINE in TE and lately in WR as well.... We tend to fall short of the stellar players at DL...although thats improved....at defensive back.... and at quarterback unfortunately.... Also its worth noting that our running backs are VERY successful here and not quite good enough to have success in the NFL....i think the major reason for so much success by our RBs at the college level and so little in the NFL circles right back to the premise...OLINE players have been good for us. a stellar QB and a lack of stellar CBs probably underpins our falling just a bit short from having great teams. aloha
  7. Yea echo, i understood at the time the explanation was rocket booster from years ago coming back...and of course thats likely correct....but even the explanation leaves it at "likely"....for space junk which often looks like a faux meteor...this was still odd...moving slower then expected, covered a large area...at an odd angle of movement appearing horizontal....and all lights moving at identical speeds.....it was weird that i can say. aloha
  8. I saw my first UFO in october,,,the 25th i think...driving around 9ish at night...a collection of low in the sky lights moving together caught my eye...so much so i said to myself you should pull over and look...i looked again and was momentarily mesmerized , then i looked back to the road and realized i was driving into the meridian,,,,,so it was unusual...a group of lights moving , no trails though, it was unclear if they were part of something bigger but they were clearly travelling at the same speed, in a group, 7 or 8 lights spread out in a pattern, it was so eye catching i almost had an accident. ive seen plenty of meteors and space junk that flares in like metoeors,,,this was not like that at all... in any case i dismissed it as just a mystery,,,,the next day i saw coverage on drudge of all things,,,then started checking local news and such and ,DAMN...lots of people saw it,,,and there was good video....the daily star posted such a good pic i looked and said damn thats it,,,there they are! i my not a believer in alien visitations at all.,,but it was strange to be part of a mass sighting that wasnt just on TV,and produced video as well,,,the explanation was sketchy as i recall...maybe the breaking up of some indian rocket or some such...but that did not at all look like that....anyhow...after years of driving on the road on the mainland,,,and lots of years peering at the uberclear hawaiian night sky,,,this was the first real UFO for me..and was kind of interesting for a skeptic like me to see something that didnt fit the explanations. aloha
  9. I would be shocked if he went in the second or third round...simply shocked. A great blocker....but his route running skills and hands simply have not been established in his short career.... His blocking alone will get him only a very late round in my view.. aloha
  10. Sign stealing certainly happens...its not a conspiracy theory...i dont know if that happened in this case or if it was just familiarity since we played before...but i would encourage measures to be taken just to be safe,,,, aloha
  11. I think its clearly Kizer as well....he has both the NFL arm and the NFL size....thats why he has at least made NFL rosters.... Golson was my favorite...he was fun to watch,,,he had a big arm for a little guy,,he could make all the throws and could extend plays really well.... Golson had two big problems...he got caught up in the KELLY QB indecisive era,,that time where kelly was changing QBs waaay too much,,,,that lasted for a couple of seasons or so....and of course Everetts Achilles heal was the terrible fumbling...that wasnt on kelly it just was a by product of Golson small size i think...but it was a bad issue...a game killer of a problem... Book i think has the least raw talent and physical attributes of the three, but is clearly better then Rees was,,,and like Rees i think we can say Kelly has gotten all thats possible out of both guys...Book and Rees As QBs KIZER GOLSON BOOK aloha
  12. Mele Kalikimaka to all my DD guys and gals! Go Irish!!! Aloha
  13. Game wont be over at halftime. aloha
  14. I had us beating clemson by 4 in game one....the reason is i went on record saying "the only way we beat clemson is if lawrence gets covid"....it wasnt really prophetic given how much of it is going around...but their we were...Trevor L out some other injuries...at home..reasonably low expectations given our history and us on a very long win streak... That game was really set up for an upset...and we got it. On the other hand...the title game seemed like every intangible was against us...Lawrence back...Clemson rolling...Lea quitting for Vandy (and dont tell me that didnt contribute to the teams worst defensive effort of the year)...the difficulty in beating a top three team twice in a few weeks..every thing pointed to a bad game...and we got it!!....Frankly i so knew what was coming the good start through me off...but the missed FG and the long Lawrence pass..and i knew that was that....Clemson likely is the better team...but not that much better....we ran into a situation that was simply too much....and we played like it. So now Alabama....and i see the intangibles shifting strongly in our direction...i wont bother to make the case we are the better team..we all know thats not true...and thats not on kelly or our players at all...they just get too many 5 star players that realistically translate into more talent. But we have talent and can play much better then what showed in that acc title.... so we go into this with alabama expecting a very easy go...a team coming off a major drubbing...a team that looks like it was overrated all season,,,a team that rarely even shows up in these big games.....To alabama this was a lucky draw...much better then ohio state,,,so now they can just dispatch us and wait on clemson.... That is the very definition of looking ahead...and no matter what they say...that bama team is looking ahead to its title game against clemson...NO DOUBT!. We are a team that barely got in after our worst outing in many many games..and we will be playing with low expectation for us....we will be loose ,,we will have adjusted to that sudden loss of the DC...we will have a major chip on our shoulder,,,Alabama unlike clemson..has NOT played us before...and will see some fresh match ups....Nd will have lots to prove and little to lose.... The intangibles clearly align well for us in this new years day match up... Will that be enough....ok thats doubtful but i FULLY EXPECT a much better outing....i think we stay with them throughout the first half and be very competitive all game.....can we do enough to win....well im not sure the NFLs jaguars could beat bama.... they are loaded it will take some luck and some breaks to take them into the 4th quarter.....and if we can...anything can happen.... IMHO This game sets up to be much much closer then many expect... I knew what was coming against clemson....i feel much more optimistic in the way this bama game sets up. Kind of surprised we had an almost full season...ohio state playing 6 games is lame and i hope they dont win....looking forward to a more fun game then last weeks..... Mele Kalikimaka to everyone aloha
  15. I really like this post Rocketsan!! aloha
  16. when i heard we were in !! I went yaaay...:clap2: Then i thought for a moment and went:scared: yikes not sure which one sticks aloha
  17. You know one of kellys biggest mistakes was hiring and sticking with his buddy vangorder....and frankly that really cost kelly...his worst season..his worst defense,,,a loss of lots of the credibility he had been building. On the other hand elko and lea were likely the best coaching moves kelly has made since he arrived and he was rewarded. I think coach knows how critical this is...and im sure fully grasps what he did wrong and what he did right in past.... so im pretty comfortable with trusting kelly in this situation...to do whats best for him ,whats best for the defense, whats best for the team,,, aloha
  18. So many ups and downs,,,and so many downs and ups ,,,im old enough to have lived through 4 NCs from Ara Lou and even Devine.... from the faust fiasco..to the weis disappointment,,, and although lots of expletives have flown over the seasons...i rolled with most all the punches,,,but the one that was just too hard to take for me was BC 93...i never really recovered from that.. :mad2: :crazy: aloha
  19. We are NO LONGER IRRELEVANT....We are no longer SLOW....We are no longer a team without much DEFENSE....We now have as much respect from the CFB world as any top team and without caveats... Kelly deserves credit for all of that....he made plenty of mistakes but did not fold... he learned by & fixed his mistakes...and continued to elevate this program ... Good Job Coach! aloha
  20. you know fella's....this being part of the ACC even for one season has just gone swimmingly....just sayin aloha
  21. Coach lea appears to be a good tactician. His stature is rising every season...he will have better choices . Going to Vandy a place where coaching momentum goes to die..really would be a poor tactical choice..i dont see that. Sure he can be lured away by a better job...but this is the job where he is getting robust national recognition ..vandy would be the end of that...he will wait for something much better i expect. aloha
  22. I sense lots of fear of women throughout this thread This was just some good fun and really doesnt call for much in depth analysis. That said...women dont need validation in the 21st century for their athleticism or in any field....i saw Carli Lloyd kick a 55 yarder at the eagles training camp. We all know women can excel in most all sports...from the WNBA to LPGA,,,Our womens Olympic team was kind of awesome, and i doubt anyone on this forum would want to go three rounds with Laila Ali. We will have a women as VP and one will soon be leading the pentagon.....Many women are successful in the military from generals to pilots we even have 4 army rangers....so relax fellas And no football players will not be competing with women....but girls have been kickers often now in high school....and it wouldnt be surprising to see a female college kicker at some point that makes her team without a covid emergency Its not a big deal, so dont fret guys football is a still safe space for us men aloha
  23. It was pretty impressive to watch the defense get handled in the first quarter, then adjust and hold a pretty potent carolina offense to 3 points for the last 3 quarters.... ND hasnt been a team that adjusts during games well in the kelly era,,,in this century...but Lea seems to defy that....would be willing to do wahtever is necessary to keep him on aloha
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