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  1. In his first seven seasons at ND kelly only had TWO double digit win seasons.......There was lots of 8-5 one 12 win and one 4 win.....he made so many mistakes,,,,blew so many games with game planning and managing,,,,was very unsure about what QB to play.....made quite a few just terrible hires for assistants,,,, It is true that the last 5 years he FINALLY righted the ship...finally made some good DC hires....and had those 5 double digit win seasons,,,, So LSU fans have to worry....will they get the Brian kelly that had things rolling nicely at ND the last few years.....or will they get the BK that messed up over and over in the first seven years,,,,,dissapointed over and over.....i have not forgotten the nervous breakdowns we had on this board again and again in BKs first seven years, Personally if i was an LSU fan i would be worried they have five years of issues with BK ...many self inflicted,,,,,in store for them as kelly works through this switch.....and who knows if LSU will be as patient as ND was,,,,,remember kelly has NOT been great even with Good teams in Big games....6 and 7 in bowl games....and many in season losses we didnt expect. Is the LAST 5 years who kelly has become.... a guy who hires good assistants....doesnt call plays or game manage much...is more the CEO....we will see....IMHO the jury is still out aloha
  2. This is a great match up...Ok State has been getting tons of respect all year....I dont think we have ever played them so its interesting on that note....Its also a game i believe we can win.....a win would make this 12-1 season a real springboard into next year....likely a final ranking of two or three with a win.....where is the Fiesta bowl??---is that florida or arizona? looking forward to see howt he team reacts with MF as the new coach...and how we prepare and game plan on both sides....going to be fun....I REALLY LIKE OUR CHANCES! aloha
  3. georgia has the best defense of all time eh......against georgia southern maybe......Young winning the heisman here....damn alabama is our nemisis even if we dont play them aloha
  4. Impressive drive by georgia....they can run and pass....i really like our chances here... aloha
  5. Im used to being DRAINED by ND games.... but this was a new experience ,,,,now we just need georgia to be as good as everyone says
  6. These teams look horrible,,,,,this is a circus type game...an ugly circus..neither team looks good aloha
  7. i agree as well....in fact this is less risky IMO. An outside coach would have to hire a new staff...would have some stress holding on to the recruting momentum for the next two years.... Apparently one of the big negative pitches made to our recruits by other recruiters was........Dont get too close to Freeman hes gonna be a head coach in the next year or two you cant have confidence in that relationship he will be gone soon..... There is just lots of excitment about this hire,,,,Kelly leaving after a very successful year has ironically elevated the program and caused a positive vibe that frankly i cannot recall happening at any program that loses its successful coach....just cant think of one,,,, kind of funny aloha
  8. Kelly wanted to demolish this program on his way out.....leave us on the verge of the playoffs....leave us for the only SEC program youve been able to beat.... his first call was not to swarbuck to inform him,,,,first calls were to Rees and Freeman to get them to come with him,,,, he trashes us now in the press, our limitations of not being in a conference,,, BK handled this like an ass! We need a Brian kelly sucks thread.....ive had my problems with kelly early,,,he handled some things poorly in the early years,,,,but i grew to respect his growth as a coach.... kelly never engendered love personally....and we can all see why..beyond coaching BK is a bit of an ASS! Love the coaches staying,,,,love the hire of marcus.....dont expect decommits....kelly sucks aloha
  9. To qoute myself from yesterday,,,,, (This is a no brainer,,,,,hire Marcus Freeman tomorrow!).......I gave five reasons....i wont repeat them....color me PLEASED AS PUNCH..... aloha
  10. There are so many reasons to give this job to Marcus it should be a no brainer. Lets review. Its what so many want,,,,from players and recruits to alumni and fans. It would do so much for recruiting.....not just salvaging most of this class but for future recruiting...and as we all know recruiting is MORE then half of winning. He allows for a fast choice....and again as we all painfully know draw this out and you end up with a bad outcome. From the university standpoint he will be cheaper then most other names will be and god knows we are cheap. So that should make the meisers happy. Its all a bit of a shock but a quick move to give us continuity and a huge upside that off sets a minor risk given the other choices. its also worth noting kelly wants him at LSU it would be nice to stop that. So many reasons and i could add a few more......IMHO this is a no brainer,,,,dont over think this jack JUST DO IT....TOMORROW would be fine. aloha
  11. No two loss team will get in ahead of us. We are in a very nice spot IMO. We dont have to beat anyone to get in....its understandable why some may not think that is fair, but its the yang to the Yin of no 13th game and the theoretical disadvantage that puts us in. Would you rather be in bamas position? All they have to do to get in is beat the number one team Every team has a hard game thats a must win except georgia....so given we have been beating up on weak teams,,,and really cruising for a few weeks....i still like our chances. We clearly have passed the eye test with most everyone.. ,most everyone knows we are a very good, well balanced ,improving team..the committee likes us....so true we havent beaten many good teams....thats made the year easier.....cant have any complaints....we had a bad game against cinci.... we may the price for that...even if we had another difficult game,,,,first we would HAVE TO win it and second we still could be left sitting at five anyhow depending.... So im happy .....my personal prediction is georgia over bama and baylor winning the big 12....that puts in at 4 My hope is we get another loss from either michigan or cinci....that would get us in at the three spot and save us from facing georgia first, its all very fun! Hope we win the next game wherever it is aloha
  12. Michigan ran it down their throat all day.....couldnt stop it.....we could play with michigan IMO.....this match up and the setting and elements were just too much for OSU......very interesting development aloha
  13. ohio state losing its composure......the noise the weather and a strong effort putting michigan in a position to win this.....entertaining game......likely a close finish
  14. The more i think about this it likely comes down to a very simple equation. If Alabama beats Georgia then they are both in, that 4th spot likely will NOT open up and we have to settle for 5 If Georgia beats Bama that opens slot 4 and we are most likely the ones taking it.... I havent seen much of georgia but they are only giving up 7 points a game, thats pretty awesome in this day and age...still alabama is terrific as well....that game is close to 50/50 and so are our chances! Yes there are a few other factors...a cinci loss is a plus...getting jumped by oklahoma or ok state is a minus..wisconsin win is a long shot plus... But really i think our hopes for the playoff rest with georgia.....they win we're in!....they lose we're out! Going to be a big game for us that we dont even play....gotta love college football ! aloha
  15. This is pretty straightforward IMO.....Michigan being ahead one spot means little,,,,They lose to ohio state and thats that...they win and OSU drops....they are NOT getting top 4 with two losses. Same is true of Bama.....they are not staying ahead of us with two losses bama loses to georgia..OSU beats michigan we will make number 4 Cinci loss to houston would also give us insurance The only monkey wrenches i see are a bama win over georgia...or a leap frog by the big 12 team. I still see us with 50/50 chance at worst If we were 5 ahead of michigan it would not mean much in the big picture we will be 5 next week.....with bama osu and cinci all still playing games they could lose why some of you think a two loss team bama or big 10 gets in ahead of us is just WRONG....that will not happen and thats a guarantee. aloha
  16. Just for fun,,,,,oklahoma beats OSU then loses to Baylor a second time Wisconsin wins the big 10 Cinci loses to number 18 Houston Georgia beats bama True its unlikely but in that scenario we not only get in,,,,,we are the number two seed we just have to have fun watching this all playout..... aloha
  17. georgia....ohio state cinci ND,,,,,all we need is georgia to beat bama,,,,ohio state beats michigan.....all very likely even if bama upsets the bulldogs.....we still have the chance of a very good Houston team beating cinci..,,,,,oklahoma will NOT jump us IMO right now i think our chances have improved to 50/50 i like our position aloha
  18. We are clearly an improving team and have been for several weeks,,,,,,me likey aloha
  19. Cinci has two tough games left....SMU and likely Houston in the championship game.....they have been flirting with disaster since they beat us....i DO NOT expect them to finish undefeated. Oregon has a reasonably challenging game against Utah. and the title game against either arizona or a rematch against utah Ohio State has three challenging games ahead.....clearly the roughest road to the playoffs....they are really good but still MSU MICHIGAN and IOWA in the title game , they really have to earn it. Alabama Must beat Georgia in the title game....that.s tough....they wont get in with 2 losses and after a loss. they are 3 point underdogs against Georgia.....we could play georgia 5 times and i doubt we win even one....tough draw for the tide despite all their 5 stars Georgia gets in no matter what Notre Dame has the easiest path to 11 and one....by far the easiest....of course that doesnt get us in standing alone but there are tough games ahead for most everyone BUT US! Degree of difficulty in finishing with winning out and getting in the playoffs imo... difficulty HIGH for Alabama....beating Georgia is really tough difficulty HIGH for Cinci.....they play two teams that score a lot and they have NOT been playing strong difficulty HIGH for OSU.....thats a gauntlet of three games ..we might lose all three difficulty Moderate for Oregon...Two OK teams to beat..... difficulty Low for Georgia....they play a great team in alabama but with no stress no worries no need to win. difficulty LOW for ND.....two poor teams....if we lose we will deserve it We are really going to be on the Spectator train the next few weeks......unusual situation for us......but should be relaxing fun! Aloha
  20. Diggs and Austin looked terrific today.....Colzie had a nice route and catch....aith averys injury will be seeing more of both styles and colzie. I hate playing navy frankly.....anyhow today was a first....first time two undefeated top ten teams( wake and msu) beaten on the same day by two teams ND has beaten...should really solidify our top ten ranking aloha
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