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  1. They're missing their top 2 RB a WR and LB to opt-outs...so there's that. UNC that is
  2. ....this makes sense. it's a huge gamble though. Much safer bet, go all out on recruiting skill next 5 years and see where we end up.
  3. I can't take all the naysay. Pulling the plug on Kelly would be so silly. It took close to 3 decades to get to where ND is. Again, look at UM, UT and USC....rebuilding takes forever and so does finding the right coach. Harbaugh, Strong, Herman...all coaches we were interested in on these boards. What separates ND is recruiting mostly. We'll never know how Meyer, Saban and Dabo would do at ND...but ever wonder why those guys would never coach at ND?
  4. Yes Dabo has had a ton of success...but he's also getting mopped right now with his talented roster. Predicting just how successful Dabo and Saban would be at ND is such a crap shoot.
  5. Yea - hard not to imagine Colzie, Lenzy, Styles, Keys, Austin, Johnson, Mayer, Tyree, Williams & Buchner not being quite potent though.
  6. 2022 Kelly is finally going to have the offense to win a title. The defense will be the question mark.
  7. For the record I want to keep Kelly. Then hire Lea in five years...my pipe dream. If anyone could do it, it seems like Clark Lea could be that guy.
  8. Dabo...but then again it took him 6 years not 10. Recruiting is a lot of that though.
  9. Why didn't Urban Meyer want to coach at ND? Why go to Florida? Look at the current state of the USC, Michigan and the Texas football programs...now look at ND. UT should be #3 behind clemson and bama. Austin is a dream city, beautiful girls and a storied program...they suck. South Bend is a frozen truck stop with rigorous academics and we're #4. We take so much for granted and expect that some other coach will be the Messiah. Maybe I'm wrong, but tearing down a program like this and installing new everything on a complete, unproven gamble has the potential to ruin a program for a long while.
  10. Meh why not? The Cubs won the world series, ND has to lift the curse at some point. 38-37 ND - Yes I'm from the future.
  11. Love it! Tate won the Biletnikoff - I'd say Tate, Samardzija, Fuller, and Floyd were the best or top two at their position in their peak years. I was so out on Kyren Williams the first part of the season, but I've been blown away by his blocking and shiftiness. You're probably right putting some others ahead of him though. I don't remember much of Ryan Grant's college career, I may have let his NFL success blind me. He has been the most successful NFL back from ND since Bettis (more than JJ I'd say since grant eclipsed 1k yards in three seasons in NFL) I could be biased for whatever reason, but I remember Stovall being an absolute stud, especially on screens and deep fade routes. So much so that I put him ahead of Claypool. However if Claypool had Quinn throwing him the ball his college career may have looked very different. All good choices!
  12. To me, these are fun. Thought I'd take a stab at ranking the best WR's and RB'S since the Willingham era. Interested to see where people disagree! 1. Julius Jones 2. Ryan Grant 3. Dexter Williams 4. Kyren Williams 5. Josh Adams 6. CJ Prosise 7. Theo Riddick 8. Jonas Gray 9. Cierre Wood 10. Armando Allen (asked me 15 years ago, thought James Aldridge would be at the top of that list...also I can't get over Darius Walker's lack of speed but he should definitely be in that top 10 statistically) 1. Michael Floyd 2. Golden Tate 3. Will Fuller 4. Jeff Samardzija 5. Maurice Stovall 6. Chase Claypool 7. Rhema Mcknight 8. TJ Jones 9. Arnaz Battle 10. Miles Boykin Best Mojo Player ever to suit up for ND 1. Mike Anello - GOAT What do you guys think? Beat bama!
  13. Who has/had the most talent? 1. Kizer 2. Golson 3. Book imo... But for fun, who do you think would give an ND team the best chance to win on next year's team with the elite WR talent with Johnson + Austin + Lenzy? I'm not sure tbh. Some may not be very high on Golson but the guy had elite arm talent and decent wheels. Kizer had it all and Book is a pure winner. What say you?
  14. and next year the WR talent will again be elite. Jordan Johnson, Kevin Austin, maybe Mckinley, Lenzy...fairly elite there.... + Michael Mayer....elite But then we're on to a green QB unfortunately. Timing is everything. If the OL can be solid in the 2022-2023 season, that may be a year where QB+ TE+ OL+WR's+ RB are all elite Buchner / Lenzy, Austin, Johnson / Mayer / Tyree / OL ...let's hope the defense is stout
  15. Haven't posted in years, but after watching some old highlights had some thoughts on the "skill position" discussions that have been floating around. Right now: Boykin, Sko, Davis...average, but serviceable group In 2017 (after watching Miami highlites) our WR's were: Chase Claypool, EQ St. Brown, Miles Boykin and Kevin Stepherson....that's elite. Unfortunately, we get elite talent every few years on the perimeter but when we do, we're lacking somewhere else. If that WR core was on this team, it'd be a whole different discussion. Brief, scattered thoughts but thought I'd throw it up because I thought we hadn't had a complete, elite core since Tate and Floyd / Stovall, McKnight, Samardzija
  16. I see your point Both are conference champs, but USC's losses are much more respectable than OSU's. Irrellavent because Bama is going to get the nod.
  17. USC may have a better resume than OSU....but Bama gets in.
  18. Finally someone with the same plight! I stopped watching baseball years ago, so I'm with you. Big goose egg!
  19. If Wimbush can get to a point where he can pass like Golson could, he will be one of the best players in the country. Not an NFL completion %, but can make all the throws, hit the deep balls, throw on the run and hit the intermediate routes in stride he will be extremely dangerous. Looking back, Golson could sling it. hope Brandon gets to that point with his arm. [ame] [/ame]
  20. ND Football : 0 Atlanta Braves: 0 [wasnt old enough to appreciate the 95 series] ....been a rough go.
  21. Upon review you're right haha was scanning the threads before I left work. meant for another thread. Think Wimbush will be much improved next year. Too much leg and arm talent there to not figure out some timing routes and deep balls. Optimistic.
  22. All the aggressive negativity just is such a bummer. Not specific to this thread, but in general. I think Hawaii is a great example of how to conduct yourself on here. Civil, honest and keeps it light. Thanks, Hawaii. hope we can enjoy the rest of the season for what it is, fellas. This is supposed to be fun.
  23. Wimbush is a QB - he won't be switching positions ever in my opinion. I still think there's too much talent with him and plenty of time to develop for him not to turn into a force. All this Urban Meyer at OSU vs Brian Kelly at ND talk - - I really don't think you can make a quality comparison there. If Meyer had the same players and schedule from top to bottom that ND has most years, then the comparison would make sense. But, OSU is top 5 in recruiting most years, probably can get kids ND can't and plays an easier schedule. Now if David Shaw had a 90% winning percentage and was winning titles and not getting blown out, the comparison would make sense. I honestly think it would be a challenge for even Saban to get a title at ND. The clear advantage he would have is that everyone would want to come play here BUT with the different recruiting protocol, schedule and other obstacles unique to ND I have my reservations that Saban or Meyer would meet the expectations of the ND fan base.
  24. Good man. What if you recorded it, left the phone in the car and gave your daughter your full attention for the play? I'm sure your daughter would love that and ND is going to roll anyway!
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