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  1. Kudos indeed to rocket for the pitch perfect responses. Absolutely hysterical stuff. A 1-3 start with a loss to Duke is truly in the "If you can't laugh, you'll cry" category. Life is short, boys, so appreciate the laughs when you get 'em. Go Irish!
  2. Morgan, you're OK in my book. Just went through the thread. Funny, funny stuff. Love your passion, brother. Welcome back.
  3. OU on pace to score 88. Our defense *may* be playing better than OSU.
  4. As much as I would love a 2-score victory, this looks like ast-drive-wins game. I have faith in Kizer for the game winner.
  5. Amen. I am loving this season. Crazy stuff, but great fun. Go Irish! Beat Stanford!
  6. I am actually a BK fan, but not cool for him to say "they" so many times in the interview. He needs to own it as much as the players. Ugly win, but this team is beaten up. Badly. If someone had predicted the injuries and said ND would still be a 1-loss team at this point, no one would have believed it. BC defense is for real and they always gets jacked up for this game. Yes, it can be frustrating at times, but this team is deeper than ever and fun to watch. Unlike seasons past, I never feared we would lose. Stanford should be a great game. Go Irish!
  7. Defense stepping up. Need a quick score from Wimbush here.
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