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  1. Well not every single play ever called in the red zone has been bad, but when your team is consistently failing to score touchdowns from inside the 20, playcalling in general is poor.
  2. Most of those yards are on plays that went wide. Those yards are tougher to get inside the 10 because the corners and safeties are playing up so close. Whether it be blocking scheme or the O-line just not being talented enough, running inside has been a weakness.
  3. Are we talking about the final 3rd down play? My seat was directly behind the end zone and that was a pretty much impossible catch for anybody not named Odell. It was a horrible decision to throw there.
  4. I've been saying this for years. Kelly's playcalling in the red zone is horrible. Way too many field goals that should be touchdowns, and way too many turnovers that should be field goals. First and goal from the 10 with under 2 minutes left in a 3 point game, the defense is 100% expecting a run. Play action pass is an easy TD there. I know ND will not fire Kelly, but I will be thrilled if he moves on to the NFL.
  5. 1. Jon Gruden 2. Mark Dantonio 3. Mike Stoops 4. David Cutcliffe 5. Jim Mora
  6. No, I'm from Indiana. Hickory Huskers was the name of the team in the movie Hoosiers.
  7. I don't think BK ever leaves ND for another college job, but Colin Cowherd did float the idea today of the NY Giants letting Coughlin go and pursuing BK very hard. I 100% endorse that idea.
  8. My wife and I are going, but due to the weather probably getting there not long before kickoff instead of wandering campus for a few hours like we normally do. If anybody is going and has three people or less in their party, we have a Stadium lot parking pass with three extra seats open in our vehicle and wouldn't mind carpooling to share in the cost. These suckers are expensive! Also have an extra pair of tickets in Sec. 124 if anybody is interested.
  9. Don't you know how stories work? Three years ago it was from the 19, now it was inside the 10, in a couple more years it will be inside the 5, and eventually it will be from the 1.
  10. I was already on board with BK pursuing an NFL or another college position. The NW game just solidified that. I don't know if he'd com, but D'Antonio is by far my #1 choice.
  11. How would LSU ever get close to 600 yards if Golson keeps fumbling them the ball at the ND 10 yard line?
  12. Going for two was the dumbest thing I've seen a coach do since back in 2010 when I saw a coach call a fade route from the opponents 10 yard line with under a minute left down one, only needing a field goal to win.
  13. OK, well let's do that. Sagarin rating of ND vs MSU opponents ND Rank Rank MSU Stanford 26 17 Nebraska North Carolina 60 66 Jacksonville St Michigan 70 70 Michigan Syracuse 74 80 Indiana Rice 79 81 Purdue Purdue 81 116 Wyoming Navy 83 208 Eastern Michigan So only in their toughest game did MSU play a tougher opponent (though not by nearly as much as people think just looking at Nebraska and Stanford's records). The schedule gets progressively more difficult for ND as you go towards the bottom.
  14. A majority of "expert picks" had Michigan beating ND. Oops.
  15. The SEC has mastered OOC scheduling to their advantage. Most of their teams play only FCS and very weak FBS teams. There are some games against good power five teams, but those usually happen at "neutral" sites that happen to be in SEC states where there is a clear home advantage. Very rarely do you get an SEC team playing a quality opponent in a true road game, such as Auburn at K State this year. The net result is that between the 14 SEC teams, you end up with an aggregate OOC record of 50-6 or sometimes even better than that. Then, when those conference teams start playing each other
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